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  1. Summer in Slovakia. Class 752 'Grumpy' heads past with a freight.
  2. I kept the originals. They do look flimsy I agree, but had no problems myself with them. Although obviously my layout is fixed in place....
  3. yes, cleaned up with a file and a tight fit. The track has been down two years and I've had no problems at all. You do need nerves of steel to get the points into the underlay . I had 9 to do and after the first couple you get the hang of it.
  4. Hi Wandering Blue, I’m genuinely struggling to remember how I did it! It was very much trial and error. Despite Tillig track looking fragile I found that with care you could get the track out of the styrostone without damaging it if you needed to. What I did was solder the droppers to the bottom of the rail joiners, this kept the wires in the underlay and out of sight. Once laid you could slide a spare sleeper (after cutting the chairs off) into the empty slot in the underlay. So having loosely laid the track into the underlay – I knew where to drill the ho
  5. I've been busy over the last few months finishing the bulk of the scenic work on the approach to the station at Stakčín. There is still quite a bit to do to the grassy area at the front. And also many layers of varnish to go on the river. Also I have lined the road. I did this by hand using masking tape And in keeping with others in this section I have been distracted buying unsuitable motive power but I couldnt resist another NoHab. This one is a NMJ model and came sound fitted, although I have since replaced the speak with a better quality one. A very nice
  6. Thanks for the info and posting the pics. Just to balance the books; here are a few in use in Czech.. Olomouc 13/2/17 Vyškov na Moravě 24/1/13 Kájov 13/6/13 Rybnik 14/6/13
  7. Does anyone know the purpose of these vehicles. Are they brake vans in the UK sense or more for staff accommodation ? From my observations they are still quite prevalent in Czech Republic but seem less common in Slovakia although the photo is taken at Margecany (near Kosice) in 2018 Are they available in HO ?
  8. A few general shots of the layout taken yesterday;
  9. An update to my layout; Above : next the station I have made the semi derelict barn/garage that exists in reality. In the space next to it I decided to add a station bar - the sort that is so common in eastern europe, although Stakčín doesn't actually have one in reality. Both structures scratch built from plasticard. Above: The scrubland on the approach to Stakčín station Above: Dwellings and yet to be detailed gardens on the approach to Stakčín. The houses are WEPE kits. Above: Random e-bay purchase, a Roco Siemens Herkules ER20 lok. These do run on ZSR
  10. A few pics of work over the xmas holidays: Scenic groundwork in the station loading yard Overgrown, abandoned goods shed Static grass applied to the wood yard end of the layout. I think it has captured the unkept look of the real thing! The wood yard has been walled/fenced with a scattering of weeds. It awaits the piles of processed logs and other details. What will be the main road crossing disappearing into the backscene. Roadway markings still to be figured out..
  11. A bit of an xmas update; Santa brought a Čmelák. A Roco version, which is now fitted with JBR sound and I also have Martin Model transfers to turn it into ZSSKC 771-195 at some point. I have also started some scenic work - here is a pic of the wood yard end of the station And a photo of the start on the woodyard scenic details. I'll be using the xmas break to make a dent in the required scenic work. More photos to follow....
  12. A bit of an update on my layout; Progress slowed to nothing over the summer months apart from the odd bit of tinkering with rolling stock. I've not done any scenic work at all but have completed the 810 railcar and trailer coach. This was a plastic kit, motorised with a Bramos chassis and fitted with lights and JBR sound. It required a bit of hacking to get it to fit together, the trailer coach went together really easy by comparison. The transfers were made by Martin Model. Last year a forum member very kindly sold me a batch of Slovak rolling stock at a ver
  13. Thanks Peter - Its the Noch Limestone Rock Wall. It comes in 32cm x 18cm foam sections. I used a small saw to cut them into undulating formations. Also the rocks in the lower section (what will be a river) were cut out individually (off cuts from the top section) and glued together, the gaps then filled with putty and painted.
  14. An update on my layout on progress the last few months. The pics below show the rough planning and then construction progress so far of the scenic approach to Stakčín. This area is entirely fictitious but is inspired by the railway north of Banska Bystrica in central Slovakia. Some photos of progress on the approach to the station I have also made and painted facias that make the baseboards much tidier and finally as a distraction from the scenic work I have started building my 810 'wheeliebin' railcar kit
  15. I was on that tour - we spent a very long time at 'New City on Lack' with only free beer and German Sausage hot dogs to survive on! Looks a good project - will be watching..
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