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  1. Michael Vanns did a very good book on GN signalling. https://www.worldofbooks.com/en-gb/books/michael-a-vanns/illustrated-history-of-great-northern-railway-signalling/9780860935452
  2. For a week my Gold was 'turned off' and I had no idea until I tried to list in the classifieds. In that time there were no adverts or videos hence my not realising.
  3. Time Left: 26 days and 8 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    I have a substantial quantity of kits from several manufacturers that are surplus to requirements. Rather than list them all tey are on an XL spreadsheet. Please message me for availability as it has to be 'first come, first served'. The image is just some for info as one is required for the advert. Apart from few Airfix/Dapol ones they are generally £5-£7 each plus the postage at cost. Please note Not all have wheels. Kits copy.xlsx Kits copy.xls


  4. Eeerrr he already does paid work for Warners/BRM
  5. It isn't. There is another thread if you search detailing its demise.
  6. An accommodating chap....whats his name ?
  7. For the second question I would put 'either' but that option isn't available.
  8. I always thought that the idea of RMWeb was a place where people could exchange information and opinions on modelling and what was available. Are you're saying that you can only express an opinion if you've purchased a model ?
  9. How am I embarrassed? I'm happy with my decision not to purchase. What I get fed up with is the constant sniping with comments such as this If you bothered to read the thread all the way back to the beginning you would find that I was questioning but generally supportive, I spoke to KR at Warley , I even sent information to possibly help make it a better model but heard nothing. So reading [email protected] posts such as that deserve a response. I would say that The Fell was another model I intended to make some years ago and collected and sought out as much information as possible (photographs of both sides on one day) but decided not to bother sharing this information to better it, if it brought the same response as this thread.
  10. Did I suggest fraud was committed in the vote? HM gave it a somewhat glowing revue and promoted it with video of the EP running on the test track without any mention of its shortcomings but lots of info about how to order and pay for it. That's not what I would call an impartial revue, but an unhealthy relationship between an unknown commissioner and magazine. I've now seen (and been sent clips) of several of these models and the tendency is to run like a bag of nails, model of the year it certainly isn't unless we've gone back to the 1970's
  11. Give it a rest. GT3 was a model I was interested in but I’m glad I did not purchase it as I would have been unhappy with the mistakes and lack of attention to detail. I have handled and run one and noted problems with the pick ups which have also been noted noted by a poster in the last few days and I think this is an issue which will not go away. If purchasers are happy to put money up front for many undelivered products that’s their choice, but to expect those that questioned why an unknown person in another country wanted money up front for a model with no clear delivery date, a complete misunderstanding of distance selling and gdpr then you need to stroll on. Hornby naming the GT3 as model of the year with its issues and mistakes says more about HM and it’s relationship with KR.
  12. For reasons not applicable to this thread I still have gold membership, it’s less than I used to contribute when the hat got passed around* and I actually have access to several magazines as well as rmweb. it was too much time and cost for one person to bear so Warner’s taking it on was a good thing. * I remember those that said they shouldn’t need to contribute as they’re posts were given freely, quite why they’d be paid for a wish list must have made sense to them.
  13. I've seen the Queensferry slip before, if you look at the rail under the rear bogie it has '1040' painted on it. Maybe in another dimension Western Queen came to grief there..
  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - unboxed, modified and evidence of use

    Following a club clearout we found these Hornby catalogues. There are No's 45, 47, 49 Rather than pulp these maybe someone would like to make an offer for some or all. Postage is at cost (2nd). 45/47/49 are 450Grams (£1.99)


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