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    ScotRail in the mid 80s before Sprinters came to Haymarket and before the the 477s went to Eastfield.

    This is a Steam*, Sub Sector**, and Sprinter*** free zone!
    *Exceptions apply, **Two tone grey version anyway, ***NO EXCEPTIONS apply!

    My Layout - Waverley 85 - 86

    Member of Perth Model Railway Group, part of SMET


    Perth Model Railway Show Scotland's Summer Show is on the last weekend of June.

    Sole member of the 1968 to 1986 Club - 18 years of proper traction.

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  1. And it was about that time I stopped visiting Waverley on a Saturday! How I missed the sound of a Sulzer ticking over in the middle road between 16 andc17 waiting to rake over the next Dundee service.
  2. Waverley photos, always delighted to see then from the mid 80s. The 107 in Strathclyde livery is using Plt 18 which tended to be for services to Fife, esp Cowdenbeath pre Fife Circle or outer circle as the Edinburgh Cowdenbeath Kirkcaldy Edinburgh trains became known. My recollection is portion trains via Carstairs including Manchester Victoria tended to use the through platforms Plt 10 and 11 on Saturdays but I've seen photos of then using the middle terminus platforms 17 or 16 like this one before. 12, 13 and 18 being shorter than 14 to 17 and 14 being used almost exclusively for ScotRail Express with 47/7 and DBSOs. Always thought it interesting that the colour light at the departure end of 14 used mostly by 47/7s when I went there1985 to 87 has the reference E477! Finally I always thought the 101s suited the black window surrounds. I first remember then on the then new Bathgate Link. I will make no comment on the middle photo.
  3. Sorry to hear the news. II shared his passion for the same period and was a follower of both threads. I always used to enjoy the being notified of a new posting.
  4. As one of the few true blue 1980s modellers in the Perth club, I am really looking forward to welcoming you and your layout to our exhibition in Perth next year.
  5. So the good news, the book has been reduced from £12 to £4. The bad news dispatch has been delayed due to Covid. I've ordered a copy and am looking forward to it arriving when it comes so highly recommended.
  6. Just had a look, and I'd agree some great looking figures available. Would be good to be able to see some pictures of the painted versions on the eBay page. If you Google PMMSTUDIO make sure you include eBay in the search or you end up in a Polish beauty salon!
  7. The video was interesting as I wasnt aware you could modify the sides of the oo version. Will need to have a look at my current wagons. Seems the OO version may be more flexible than the O for this feature. Re earlier comments about derailing I had some issues on a couple of specific spots on the layout where nothing else derailed. I relaid the track and they run without any issues. Do think the Kernow yellow is better but went for these ones, just building up courage to tone the yellow down with a spot of weathering.
  8. You are right, just too excited for the VEAs! I did think it odd that the VEAs which had not been on any of the earlier lists had suddenly jumped to August. Ok then a quick rewrite of my earlier post. Disappointed to not see the VEAs and ScotRail................. Should I assume the earliest they will appear is beyond the last date in the latest list?
  9. Thanks for posting the update. Good to see the Railfreight livery VEA now have a date. Disappointed to not see the ScotRail Mk2s listed especially since the BG annpunced at the same time appeared so quickly. When I search individual items on their website the ScotRail Mk2 are showing Awaiting, mind you so are the VEAs eben though they have an August release date.
  10. I've used the Lima ones on Lima Grainflow wagons, when I put some spare Bachmann tension locks in the distance between them was too much. I currently have close Hunt Couplings but may try Ultra Close.
  11. Here is a link. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OO-Dapol-Hornby-NEM-converters-1x-Sample-4-pockets/202961845211?hash=item2f4177fbdb:g:KNcAAOSwxfhekMTd Photo shows them being used for wagons, not sure if they work for Hornby MK2D but I think I saw on their Facebook page that is something they are working on. If they did a bit of thought would be needed to work out the best size of Hunt couplings to use with them.
  12. Although this relates to the originals, two of the three Elites so far are the same length and I think it's safe to assume that an Ultra Elite will be produced at some stage. As such it may still be of interest to others regardless of whether you go for Originals or Ultra versions. My motivation is for the visual improvement of bringing stock closer together. The Bachmann fixed connections does that, it is good for my rakes that stay on the layout but no good for my rakes which are not kept on the layout. Hunt Coupling are ideal for quickly making up a rake from my stock boxes. I keep tension locks on the outer couplings Brian Kirkby style. I had just last week (unfortunately as it turns out with Fridays announcement) bought more original standard close and ultra close packs of the originals to find the best solution for me. Close to close were too close for my one short radius point hidden in a tunnel. I looked at relaying the track and found it would alter the curvature of one direction which would have knock on consequences. Close to close were 19mm. Standard to Standard are 25. To me Standard to Standard were as far apart as Tension Lock so did not improve the look. Standerd to Close worked well visually and as far as running goes at 22.3mm. To use up all of the connectors half the coaches have Standerd A and a Close B. The other half had a Standerd B and Close A. If you pardon the pun the different lengths coupled with the limitation of different polarity further reduces flexibility of swapping coaches within a rake. Nevertheless with careful planning including one coach with two Close magnets both halves can be combined and it works for me. The Elite range intermediate to Intermediate is reportdely coming in at 23.4mm. (thanks Jaggzuk for the useful table). This may seem close to my original version Standard to Close at 22.3mm. However 1.1mm when it comes to a gap may be too much for me visually. I may try the Close to Close Elite 19mm on the basis that they do a specific Bachmann MK1 which are stepped. It may be the issue the stepped version was designed to overcome and not the distance that is the problem on the one problem point on the layout. If it doesn't there would be little to gain from using Standard and Close Elites over what I have now in terms of flexibility using two different lengths would have the same limitations as the different polarity. I could test a Close to Close on my Mk2s to see how they get on at 19mm without the stepped issue. TPOs, I noticed when using the fixed Bachmann connection they were further apart than normal MK1 or MK2. Even Close to Close Hunt Couplings was too far apart visually for me. Ultra to Ultra too close for running on my one point. I've gone for Close to Ultra for them. It works well. If you are not having issues with Close to Close on Mk1s I would think Ultra to Ultra would work for you on TPOs Just be aware fitting and removing them to find the best solution resulted in a number of the legs breaking. I had got magnets fitted to everything I'd wanted them for, if I buy Elites I'll cascade the originals to other stock Im not usually an early adopter, thankfully it was only 6 or 7 packs and not a couple of grand for some fancy new tech I had early adopted on! It is good to see the range progressing and one of the issues people had raised about polarity being addressed. There is on Ebay someone making NEM conversions for some Lima wagons (the type used on Lima grain and cement wagons) and Dapol stock. This may open up possibilities to use Hunt couplings to convert older stock including the ex Airfix Hornby Mk2 Ds as I think they use the Dapol system for couplings. To date I've just modified them with tension locks to draw them closer. Finally a word of warning, I've noticed a few reviewers on You Tube being left lost for words rendered speechless, getting very very excited when reviewing them. Perhaps these new magnets are so powerful they are interfering with brain function in some way, may be best to wear some kind of hat when using them just in case!!!
  13. That's right I remember you couldn't make it last year. Hope to see you in 2021.
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