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  1. Subs copy here too.......Bootiful...
  2. I've got a spare etch for Dwarf as well as the 'rebuilt' Little England.....somewhere...
  3. Firstly was it the photographic club wearing the suede high heels and secondly was it all they had on..
  4. IIRC it was a vehicle servicing depot, NC something? (the parcel carriers ?)
  5. So there is. I used it on your post but cant see a difference....
  6. These are just 2 examples of why the business didnt continue. Do you still think the reason was people impatience ? or more likely an inability to conduct the business in a proper way.
  7. Incorrect. It was due to the owner receiving payment but not replying to enquiries and not supplying the correct items, as well as home life pressures.
  8. l've managed to make more progress on the 7mm Shannon. She now sports a coat of paint and I've picked out some of the 'brightwork' I sprayed the black but ended up having to brush the red as there are too many nooks and crannies to fill when masked up. Again the camera is quite harsh and It actually looks better in the flesh. I have some crew to fit along with a few tools and will assemble her. I also picked out some of the details on Dwarf while the brush was out, For the boiler and body I used a Tamiya blue which is probably darker than that mentioned in the description of her, but I like it. For this one I have to find a crew. I doubt I will weather these as they're a couple of one off's ......with another to follow... There are some other items crossing the bench which might be of interest and I'll show these in due course (that means when they're working!)
  9. I hope it succeeeds, but customers must remember you are a commercial manufacturer using their money at risk, and using terms such as 'little guy' gives the wrong impression.
  10. Been there....best thing I've seen on telly for years.
  11. Insulting or questioning your customers doesn't do you any favours. I decided against ordering one as you've no track record and I personally don't have confidence in 'crowdfunding' at present.
  12. I have once in the past used the frames as a jig to mark and drill some new rods but you have to be careful not to damage the bearings in the frames. I used some BH rail, and don't forget to sweat your rods together if you drill new ones so they're identical.
  13. Time Left: 15 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW (retail stock)

    I have some replacement chassis etched in .4mm Nickel Silver for the Lima LNER/GNR/J50. You can find an example I built for myself on my layout thread from page 31 They are a simple fold up chassis for OO but can be used for EM/P4 if the spacers are removed. They have 3 types of connecting rod (flush, fluted & split) and brake gear . I post them 2nd class ordinary, I have 12+ available.


  14. In answer to the Bold it was the 1920's. It replaced KX passenger loco which was sited where suburban platforms 14 & 15 (?) were built. The very first loco servicing facilities were where Suburban platforms 11, 12 & 13 were sited which previously had been a carriage shed......does that make sense ..
  15. Re- classifieds. As someone who sells their own etches & bits (I only make stuff I want) am I trade/small supplier or a private individual ? I put them on Ebay at present but have to cover the fees so on here I'll knock them off.
  16. There is no such thing as 'free speech' and Some opinions are best kept to yourself. .... I've got one right now I won't be airing.
  17. Nope it's negative, why else bother posting it. I always threw money in the pot before and will arrange to contribute for the future.
  18. While discussing what software might be suitable with my accountant the one they said to avoid at all costs was QB, I don't know why exactly as it wasn't an option that would be pursued, but they were definately not enamoured with it. Horses for courses.
  19. Mike Trice has done several threads on here outlining how he 'teaks' his stock. Try the search function. Edit to add a couple of links
  20. Sometime it's best to keep opinions to yourself. Or circulate them in an update that no one can read or divulge.
  21. The note has been there approx 9 months.
  22. After a short conversation with him some time ago, I don't think he has any idea.
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