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  1. That's my point, i shouldn't have to fork out for 24 wheels having spent £140+! And being the shorty Lima axles could cause an issue.
  2. Guy I’m not sure you know, picture below ignore the NEM pockets they don’t come with the wagons Edit: yep still 24mm axle lengths Mark
  3. Hi All Has anyone else got spoked wheels in their Hornby Tarmac PGAs? I've just bought three sets (12 wagons) and all of them have spoked instead of disc wheels. I've contacted Hornby for a explanation but just wondered if I've got a QC issue or a wider problem. Thanks Mark
  4. Hello all Hope you are all keeping safe! Next month should have been Southgate Park’s first exhibition at Lincoln, obviously the pandemic has put a stop to that and we’ve been moved to next years show. Given that we have more time than first expected i have restarted work this week on the rewiring of the layout to DCC. The corner pieces are the simple bits as there’s not a lot of wiring to change however the straight pieces are a different story as being an ex DC layout means the lines are sectioned off separately, this will be changed when all the droppers will connect int
  5. Its been a Relatively quiet period for the layout My Peckett and my Andrew Barclay have received their Narrow Planet nameplates. Two More low relief buildings from @jrb at JSModels have started to be built and that's about all. I'm hoping to get some more done on the layout in the coming weeks when i have some well earned time off work. Mark
  6. So I decided to do a bit on the custom Building I have had made by JSModels, it is a shortened and slighted changed version of their JS23 kit. It certainly went together as good as the other kits and looks the part, just need to work out how to paint this one.
  7. Some of the Jackson Evans range was taken on by Classic Train and Motor Bus in Leamington Spa under their Classic Parts range. Not sure if that included the white metal items. Mark
  8. Hi All Can anyone help me identify a source of Transfers for a Hornby BR (S) Van C that ive repainted into Crimson? Thanks Mark
  9. Thanks Graham, will keep this in mind. Mark
  10. Small steps on the layout in the last few weeks The naff looking conveyor has been replaced by a new and improved version using parts from a Old Dapol Footbridge i had in my bits box. ( I really must look at cutting that fiddle yard hole better! ) Some fencing has been put up along the front of the low relief buildings to seperate the railway with the hardstanding and some more WWS grass clumps added. Courtesy of @jrb at JSModels, i have now had a custom building kit made up for the area to the left of the lone low relief factory back along with
  11. Oooh ill watch this with much interest as i want to do one, are you giving it a new chassis? Mark
  12. Very Strange, not had any issues before but I've been waiting a month now for a Digitrax DS52 i ordered from them. No communication at all, tried ringing again yesterday during their opening hours and the phone had a message saying it was outside their opening hours. Will have to try again next week. Mark
  13. They do look a bit garish out of the box but with a bit of weathering it certainly tones down nicely. Mark
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