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  1. I've taken a screenshot of Google maps as it's pretty much what I remember from working there. Some sidings were cut short when McDonalds was built, but not by much. The 'Rail maintenance depot' is the previous 2 road Diesel depot with the track being cut short on the approach to it.
  2. Here are a couple of news items from the Bedford Independent. When EWR started it was proposed as a standalone project that didn't utilise existing infrastructure, but added more capacity. Now it seems that to go through Bedford Midland the proposal for 6 lines north of the station could be accomodated on just 4 which appeases the voters as less compulsory purchases of properties are needed as well as not re-building Bromham road Bridge which is less than 18 months old. https://www.bedfordindependent.co.uk/no-need-to-demolish-poets-homes-says-rail-consultants-report-into-east-
  3. I'll try not to drag this thread off topic too much. while I agree that experience counts, my own experience of working on the railway in the late 70's and early 80's was of drivers who spent too much time in the pub before and during a shift and being reckless with safety, they were not always the glory days. As for the "Boil in the Bag" comment the poster has repeated it ad nauseam for several years claiming it to be funny when it is far from the truth, here is one from from 2017 as an example. A simple search turns up many posts with that reference being used by the
  4. They cross at Penryn, the first one down the branch crosses at Penryn with the 2nd one down.
  5. My current builds are finished with white satinwood on the woodwork and matt white emulsioned walls, it gives the new owners a blank canvas to put their own mark on. I tend to fit Oak doors which are fairly timeless.
  6. Boil in the bag was a term used by most drivers industry wide for post 88 men . It was always in good humor I note my post gets removed but the reply doesn't. The term "boil in the bag" was deemed a highly offensive and partisan term by drivers and their union and is frowned upon. Just because those that use it think it is humorous, doesn't make it funny. What is turning out to be the usual moderation here deletes a complining reply post, but leaves the insulting one in place.
  7. It's not, it will just get worse as the re-bar is open to the elements. New shed time.
  8. The problem with this material is it's mis-description by those with only partial knowledge, It is not "asbestos" but white cement board with a fibre content. You are more at risk from loft insulation from the 60's and 70's which has a very high loose glass shard content. The roof board is fine while in place, in one piece and outside. You'd be wasting your time, Unless the surveyor was specifically tasked to include the garage it would be excluded as it is not a permanent structure. If the survey was for a mortgage company it would only be to ascertain whether the h
  9. The garage and panels have reached end of life so I wouldn't waste money on it, when you have the time/money I'd take it down and dispose of it. Or do what I've done with several and sell it on Ebay with "Buyer dismantles and collects" The roof is white cement board which has a degree of asbestos within, leaving it where it is isn't a problem but if you take it down it can be bagged and collected as contaminated waste by an approved contractor. Alternatively if you're thinking of some concrete paths around the house or shed use it as sub material. The issue is with it leaving the
  10. Yes. It's a confined space so exhaust is trapped, at least in the main train shed it is able to disperse. Can you imagine a Deltic in Platform 0
  11. I really appreciate the time taken to photograph and upload these updates from the regular contributors, I sped by on a down Azuma 2 weekends ago, and even though I knew what was coming hardly saw a thing!
  12. The original link quoted has now been changed to an open one, I think that the poster inadvertantly linked via his profile which would have meant logging in to view. I have never signed up to FB so that isn't an option, but as you suggest in your post if it is a 'public' page you can usually view it lthough that pop up is annoying. If KR put progress on ther own website it might just be easier than using a third party site.
  13. It gives better visibilty into the lorry you are loading so the load is spread evenly. It also means the bucket can be lowered into the wagon rather than having to drop it from a height as the arm would hit the side if the digger was at ground level.
  14. Excellent. The valleys would have been lead with approx 4 inches visible on each roof face. For such a big building there is a dearth of photographs of it.
  15. If you are building with a live chassis you can solder a rod from the motor return terminal to the frames, this gives stability as well as an electrical connection. If you're using insulated wheels on both sides them you can do a similar trick, but this time solder a rod onto the gearbox and frames. If you go to Tony Wrights 'Wrights Writes' thread you will find lots of pictures of motors in frames, just trawl through some pages and something will pop up
  16. Flaunching......pay attention at the back boy...
  17. You're way out of date, Bromham road bridge was rebuilt 18 months ago. The disruption to the town during its closure was terrible, and to accommodate EWR as a seperate entity it'll have to be rebuilt again. North of the bridge there isn't enough room so this is where the CPO's will mainly be.
  18. Whilst watching some of Springwatch this evening, I did wonder if Gordon would appreciate a 'Get well' from his favourite Heron....but then thought it might not do his blood pressure any good.
  19. There is nothing like some good quality journalism. From the local free paper. Comes this front page piece. And this is nothing like good quality journalism.....
  20. It's very helpful of Wagonmaster to offer a fix, but any advice on fixing these issues should really come from @KR Models as cutting and altering the wiring will most likely negate your warranty. Whilst you may not be worried about this, there may be others following the advice who would be.
  21. Gordon, as my last donation of O neg went to Stoke you were unlikely to have had any of it so there's no reason to not get better. Your recovery is much like Eastwood Town, some diversions and re-working but above all a story of constant progress. I'm looking forward to reading the sentence "I fired up Templot" All the best. Dave
  22. Looking really good For the roof option it is the one you call "barely legal" Slate can go down to 22.5 degree slope with ease, so the fact it works out to that pitch means it's the option they chose. You can confirm this by ruling out the other options. Double peak - this builds into an inaccessible internal box gutter and the water has to go somewhere, I'm sure I read somewhere that internal gutters were avoided on mill buildings as any blockage or flash flooding internally from the downpipe would not only ruin whatever wheat/corn was being milled but mad
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