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  1. Turned out to be a big "if", last beam didn't go in due to "issues" crane needs to be in Sellafield 8am Friday, the project needs to find a spare big crane and I need to check the returns policy for a 75t concrete beam.. Next week is span 26 the gap behind the crane next to the box
  2. That's beam 6 going in, 3 more internals and the 2 edge beams to go, so "if" all goes to plan, we'll have them all delivered in and installed by end of play
  3. So a couple more delivery pics, that's the last edge beam for span 26, on Wednesday morning,, now back to the other side for the arrival of the 750t crane for the delivery install of span 18 under possession over the weekend, then if that goes to plan, the 750 will move back to Buckingham Road compound on Monday to install the big beam in span 28...Best go and check that again, it was snug getting the small beams in!
  4. Middle of next month for the beams to be installed here, according to the last plan i saw
  5. Landing the first one was a pain, as there are no reference marks after that it was a case of putting a 20mm piece of plywood between them, the biggest issue was waiting for the bloody crane to get set up....might of been a minor issue due to the crane pad being set out wrong... and in the end we ran out of time to get them all installed on the friday so we had to carry on saturday morning and I seem to have dodged being in your pictures!
  6. Looks like it's going to plan, the last 2 beams are awaiting offloading and placing. And courtesy of the project lead, here's the view underneath
  7. Just found this thread, my team has been delivering various bits to the EWR project, for the picture I actually braved going up on to the old flyover, as we had just offloaded the 101'st beam in the compound, still got 2 more to deliver when they are ready, probably just in time for the possession over the Bank holiday
  8. We went back this morning and delivered the other half, now all coupled up and ready for the next step
  9. https://flic.kr/p/2jYmwXy the first half of 142045 being delivered to a school in County Durham, to be plinthed and converted in to a library for the school. we've never had such an enthusiastic audience when we've been offloading a trailer before!
  10. More interesting pictures, especially as a work visit took me to the sidings at Gascoigne wood to look at at uplifting a 142, the only remnants of the massive loading bunkers is the control room standing folornly over one of the tracks.
  11. I was there 91-98, the Laisterdyke scrap runs were sporadic at that time, the only other freight we saw were a few diverted steel trains heading for Blackburn. and i do remember a visit from a 37 and an inspection saloon, and before my time there was a few cross country services starting from there
  12. If your going to put the trap point in, please bend the fence next to it for authenticity.... my predecessor shunter at Bradford, had a parcels train end up in the car park via that trap point!
  13. I think it was about 1995/96 As part of the parcel network cutbacks, At the end I only got to shunt 1A41 Bradford to Kings cross which was 47 hauled to the end, which usually arrived in the evening peak. and departed 21:45 (or earlier if I could gee up the postal staff loading it, so I could get a flyer....) The one in the picture was 3D30 usually scheduled to arrive about 3-4am and depart through the day, we lost our night shift when that got cancelled,
  14. How about the contents of a rotary pencil sharpener, suitably clarted up with a selection of paints
  15. I'm not surprised, that turned into a nightmare job to load them, turned out the concrete was far denser than expected and took a lot more pecking out. what was planned to be 4 hours to go a few miles down the road to load them ended up being a 10hour shift for the crews! i had a look round them when we got them back before delivering and they had definately seen better days before the demolition crews did there bit! Dave
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