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  1. Yes, but have you seen just where you can put a camera nowadays..............
  2. In which case make sure you have between 50-75mm clear space above the rad, and I would attach some 1 inch thick insulation (celotex/kingspan) to the underside of the baseboard (a thin batten with a screw through it should do the trick) for the length of the radiator + half the length each side. This will prevent your baseboard becoming a "heat sink" and reflect the heat out into the room where you need it. And as 34 tlb B & D says make sure you leave some room for future maintenance, sods law says if you don't then you'll need it.
  3. So long as the boards are well supported and there is a couple of inches above the rad to aid the free flow of air warping shouldn't be a problem, is there any way you can have the boards off the wall above the rad so that the air can freely rise and heat the room ?
  4. Yes it's too thin, to be honest any ply/chipboard without bracing is going to flex too much, even if you only lift it and lean it against a wall as soon as you pick up one edge the board will curve/flex and track can "pop" off. For ease try the insulation board approach that Gordon s suggested or make some braced boards, it really is easy.
  5. New look seems fine to me, couple of minor issues but I'll see how it's tweaked over the next few issues. L L St looks superb.
  6. Born and lived in Sandy (nearly) all my life, in fact living in the house I was born in. with my youth spent spotting at the station I just had to model it. Now I have (nearly) enough space and some cash to do it, I just miss the time ! At 28 x 11ft and single handed the progress is slow but steady, I keep meaning to start something in layout topics to show progress but then thats something else to do !
  7. I remember watching that exchange, IIRC it was the Lima "Police" 37. Hilarious
  8. Yes Alan, numbers where slightly down on previous years but that was mainly due to the temps for the day, -10 at 8am warming to -4 during the day. What we missed was the rush at the beginning but we had a good steady flow during the day with a lot of families through the door. We try and carry out a bit of feedback on the door with those coming and going, a fair few had come to see your Hospital Gates and did not leave disapointed ( have to say I think it's a cracker). The list of layouts is at the top of this post and the comments we had were favourable for all, with many different ones being picked as fav. The one layout that edged ahead was Wellbridge, not because of it being a roundy roundy but because of its scenic detail, very popular with the mums who I think are looking more at creativity than operation. Thanks to all those that came along and enjoyed the day, and the date is set for next year already, 16th february 2013. See you there.
  9. I was also at Biggleswade yesterday (relieving people of their money at the door) the standard of the micro's there was superb, Tank sidings, Trevanna Dries etc are able to pack a big punch in a small area. Of the feedback we got on the door of people as they left, it was that the standard of layouts was very high with scenic detail being the deciding factor in what was their favourite. One that was there was Hospital Gates, not that small, but for O gauge not that big either with a lot packed in. The favourite of the day came out as Wellbridge but not for being a large tailchaser/roundy roundy but because of the level and standard of detail, it was a particular fav for the mums attending with families.
  10. It's on for later/saturday morning, no problems as far as I know and the roads are nice and clear in the area. I shall be on the door to relieve people of their money, see you there.
  11. I've bumped this as it is this weekend, and just to remind that admission prices have been held for the last 3 years, so you get good value for money for your day out.
  12. Having been on the door of East Beds Ex in Biggleswade ( next saturday the 11th, details in exhibition thread) for quite a few years the price used to be the same for "senior" and child which was half the adult rate, but we started getting too many who retired in their 50's and asked for senior, so a couple of years ago it was changed to Adult £4, senior £3 and child £2 with a family ticket being a tenner, with this ticket we tend to have a loose definition of family anything from 2+2 to 2+4, we work on the basis that if they enter the exhibition with a smile it's a better day out for them and we see them next year. With the senior rate we work on State Pensionable Age rather than say bus pass but we do not ask for them but rely on the honesty of the individual, we think a challenge although seeming correct may not look good to those waiting behind. After all we want people to enjoy their day out. We do have a "mature" individual who asks for "student" rate and has asked for this for approx 10 years, we politely point out the rates, when he leaves he always thanks us for a good day and is armed with a bag of goodies. And just in case I forgot to mention it's the East Beds Exhibition next saturday the 11th of February at stratton School Biggleswade, details in Exhibition thread, come along and say hello and help support a friendly club.
