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  1. Thanks . Yes I misstyped it!
  2. It is only a motor and not a bogie. Please see photo.
  3. I have just acquired one of these kits. It has a Tenshodo motor but in the box it says it contains a Ks HP2M motor which needs Romford 20 to 1 gears with a small bore gear wheel. Does anyone know where to get the suitable gears for the Tenshodo?
  4. I test wired a decoder and it runs very well. Thanks for al your help.
  5. I have determined that the drawbar connection was shorting. I have insulated it and things now run ok. I now have to figure out how to hard wire the decoder. Presumably all the black wires to the correct decider wire and all the red ones to the correct decoder wire, then orange and grey from the decoder to where the red or black wires originally connected to the contacts on the motor, omitting the capacitor? Thanks everyone .
  6. Thanks for this. I will investigate. I have attached a photo. George
  7. Are there not supposed to be pick ups on the tender which connect to the motor? There are pick ups on the front and rear tender wheels. I am unclear about the whole thing!
  8. I attempted to convert to DCC, but as it wouldn't work and buzzed, I took off the chip and resoldered the wires to the brush holders. Problem is that although the tender will run in its own, as soon as the loco driving wheels are placed on the track nothing will move. Ther continuity tester buzzes when I connect opposite driving wheels. Any ideas what I might have done? Sorry if this is not in the correct section.
  9. I am interested in biographical stuff on well regarded modellers. I was also impressed by the Halland layout and much of Tony Wright's stuff.
  10. Does anyone know where I can source these boxes?
  11. That's brilliant. Thank you
  12. Thanks People. Does the PCB serve any other purpose than to provide a DCC socket? I note that photo on line show components on it.
  13. Not sure this is in the right place, but I have bought a second hand Bachmann 25 from a local shop. It was described , in good faith no doubt, as being DCC ready for an 8 pin decoder. When I took the body off, I discovered that some bright spark had removed the PCB containing the decoder socket and wired the pickups etc direct and rather crudely. Will it be possible to connect a wired decoder to the motor and pickup wires without the PCB?
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