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  1. Appologies Mike, what I mean is two part polyurethane resin mixed in equal quantaties. That is what seems to be happening. The instructions say to leave it for 24 hours. But I usually leave it for 48 and still get the bubbles.
  2. Hi, recently I've been experimenting with epoxy polyurethane resin! All goes well untill I paint it. But then after a few days of exposure to light/heat the paint bubbles. Initialy I thought it was a reaction between the clearcoat and the paint, but after having tried all sorts of combinations of paint and clear I still get the same results. I've tried acrylic, waterbased, and enamel products. I usually leave the resin a day or two to cure. Should I wait longer? or am i missing something? As always, thanks in advance.
  3. Maybe that's why I had the vague feeling that I actually may have already asked the question a while ago. Just wanted to report that I finally got my hands on my APT-E just a few days ago. It's very nice (shame about the mold lines on the nose though) and I'm really pleased with it. So I'd like to take the opportunity to say thanks to you, Kit, for the enthusiasm and availability. I'm sure that without your input this model certainly wouldn't have been as realistic. Thanks also to Sandra at Shildon. Got there in the end, although it would have been nice to have recieved an update/invitation to pay the balance when the models became available. For a couple of weeks I felt as if I wasn't sure if I was actually going to get mine, but Sandra reassured me all was well. Lovely packaging and presentation of the model. Come on Rapido, HST Prototype and Class 89 next please!! Right, all said and done, I can now get back to my coffee and reading the rest of the fantastic booklet that came with the APT-E
  4. Quick question, did the APT-E ever make it past Bristol? If so, what about beyond Exeter?
  5. That would be nice, but no, i mean I havn't been asked to pay the balance yet. So I'm wondering if my order may have gone lost or something.
  6. Is anybody else still awaiting their APT that hasn't paid the balance yet? I contacted Locomotion last week but still havn't recieved a reply. Begining to get worried.
  7. Although I can't pin point the exact date, I have photographic evidence of 47835 in Swallow livery with red plates at the end of March 1990, and with black plates in September of the same year. So hopefully that narrows it down a bit.
  8. For a moment I thought the second and third photo of the 59 were real! 59005 shouldn't have the bell though.
  9. Thank you gentlemen for the nice comments, much appriciated Just to confirm, that is indeed 47406 "Rail Riders".
  10. Few more photos as promised........
  11. Just the one for now (flat battery in the camera). More to come soon.......
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