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  1. I know little about the guild but to better promote it I would suggest allowing (part of) the website to be viewed by non members. i say this as I was/am a big fan of Albannach which was on this forum. The user decided to stop updating on RMWeb but I was told that it was on the Guilds website. I tried to search it but was told I needed to log in first. I appreciate certain areas may need to be restrictive but access to the website is likely to be a good way of gaining interest in the gauge and adding new members. It’s a good way of showing off the skills of those involved already. Regards Mark
  2. Hi. does it look like there is enough interest in the British Fuels livery to consider the additional packs option.? regards mark
  3. They look really impressive Robert. other than ‘dry’ slotting the basic Goods shed together I havent done any work on my kit yet. As my layout plans are based loosely on Thurso I would like to see the stone engine shed but as I never thought I would see any Highland buildings in N I’m happy just to see the range grow! mark
  4. A Dutch one went for £150 last week. I put in one of the early bids so I got an email with 3 hours of the auction left advising the latest price and that I didn’t have long left to win the item. I declined! mark
  5. The engine shed looks nice but is too big for my requirements currently. hoping they release a single road design but regardless, the range is growing nicely. mark
  6. Hi Ardmore, I hope you are well. just seeing if there is any progress on the layout mark
  7. Newtonmore station would be fantastic. when I contacted them, they did suggest that they would be willing to look into downsizing Grantown or Longmorn but neither really fitted what I was looking for. Brora or Newtonmore are definitely of the design I was thinking off. heres hoping. mark
  8. Hi Robert, hope you like it. if there is something you fancy, give the guys an email. I was amazed at how quick and helpful they were. From a one line enquiry to an almost personalised design with a couple of weeks! regards Mark
  9. Hi all. Just to say I did also set up a separate thread in the smaller suppliers section for Pop Up. Mark
  10. Whilst reading the Peco thread I stumbled across a company called Pop Up, who has released a few models of scottish origin buildings. Their Goods Shed was of interest to me but they only advertised it as being available in OO. I contacted them to ask if they had any plans to release the model in N. They responded really quickly and advised of a few issues where they were not 100% comfortable in downsizing it to N. After a few email exchanges, I suggested a few options and to my suprise they offered to forward the CAD design to me so I could see if my suggestions would work. To my novice eyes the changes really worked and the model has now been released and is available in their shop - https://www.popupdesigns.co.uk/shop/ The kit has arrived with me in the last few days and unfortunately I have not had time to build it but the kit itself looks lovely. I would recommend taking a look in their store. i definately hope to order more from them in future and cant fault them for the service and help on this model. Regards Mark
  11. Further to Ben Alders post above, I contacted pop up designs and asked if they had an plans to release any of their other models in N gauge as I was especially interested in the highland goods shed. They responsed very quickly and they advised of their concerns over a few area's. To my suprise they gave me access to the CAD design and I gave my feedback on how to tweak it to work better in N. I must stress that I am only a novice and so any flaws you may have in the product are likely to be mine. The product is now available from their shop https://www.popupdesigns.co.uk/shop/ I have not had a chance to build it yet but from opening the box, the kit looks lovely. i would recommend dropping them a line if you need anything as I cant fault their service.
  12. name relates to the poor girl in this article https://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/train-for-terri-1-135502 regards Mark
  13. that looks great Charlie, you don't fancy teaming up on the PFA as well do you?
  14. . Great announcement and one i didnt see coming. I dont suppose there is an N gauge tie up planned is there? I know some of your releases have been done in partnership with other suppliers in the smaller size Regards Mark
  15. Hi. I would be interested in a few and have filled in the pole above. Is this thread based on a conversation in which Revolution has advised it will be a goer if numbers add up or is this done with no interaction from them and so is more of a wishlist?
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