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    ScotRail in the mid 80s before Sprinters came to Haymarket and before the the 477s went to Eastfield.

    This is a Steam*, Sub Sector**, and Sprinter*** free zone!
    *Exceptions apply, **Two tone grey version anyway, ***NO EXCEPTIONS apply!

    My Layout - Waverley 85 - 86

    Member of Perth Model Railway Group, part of SMET


    Perth Model Railway Show Scotland's Summer Show is on the last weekend of June.

    Sole member of the 1968 to 1986 Club - 18 years of proper traction.

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  1. Found the best way was to remove the body try to get a blade or small screw driver between the cab and the body and lift them gently from front and sides For those which were reluctant a carefully placed very small screwdriver pushing the side lugs would do it. Three of them came out no bother at all just by pulling, the other six took a bit of work. Once done they can be easily accessed. I may paint the cab interior or at least pick out detail of the block between the smaller windows. Wonder if the new cabs would fit into the current bodies, doubtful b
  2. Hope the cabs are easier to get into, spent a good 2 hours last night very carefully getting into the cabs of my 9 Bachmann 20s to fit driver(s).
  3. Just like it says on the box, 1980's Ambulance. Tiny 18 from Honk Kong via eBay. Really good to have a decent 1989s Ambulance at last. Easy to open up and fit driver and even patients. Looks like it would be possible to fit flashing LEDs
  4. Yes it is back, based on comments on Dean Park Station Facebook it was down to an error that it disappeared from the website. Not sure what was behind the email advising someone who had pre ordered it that it was cancelled.
  5. Just looked again there are no 47s in the above list or on their website. A retool candidate perhaps???
  6. Am seeing a comment on Dean Park Station facebok page that 47711 in large logo has been cancelled after one of them got an email from Rails. Had a quick check on the Bachmann website and it appears to have disappeared. While I prefer my 477s in ScotRail I apprecited some will be disappointed. Hope the ScotRail Mk2a dont go thec same way.
  7. I was reading the main announcement thread. "Bachmann Spring 2021 - New products" on Wednesday, but it then disappeared from my view in the Bachmann section. I can still access it via a link in a text I sent to friend on Wednesday morning but I can't find it anymore going via RMWEB. I am wondering if I've inadverantly pressed a button to hide it from my view? When I open it in the link the "Go to topic listing" and "Next unread topic" option suggest it is still in the Bachmann thread near the top but it is just no longer visible. This one on the retooled 20s is stil
  8. Was aware of the difference in cab side window size between the Scottish and English Class 20s on disc versions but unaware of the difference between bufferbeam. Interested to find out more. Thanks
  9. Retooled Class 20 announced today. 20227 looks good. I remember when 20s first appeared in this livery, always think it suited them. I recall seeing a few on Longannet MGR. I do not think I ever saw a pair in Railfreight but certainly one blue and one Railfreight was seen. Although I liked Railfreight on 37s or 47s didn't think they suited the red stripe version the way 20s and 58s did.
  10. Yip just bought 20156 in Railfreight and a professionaly 110 converted to a 104!
  11. 20227 looks good, I have the old Lima version of it in Railfreight, really liked this livery on them and remember seeing them on MGR in Fife. Usually pairs of them, 2 blue or 1 blue and 1 Railfreight. Don't remember if I ever saw two railfreight on the Longannet MGR. I have a few 1980s loco which have been preserved which allows them to make a guest appearance on modern image layout, 20227 could fit into this although not sure what livery or condition it is at the moment.
  12. Good to see retooled 20s I know folk have been asking for them for while. I've got 9 already so probably have enough. Wonder if the disc version is a non Scottish enlarged cab window, would make sense if it was. But please where are the ScotRail livery mk2a coaches ????
  13. Available on Amazon Prime. Our club has featured within this excellent documentary. We highlight some of our layouts as well as listing just some of the benefits that come with being in a club. Make sure to give it a watch during this lockdown!
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