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  1. now seems to have an actress as a client. #celebs

  2. back in peterborough again!

  3. has discovered that the horse is not altogether keen on funfairs. Something to do with the dodgems and people screaming when they want to go faster....

  4. Chickens! Aaaargh!

  5. Around 1705 this evening, the hortictultural nursery where I work, 'lost' 33% of our roof covering as a 'embroynic' tornado passed over, almighty roar and four seconds of wind!

  6. A get fit program has started! Rowing 400 strokes per day... I think I won't get any modelling done, I'm stuffed

  7. Not liking being awake at 5am thanks to my wife's cold resulting in snoring that would put a class 37 to shame.

  8. Second figure commission started and they are Scotsman in kilts showing that the aren't wearing pants! Feels a bit odd filing a willy!

  9. Mmmm, bacon :)

  10. dcc wiring is just 2 wires yeah right !!

  11. finds shaving plastic incredibly therapeutic....right up to the point that he stabs himself with the scalpel :-(

  12. Scanning paperwork.

  13. Warning according to the cucumber your sausage requires updated drivers, please insert bacon to continue

  14. Just woke up at 4-50 with a massive sneezing fit. What the fcuks that all about?

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