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  1. I’m really sorry to hear that. will miss seeing updates but looking forward to seeing where you go next Take care/ stay safe Mark
  2. According to Destin8 (the ports computer system) it is currently due to berth at 13.00 tomorrow but not sailing until Thursday afternoon as it has 2100 containers discharging in Felixstowe regards Mark
  3. I’ve posted a similar comment on other threads when there has been a lack of replies. you have a lovely layout which is really coming along well but I don’t feel I can contribute in a meaningful way by commenting. I don’t think comment after comment of ‘well done’ or ‘that’s great ‘ makes for an interesting read. The thumbs up works better. Don’t feel disheartened just people don’t always feel in a position to move the thread forward. take care/ stay safe mark
  4. Good idea but I may be slightly biased being as it’s my home town. will be following with interest.
  5. That’s a rather pretty building.
  6. Could it be RM jan 1994. The description seems very similar. I can’t link it currently but there is a copy available on eBay current which also shows the contents page of the issue. HTH regards. mark.
  7. Looks a really lovely layout and I will be following your progress closely. take care and stay safe. Mark
  8. Thanks for the reply. I knew they were in the process of moving but noticed it was only the railway options not showing on Open Factory so wasn’t sure is they were separating out operations as well. after years of wanting a far north layout but not thinking the kits were available to make it happen, a wait is not an issue and the progress so far is more than I could have imagined. Take care and Stay safe Mark
  9. Hi, hope your all safe and well. The platform side view looks really nice. Unfortunately the other side does not appear to have uploaded correctly. do you know what selling platform these will appear on as I notice Open Factory are not currently showing an model railway items. stay safe. Mark.
  10. Hi, hope your all safe and well. with all due respect to everyone else who covers the FNL, Ernies Flickr pages is a must. Many a happy hour spent browsing through the images and these have been most helpful in my own research. wishing you all the best with the project and will be following closely. regards Mark
  11. Hope your well. that latest picture is simply stunning. Take care/ stay safe Mark
  12. A nice looking Aberdour station is now showing on their website as well. the range is expanding nicely! take care/ stay safe. Mark
  13. Absolutely love the latest images. Can’t wait to see progress. Can I ask what size the Thurso aspect takes up Take care/ stay safe mark
  14. Looking forward to following this. My Favourite line, shown off in a lovely space, to what appears to be a high standard.
  15. Glad the work went well and that things are getting back to normal. lovely picture as always. take care and stay safe. mark
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