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  1. Great photos Mevaman, and the EWS sourced support coach and traction got me thinking about what involvement EWS had in running these trains. I had always assumed that DRS were the sole operators of these trains at least in the 21st century. Stand to be corrected? Possibly the EWS 66 was hired in but doesn’t explain use of the EWS inspection saloon....
  2. So they have just emailed me apologising for the email ‘sent in error’. Good to know they’ve not been hacked...
  3. In fact, the more I think about this, I believe it is imperative for Hattons to respond here, given our cc details and addresses are stored in their system. Most concerning.
  4. Same here just now in deepest Tasmania. I have nothing on preorder, just an account. Wording is very sus. Must be some sort of hack which is concerning.
  5. Snaffled a 92 quid ECR 66218 the other day. Listed as having severe wobble. I am confident that on arrival, chopping and fixing the exleboxes will result in a smooth runner. Done 22 so far. I am quite partial to the ECR livery. In the period 2010-12 they worked just about every form of freight in the UK.
  6. Correct. Hard to know if this an empty motorail or a car industry working in 1971. Possibly the latter. At least it shows the LMS ones worked motorail at some point. My next challenge is to establish how late in the 70s these could be used on motorail. I have already backdated my train to 1974. Tricky getting all the cars and number plates appropriate.
  7. Thanks. One LMS type looks to be in in ( grubby ) rail blue on Paul B’s site. Also a pic on line of a 46 hauling Motorail branded LMS type flat on flickr I think?? in fact it’s in the Flickr link you quoted.....
  8. Thanks. One LMS type looks to be in in ( grubby ) rail blue on Paul B’s site. Also a pic on line of a 46 hauling Motorail branded LMS type flat on flickr I think??
  9. My two JSA sets have survived a mammoth journey; China to Ireland/England then to Sheffield, then to here inTasmania. Not a single detail loose or broken. Mind boggling finesse in both hoods and opens. Well done Accurascale!
  10. Resurrecting an old topic, I have finally got around to detailing and loading my MOTORAIL flats. I have two oxford and two Bachmann, all in motorail blue. As FVXs they are dual brake compatible. Past research has shown the Oxford type to have been in Motorail service in the 70s and Im sure I’ve seen images of the ex LMS and BR mark 1s working together. My question is, how late a year could I get away with running this mixed rake as ‘MOTORAIL’? I’m aiming for a very early 1980s holiday service. Is this feasible, or are the ex LMS flats likely to be out of MOTORAIL service by then? (I’m well aware of the ex- LMS ones beig used in industry throughout the 1980s)
  11. Just bought a couple of packs of the dolofines/ lime loads from a local retailer. Wasn't that keen on the aggregate colour ( too dark and uniform) so think the dolofines may be a better representation of sea gravel with a bit of weathering for my VTG London area set.
  12. Was shuffling around some of my TTS class 66 decoders today, installing them in two late model Bacchy 66s (Colas 66846 and DBC 66117). With the former I ran into problems with low speed juddering and my usual adjustment of the CV150 algorythm dod not sort it. Then tried Pheaton’s extensive lost of CV changes as outlined above, result: running as sweet as a nut...........So thanks Pheaton. Superb advice. to illustrate the sometimes random nature of DCC, the identical TTS decoder when straight into 66117 with no adjustments required, running smoothly.
  13. And yet I have this week fitted two Lais 4 function 21 pin decoders to two Hattons 66 with no problem. Interestingly, a third Lais decoder appeared faulty, showing as a short, and as anuncontrolled runaway in another loco. Given the price point of these, I anticipate a relatively high fail rate.
  14. By contrast, I cannot recommend Hattons other ‘courier’ option, DPD. At the end of 2020 they clearly ‘bundled’ three seperate orders of mine, despite purchases made over a couple of weeks, End result: seizure by Australian Border force, (combined over $1000) hundreds payable in duty and ‘brokerage’ fees. I returned all items to Hattons for refund, as DPD had not fulfilled their advertised service. While we are all aware of covid difficulties, this carrier does NOT do as claimed and is in my view to be avoided.
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