  13. 11th February is the date for this years East Beds Model Railway Exhibition, it's a good show run by a friendly club, I shall be on the door as usual wrestling the good value entry fee from you. See you there. Details are below or can be found on their website http://www.ebmrs.org.uk/index.htm Date 11th February 2012 Opening 10:30am -5. 00pm Admission Adults: £4 Children: £2 Seniors £3 Family(2+2): £10 Layouts Abbey Road (00) Current day London Underground layout Wellbridge (00) Fictitious Southern BR in late 1950s/60s Two Sister's Farm (1/32 NG) Fictitious 1950s 2ft narrow gauge agricultural estate railway Hospital Gates (7mm) Layout set in 1944/45 based on Whittingham Hospital Railway Bedlam Heath (00) SR in 1980 based on Lenham in Kent Trevanna Dries (EM) Small china clay works on line from Par to Newquay in Sept 85 Koln USW (HO) A scene from the Köln-Bonn hinterland in Germany Oulton Broad North (N) Actual location modelled in 1955/60 period Symonds Green Brewery (009) 1950s fictitious brewery set in North Yorkshire Nunstanton (S) GER in NW Norfolk at end of 19th Century Rixworth Green (EM) 1920s SR layout with strong LB&SCR influence Oberau (N) Mixed Analogue/DCC based in Allgau area of Germany Cheriton Bishop (00) Fictitious SR/GWR branch line close to Exeter Gneiss Farm (Gn15) A remote rural Somerset farm, big scale / minimum space layout Tank House Sidings (00) Midlands gasworks diorama - complete with sound Ffodos Treacle Works (7mm) Narrow gauge connection to a treacle mine - Traders and Societies Ian Shave Geoff Gamble Books Model Roads & Tramways Sandy Transport Society H & A Models Rural Railways Leighton Buzzard Railway Society Friends of National Railway Museum Beds & Bucks NG Modellers Modellers Mate Nine Elms Models Coastal DCC Fawn Electronics Stratton Upper School Eagle Farm Road Biggleswade SG18 8JB Facilities : Light refreshments are available all day Access: Disabled: All Layouts in the Main Hall and Trade Stands accessible to wheelchairs. No access to those layouts on the stage. Parking: Ample parking on site for cars On Foot: 15 minutes from Biggleswade Railway Station
  14. I heard a similar one for Powerboating from a yachtowner at Poole, he likened that to " sitting in a cold bath blowing a raspberry and ripping up £50 notes".
  15. Oh Lordy that flat roof is just crying out for some 16mm live steam !
  16. No not quite a "blackout" but a light near see through one or just a light cloth one should do the trick. I think if there is simply something in the way of the diret sunlight it cuts down the "glare" and is sort of sacrificial, if that makes sense ? Or paste a couple of page 3's over the window, gets the neighbours talking especially when they find out it's a "hobby" room.
  17. Out of the 2 positions the window would probably be better, if you site it above a radiator with a TRV (thermostatic radiator valve) the lack of air flow would most likely keep shutting the TRV. Only thing to consider with the window is a suitable blind to cut down on the suns UV rays which will fade any scenery or paintwork on stock, I think you can get some cheapo ones that do the job well and look ok. Dave
  18. It has the feel of a club for me, first thing I look at when the pc is on and last when I turn it off. My wife calls it "my railway porn" oooeeeerr missus
  19. Yeh but all those people walking around with an X on their jacket was so confusing........
  20. I was there Sunday so I missed you I know what you mean though, tis good to put a face to a name.
  21. Using code 75 I did the same as Colin. As I am modelling a location I had no choice but make the crossovers using curved points, I have 2 and they work well. I worked up a rough track plan on paper for the layout, then used paper templates on the boards, this worked fine for 90% of tracklaying but you can't beat roughly laying some track and seeing how it fits together, this was the only way I could use them as on paper it wouldn't work. In practise they take a pacific and 9 coaches at speed without problems, Just what the doctor ordered.
  22. IIRC as well as the 47 he also built a Hymek with some rather dubious internals (either smoke fog or fire....maybe both !) that meant it was banned from the G1 layout in Westminster Hall
  23. Cheers for that, thats given me a start, I just couldn't remember.
  24. I think I heard or read somewhere that a card kit of Welwyn North station was/is produced, is this correct ? I'm not after Welwyn specifically but to see if it can be used for another GN station.
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