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  1. Not sure if you’ve got yours yet Dungrange but you won’t be disappointed seriously good wagon again from the Accurascale crew. I’m struggling to find anything wrong with them which I guess is testament to the ethos of only producing something once it’s pretty much a true representation in 1:76...... bodes well for all the upcoming projects too.
  2. All the Freightliner 66’s are in a common user pool, there is no specific HH or IM ones anymore indeed 587 has spent more time doing non Intermodal work since its repaint
  3. Not sure how a couple of pics will help you decide which ones to pick. The original green ones are pretty much all the same, very little variation in the fleet save for the headlights but all these are covered in the listings on Hattons own website. same with powerhaul really, only some slight variations in placement of the logos. heres 528 for what its worth....
  4. Havent run it yet but have noticed my 66528 does sit evenly in the track. 2 axles are in the air at one side causing it to rock. not sure if it’s a case of assembly issue as havent had the time to fully investigate
  5. Indeed Jim, shades seem to have been amended It looks “right” to me, 66762 is pretty much the same too
  6. Well the fact the loco is named Sarah, the description on the website says 66740 GBRF Europorte Sarah and the detailed description says etched nameplates where applicable does tend to suggest that the loco should have the plates
  7. Mine arrived today but haven’t really got it out the box to have a good look at. what I did notice, and have contacted Hattons about, is there’s no nameplates fitted and non in the box if no-one beats me to it will try and post some pics tomorrow
  8. I’ve had 3 of my 4 combined into one order, 66587 is the 4th but this is still to be billed for. I thought it was supposed to be airfreighted like the others if preordered before Nov 15th, which mine was
  9. All very quickly taken down by the looks of it. Perhaps someone hit the upload button a bit too soon.
  10. How do they keep making such basic livery errors? QC control is pretty poor here / non existant surely an error as glaring as this should never have got through but now it has how do you fix it? do we vote with our wallets and not buy any? hope that Hornby realise the error and recall the batch? We really shouldn’t have to start trying to amend a livery error on a £160 loco, especially given the chances are the main body colours will be damage by removing the misplaced printing
  11. Will 623 be painted in the correct darker shade of orange? shade on that preproduction shell looks like the one applied to the real 413, this was painted the wrong shade at Crewe. 415, 419 and 623 were painted the correct shade at Eastleigh
  12. The Bachmann sides do lend themselves very nicely to being modified. Below is a WCRC RMB I did last year, plenty of doors and windows filled in. For the windows that need to be removed I left the glazing in place and then filled over the top with conventional model filler, sure it was just generic humbrol stuff, sand back once dry and reapply filler where necessary. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to have a go a cutting a new window out though, possibly best to try on a scrap coach first as suggested.
  13. Thank you I did point out the typo to the supplier when they arrived, a new set would have taken months to produce so just went with what I had ultimately
  14. What’s the question mark for? Confused
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