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  1. A ZSSK Cargo class 752 rests in between shunting at Stakčín
  2. Ah, I didnt know this. Luckily I only have 9 points and I just re-assigned them from 01-09 to 501-509 and it was fine..
  3. Yes I like the girder bridge too. I think it helps take your eye away from the scene break. The layout is certainly looking good and getting me thinking about building something portable....
  4. Another infrequent update on my layout. A few months back I updated my DCC system from the Lenz 100 to the Roco Z21. No real issues setting up although for some reason I had to re-program all the DCC concepts point motors as it would not recognise them. I also decided to stick with the Lenz hand held controller as it offers better low speed control than the phone app. So I use the iPad for route setting which also changes the signal once the points have moved - much easier than setting each individually. I had another delivery of bespoke transfers from Martin Model, including company logos for the woodyard, speed boards, Slovak vehicle registration plates and also 3D printed parts for a class 771 suspension. The car number plates are in the current EU style and even have the correct local 'SV' area prefix. The Škoda is an Igra kit. Speed restriction transfers were fixed to a square of plasticard and a handrail wire post Wood Yard company logo in place My Čmelák has officially become a class 771 despite being numbered as one for quite sometime. The new suspension parts were printed for the Piko model but were easily adapted to fit my Roco model. Finally a view of the fleet. I still need a 742 and the newer class 757 'Goggle' rebuild. Tim
  5. I've been playing about with the GoPro..... https://youtu.be/xu5bbSK7dU8
  6. Here is a video of the Roco 'wheeliebin' railcar in action. Sorry about the dodgy camera work.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spG0dEdzY2A
  7. Cheers Chris, that's very kind! I hope to take some decent (non phone) photos and maybe a video or two in the coming weeks...
  8. I wish I had the space! Although must confess to browsing the Jouef website the other day !
  9. Yes I was same, planned to wait for another (earlier) livery release. However no regrets and will probably get the next release as well !!
  10. A bit of a random e-bay purchase is REE models sound fitted SNCF BB67035. The Redcap is unperturbed by the imposter.
  11. This is the Roco ZSSK 810 railcar and trailer. I wasn't going to buy this, having spent much € and effort in building the kit I had. However I read the reviews and decided to buy the sound fitted version. It really is an excellent model.
  12. The stock for a later departure to Humenné is stabled opposite the abandoned weighbridge at Stakčín.
  13. Cheers for that link. I think I will order. I really like the RIV t-shirt!
  14. Reviving this topic with a progress report. Last year I sourced the ES Pečky kit for this model from a model shop in Žilina. The kit was supplied without wheels, so I cannibalised as Roco Gbgs wagon to provide wheels and axle boxes/hangars. The kit was very simple to construct along with a few minor modifications to bring it up to date with the photos I had. Transfers are by Martin Model.
  15. I considered ordering this loco but in the end decided to wait until they release a 754 in this livery. Whilst the model is of its current state as a museum loco. It did run in ZSR service in this livery from circa 2000 until withdrawal c.2005. The earliest pic I can find is here https://www.k-report.net/ukazobrazek.php?soubor=604314.jpg&stranka=1 It looks like ZSR used this livery on a few other 753's and then later on some 754's in era's V & VI but I cant find any evidence of this livery on used 'Goggles' prior to 2000. A useful website is here http://www.strojvedouciplzen.cz/index.php?page=foto&id=2
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