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  1. Others will know if the body is accurate , but for me that's quite a gear train ! The motor will have to pretty 'beefy' for that lot plus rods although there is plenty of room in the turbine space.
  2. Approx 1900, although this is 'fluid' as I love the grace and style of the early loco's and stock. I thought it was a bit daunting to start with but soon realised it was very straightforward, it comes down to a really good drawing and being able to translate it to fit under a model. If you're able to scratchbuild them you're already half way there but instead of drawing onto sheet you're doing it electronically. Like anything I'd start with a simple tender sub frame or some detailing parts that require tabs or folding and see how you get on. I'll send the MRJ article to yourself and Traintresta shortly.
  3. This was drawn on Inkscape for etching, I use Tinkercad for 3D as I'm a bit too thick for Blender I was thinking of making the bogie side frame masters in 3D, but as I've got to do the roof the 'traditional' way I'll probably do the bogies the same.
  4. Yes, but the basic loco didn't change. What was added was a cab and brake gear. We had a good set of drawings for the later version and an early line drawing from her 1855 build date. I prepared the artwork from the later drawing as this gave the cab etc and then backdated it by altering the simple cab sheets she had at build. On the etch were all the parts to make either version.
  5. They're really good, luckily they take your eye off the rest of the coach.....
  6. That is exactly how my first loco Shannon/Wantage Tramway No 5 came about. I worked with Robin Gay (Rolvenden) as we both wanted it although the versions we wanted were 90 years apart.
  7. Hi Clem, I've been lucky in having advice from Dan Pinnock (D&S) and Mike Trice to get me started, I draw in Inkscape which uses .svg but this isn't suitable for etching so I convert to a pdf and send that off to PPD in Scotland and they are able to work with it. In MRJ there was an etching guide (I've scanned and can send to you) which will give you some help but different etchers have different 'rules' so best to check their artwork guides first. If you haven't got a Silhouette then you could print the artwork as a pdf and stick it to some plasticard or card and cut it out by hand. I find this invaluable as you can check any tabs or cutouts and how it will fit the underside of the loco. I have printed all the parts for a 4mm loco (Shannon/WTC No5 -my first loco) and built it in plastic first, which gave me quite a few tiny alterations which would have meant new artwork if I had gone straight to etch. Cost - difficult one to answer, there is a minimum size and cost as well as different materials and thicknesses. It also depends on how much work PPD have to do to make the artwork suitable for etching. I've managed to get the cost of mine down to the minimum by prepping front and back drawings. I am fortunate in that I make a lot of my items in a group of 4 people, 2 of which are very experienced 3D designers and printers, we share lots of info and make items for each other which keeps the costs down. For example the last etched sheet I did had 2 loco chassis for a GN 2-4-0 (inc tender) some O gauge W irons, a simple motor mount (2) and some handrails for a Barnum coach. Doing it this way it uses up all the 'spare' space and cuts down on the artwork and postage costs. I also have an early GN Pullman on the bench at present which was in the same order, this meant the postage (£15) is shared across several items. The reason I started etching was because modelling the GN meant nothing was available (a few items but not much) so it has come out of necessity, although luckily I really enjoy the drawing and research. Hope this helps. https://www.ppdltd.com https://www.ppdltd.com/artwork-guide.html
  8. Thanks, I've looked at CSB but never used any, I just use either a rigid chassis or compensated/beam. Drawing up your own is simple with a good drawing. Before sending off for etching I cut a set on the Silhouette and try it first, it's much cheaper than spending money on a redraw as each time means a new set up cost. I have seen sight of some 3D printed parts to compliment the Lima body (Chimney, tank fillers etc), but I'm not sure whether they'll be available commercially.
  9. The American Pullman coach continues.....or is it Fake News.... This evening I asssembled the sides and ends and soldered them to the underframe. The end steps are a fold on the chassis with an additional step folded and soldered in place. The windows are fairly simple but the detail and projections had to be over 2 layers to get the depth. The end buffing plate is another fold and solder on the underframe/chassis, the semi circular cut out in the middle is for the coupling and the outer 2 for the buffers. The Verandas have handrails which I'll do in 0.5mm NS rod with the steps having ornate gates. . There are 2 designs of gates depending on the coach. Next I'll assemble the bogies and work out the ride height, I then have to make a master for the bogie sides which are unlike anything the GN used, I also have the Clerestorey roof master to make. This will be in plasticard although I have some etched frames for the toplight. To be further continued....
  10. Just heard back from Jason, apparently it didn't load onto Shapeways correctly, he'll do it again later. Its afternoon there so he's working....or meant to be...
  11. Oh look, more lining.... We were looking at it when we were talking a couple of nights ago, Jason started to upload it to Shapeways but something needed doing, I'll remind him.
  12. sometimes some people just don't get it.
  13. For clarity can you quote these 'personal attacks' I have looked but cannot see any. Along with 'Faith' comes 'Hope' and 'Charity'. 'Charity' could be handing your money over, lets hope that 'Hope ' isn't required. As for tarring a start up the same as DJM, there are other commissioners who are start ups, the difference is that they have funded the start themselves and established a CAD and something tangible before looking for external funding. It has been KR Models choice to go down the route of seeking all funding from prospective purchasers, and as such KRM should be open to questioning. An issue developing here is that those that are objecting to questioning are now refering to KR Models as 'Keith' as if the proprietor is a close friend and as such are being defensive, the supplier in this case is a company called KR Models and nobody actually knows who is behind them. The buddy relationship that formed on the DJM threads between D Jones and some funders who then shouted down those with a reasonable question, probably helped keep that company going way past its sell by date.
  14. Or maybe he is just offensive sometimes, why else did he delete so many of his posts when called out. As for the term 'Snowflake' at 57 I doubt I qualify as one.
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