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  1. I purchased the front dome from this vehicle and fitted it to the first built Renown 807ML as part of its restoration, the remains of 9963SF were scrapped on site at Stevenage. I also have an official Park Royal bodybuilders photo of 9963SF just before delivery in Stark's light green livery but with Eastern Scottish fleetnames. I can scan this picture if necessary.
  2. That's thrown up an interesting memory from the 1980's when I was working for Oxford Bus Company. We had some buses arrive with an early form of electronic destination indicator called Transdot and all the route information was encoded into an eprom which was mounted on a circuit board together with other eproms which operated the roll over system. To fit these eproms we were always told to wear hand straps fitted with crocodile clips which earthed the eprom whilst you were handling it. It has never occurred to me that a decoder is the modern equivalent of an eprom but it would make perfect se
  3. Yes I remember the completed and painted Hillman Minx, Singer Gazelle, Sunbeam Rapier and Humber Hawk bodies being transported by road, eight at a time, on specially built transporters either a Leyland Beaver or a Commer TS with trailer. These lorries were owner by BRS but painted in blue Pressed Steel livery, some in the lighter blue with Prescold lettering. The Commers were significant as they had two stroke engines which would 'crackle' under power and throw sparks and flames out of the engine exhausts, very visible at night. My former stores drivers at Oxford Bus Co. used to drive these th
  4. My recollection of car trains from Morris Cowley and Abingdon were based on workings to Bathgate, Scotland and Harwich for export. We had many car delivery companies with large yards dotted around the Kidlington/Bicester/Thame area where disused airstrips were ideal and fairly secure for storage of vehicles. Most vehicles that needed to be delivered within a short mileage range of about 100 miles or less were delivered on trade plates by one way drivers who would then hitch a lift back home. Many of course went out on car transporters, Autocar, BRS and Toleman Group are familiar names I can re
  5. Here are a couple of photo's I took of it at Speke in September 91 if it is any help.
  6. I'd like to see some of his green era diesel images. I met him on Oxford station a couple of times, the first time being in September 1965 when we both took a shot of D5858 arriving on 1042 from Sheffield, a shot also taken by Frank Cassell from Leicester. I can remember the day quite vividly and Norman may have even captured D5383 heading LE to Hinksey yard as I had run out of film by then!
  7. Excellent Kier, full of nostalgia........................but where have all the 31's gone!
  8. With the imminent release of Hejan's new class 86/0 these should be spares becoming available at Gaugemater soon, assuming the new bufferbeams are the same.
  9. Yes a good example of engineering teamwork. Thanks to the 'local' ream of correspondents in keeping us entertained with excellent 'unbiased' journalism.............I've looked in on the thread every day and found it quite compelling viewing. Perhaps the same engineering team can make a start on the Bedford-Cambridge portion of the East West Rail Link and it may then be completed whilst I'm still alive.................I have my doubts if I'll still be here to travel on it otherwise! It will probably take longer to do the consultation than it will to construct it! All in all an excelle
  10. Many years ago I converted a Lima one to D5835 and have made a start on converting a super-detailed Hornby one..................must get around to completing it! I bought the extra grilles from Peters Spares.
  11. If you care to look on my Flickr site (google Brush Veteran Flickr) or try this link https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/ and look on the Class 26 TOPS album you will find images of all the coal sector liveried class 26 locos and their previous and later liveries. They lasted long enough at Haymarlet to see Railfreight red stripe livery but were transferred to Eastfield around 1988 time when Haymarket became a DMU depot upon receipt of new 158's for the Glasgow-Edinburgh routes. The coal sector 26;s spent most of their time at Millerhill, Thornton, and Motherwell whilst they wer
  12. I seem to recall that at least D261 and another similarly numbered were involved in collisions and the opportunity was taken to update the headcode dispalys during repairs. I have seen pictures in BRILL or similar.............I will try and look them out.
  13. If the were to 'wrap' the bodysides in cheap clear vinyl before they go into storage it would actually save quite a fortune in graffiti removal and repainting when they are needed back in service............or is that too easy!
  14. I can only echo what Lezz01 has made comment on about the JR. I am fortunate to live fairly close to the Hospitals, the Horton and Winey included and as always the NHS do a fantastic job and Gordon you will be in very safe hands.
  15. Tramshed is correct, there will be two versions of the GN cab, original GN loading gauge and Gresley LNER modified loading gauge.
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