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    ScotRail in the mid 80s before Sprinters came to Haymarket and before the the 477s went to Eastfield.

    This is a Steam*, Sub Sector**, and Sprinter*** free zone!
    *Exceptions apply, **Two tone grey version anyway, ***NO EXCEPTIONS apply!

    My Layout - Waverley 85 - 86

    Member of Perth Model Railway Group, part of SMET


    Perth Model Railway Show 29 and 30 June 2019 Scotland's Summer Show.

    Sole member of the 1968 to 1986 Club - 18 years of proper traction.

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  1. Part 2 of the video of Falikrk Model Railway Show.
  2. Enjoyed the show on Saturday. It was very busy by mid morning. Some excellent layouts from Scarborough again. A video from SMET member and our own roving cameraman Andrew Gebbie.
  3. The club was on the road again last weekend with a visit to the Falkirk Model Railway Exhibition. The last one at the college and the end of an era. Looking forward to returning next year at a new location.
  4. Looking forward to attending with Perth Model Railway Group. Always enjoy the show. I like to get in area to have a good look through the second hand stalls for a bargain or two.
  5. I always enjoy your photos of Carlisle. Nice to see it was a dry day for a change.
  6. Another video to enjoy. This time it shows the inside of our newly opened facility on a typical club night.
  7. A video from our latest two outings. Dundee and Greenock model railway exhibitions.
  8. Would AWS be used in passing loops used by passenger and freight. The location and time period ( which I understand is all important from seeing many questions asked in the past on RMWEB) is the Mid 80s Scotland.
  9. Great idea to use reversing cameras which come with monitors. Had a look for one which doesn't come with the guidelines on the screen.
  10. Last week we moved the remainder of our stuff into our new shed. It was definitely a case of many hands make light work. Cars, vans and a large truck we burrowed were all used. The solar panels which charge batteries all week long will hopefully give us more than enough power for club nights, making our new green coloured shed green in more ways than one! Meanwhile on the outside new pathway is been formed from the shed to the ticket office for the train rides and station.
  11. Funnily enough I was just thinking to myself esp with the interest in Great Model Railway Challange that a part build demo layout would be of interest to visitors. Quite often visitors will ask questions about how a layout was built when we are exhibiting. Great idea.
  12. Although not a fan of space layouts. Once again three great layouts. I think the quality of layouts this series has been better than the first. No doubt partly as people who saw what worked last year. Well done to both layouts that got through.
  13. Busy month for the club, two exhibitions, Dundee and Greenock and it looks like we'll be moving into our new home at Wester Pickston just outside Perth by the end of the month.
  14. Am really enjoying the Alan Harrison Collection on you tube. The latest video at Stratford in 1986 features a MK 2a FK or should say the Mk2a FK in Scotrail at the end of a rake and later in the video a ScotRail full brake behind an electric again as part of a rake of coaches. I've seen the FK in blue grey pre 1986 as part of the 1984 Jacobite service 477 Mk2a and DBSO between Edinburgh and Inverness but think it wasnt part of the rake in ScotRail livery that did Dunblane Edinburgh push pull rake by 1986. Perhaps no longer required it wondered the country looking for something to do!
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