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  1. Drivers are to 'salute' the signal as a means of keeping concentration, it apparently works very well. Note they are nearly always wearing pristine white gloves. I lived in Nagasaki in the mid 70's when Dad worked there, the tram drivers wore the same pristine white gloves and yet the controller was brass, I never understood how they didn't go black considering the humidity.
  2. I would have to say that it would have to be fully funded with the monies ring fenced before starting, this avoids the project stalling when the next deposit is due and some change their mind. There would be costs to Cavalex to return monies, the cost would vary depending on the chosen means of payment. Crowdfunding can (and does) work, the difference between this project and previous ones which failed, is that Cavalex has put their own money up front to get it started and to a print which does give confidence.
  3. Apologies for the drift, I'd completely forgotten about the N gauge version. I hope it succeeds, I model the ECML and looked at changing to N gauge 20 years ago, but I decided against it as there just wasn't enough rtr to either use or bodge into a specific era.
  4. It is, but they're not producing one now so it's called thread drift.
  5. Or they were deliberately sending out a message of intent to others, that they wouldn't sit back and watch them cherry pick from their back catalogue.
  6. Hornby wouldn't have been able to pick and choose what went into the final cut, and it was obviously cut and edited for maximum effect. Is this the same Hattons that lost their Bachmann stock when they went into competition ? I'd take a guess they're actually rather happy to still be dealing with Hornby, at least they get to sell the Hornby 66 and make money off of it.
  7. As I said, it's an incorrect analogy as Hornby have not colluded with others to undercut on price. Don't forget with re-tooling the price for the Hornby one will be not far off the Cavalex proposal. Just to correct you on a point, The courts did not actually agree with him, it was an out of court settlement so was never put to law. The settlement that BA reached was due to the ongoing privatisation of the airline and the case would affect the share price, essentially it was cheaper to settle than to admit any liability. The Cavalex model has been in the public domain for something like 12 months, if after this time it hasn't reached the required numbers or is a bit 'touch and go' then there isn't enough confidence from joe public to invest in them. This isn't the fault of Hornby who don't announce what they're working on in advance, but more likely the DJM saga which has put a lot of people off advance funding/crowdfunding.
  8. The problem with using analogies such as this is that it doesn't fit the scenario. Laker went bust for many more reasons than unfair competition with the main one being he just didn't have enough money and had over stretched the company with purchases of new planes and debts of £200+ million. As for being handsomely rewarded, the monies he received from the major carriers were directed to pay his personal debts. I don't see why they're suspect at all, it's just business and competition. If Cavalex had achieved the requsite numbers for funding it would be going ahead. As it has been cancelled the numbers couldn't have been there and therefore the risk on the shortfall is too much for them. It also provides some evidence that the market wasn't looking for the sort of product they were offering. (possibly cost?)
  9. You're correct, They were still a HST power car but utilised as a DVT. When first used they were set to idle during the journey to provide some power but problems were created in doing so, they were then run at power when acting as a DVT which gave some pretty smart acceleration.
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    This is a brand new (unread) copy of Michael Vanns latest book. It was a duplicate present and too awkward to return. Postage is 2nd class £3 unless another service is preferred.


  11. Time Left: 25 days and 20 hours

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    I have no idea how I got these parts, but rather than bin them they might be useful to someone. Please look at the photo for what is there and note it is NOT a complete kit. Postage will be 2nd class, weight is 350+ grams, if I reduce the sprues I can probably get them into a large letter Jiffy bag for £1.80 but if required as is, then it will be a 2nd class small parcel which is £3. alternatively pick up from Sandy SG19 or hand over at a show.


  12. I always prune the quote to the specific sentence I'm responding to, but there are a couple of threads where huge posts are quoted (such as WW) when the quote refers to a minor point within and it's difficult to understand the point being made. It also makes me laugh when some posters refer to a particular thread being popular because it runs to XXX number of pages when the reality is that 50% of the content is quoted posts
  13. I can't help but laugh when I read posts such as this. ' I'm going to win the argument because I know stuff but I'm not going to say what it is' No one knows for sure just what sort of product was going up against the Hornby model, it could have been the bees knees or could have looked superb but run like a dog.
  14. I'd keep the Dexion and burn the bookcases to stay warm
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