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  1. Sounds like hell. You might like the idea of living in a sanitised world where you're every movement is planned out for you but I certainly don't. I doubt the planet has the resources to move everyone on it into this 'Shangri las' remember that we're 60 million people here and China, India and the USA are nearly 3 Billion people. Where are these infinite resources to come from to create this ?
  2. The old Great North road at the Northern end of Biggleswade had 2 girder bridges, the first was put in place in October 1939 and the 2nd being added as traffic increased. There's a picture at the bottom of page 14 here- http://www.biggleswadehistory.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Eric-Lund-Memories-of-a-Bwade-Boy-1930-1946.pdf https://virtual-library.culturalservices.net/webingres/bedfordshire/vlib/0.digitised_resources/biggleswade_digitisation_az_bridges.htm
  3. I've got an Avonside Jig which works well, but to be honest if I was looking again, I'd get the Poppys, Far simpler to use and a lot cheaper.
  4. Interesting reading. something I noted in the quoted post is that what was seen as a warning then, is now becoming the norm.
  5. I'd stick with the beam for simplicity. The one I'm looking at is an 0-8-0 which is why I'm trying some CSB (which came in the post this morning)
  6. I just did these as a rigid chassis but have recently been working on something else which I'm looking at using High Level CSB's on. What was the problem ?
  7. It's a superb layout and well worth catching at a show. I hear the stock boxes are very good quality too...
  8. Very enjoyable and worked my through quite a bit of content (inbetween decorating) finished by watching Giles create a radio controlled Bedford TK.....mind boggling..
  9. Electrical outlets have to be a minimum of 450mm from the floor and a maximum of 1200mm high, mounted above the 'worktop' and below the wall units shouldn't be an issue. Using kitchen carcasses is a good idea but kitchen worktop isn't suitable for a baseboard. It's very expensive, heavy and too thick for our purposes. It will also bow if not supported. I would think about fitting the base units then running some 2"x 2" batten across the top at front and rear to carry the baseboards, as the rear of the base units won't have any support material and the front is only a thin strip of chipboard as a fascia. On top of that I would ount some traditional ply built baseboards and leave a gap at each end to the wall, they can then be easily split (moving the others aside) and flipped up to work on. I would devise a prop or stay that can clamp to the wall units to hold them while you wire etc.
  10. What are you looking at building and what gauge ? Planty of suppliers out there with stock. I'd edit the title of the thread as it's just your name, click edit on your post above and it will give you access to change the thread title to something more apt.
  11. Completely different situation with your utility supplier. They supply energy/water/gas in advance and you pay for the amount that you use over a clearly defined period of time. This is covered by a defined contract with the terms of use and charging in advance. You're not strictly a 'creditor' either as you have given KR a 'deposit' and this is non refundable should you change your mind. You only get your money back if the model is cancelled as you have agreed to receive a model at the end in lieu of your deposit. If the model is faulty then you can exchange it, but if it has an inherent design fault you don't get your money back as you funded and were party to the production of the model. You cannot escape the fact,that you (and others) have by definition funded the company and it's first locomotive by funding them in advance and taking the risk......Crowdfunding.
  12. You might Colin, but that's not actually the case.
  13. Technically it's both. If you've paid for the model in advance so that production could proceed you're a crowdfunder, Without monies paid in advance the model wouldn't have proceeded.
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