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  1. Ditto, you could use 100mm ply for the main frame and fill in with some 2x1 for some short stretchers to stiften the tops. Second time around I would be doing this, although the boards work well I got fed up cutting corner blocks and they also got in the way, you could easily substitute 2/3x1 for at least half of the cross bracing.
  2. I have used a mixture of 9mm Birch Ply, 9mm Far Eastern Ply and 9mm MDF (Fiddle Yard) all have been good and I have used cork as underlay and to create a ballast shoulder.
  3. I never thought of that one, that would be useful for assembling the basic box. Cheers.
  4. Aaahh that would explain that, I have noted in the past that they will do small runs which cannot be cost effective in China.
  5. I have some foam board and was going to give this a try for some small buildings instead of plasticard laminates, I am useing South Eastern Finecast embossed brick for the cover but I am unsure what to use to stick it on with? I did wonder about something like "Copydex" which will attack neither but I do find it a bit "gloopy" and messy.
  6. When I built the "railway room" I purchased a cheap (£25) hoover from Wickes and that stays in the room, then whenever I do any cutting I fire that up and either clear up after straight away or even during cutting. To date I have not had too much problem with dust, the window is never opened and the doors to the living are kept closed (except to get in/out obviously), I have been thinking about a lightweight cover along the lines of black bin bags but thats more to do with keeping UV at bay and slowing down fading of scenery.
  7. I tried my hardest to keep it tidy but the sheer volume of wiring was against me, I did at least colour code and tag it.
  8. According to my wife I probably account for 90% of the traffic...
  9. In the past I have brought a couple of layouts and broken them up, I am quite clear in what I want from each board and what I am willing to pay (point motors/points) and it has been up to the owners whether they hang on to the rest and sell that seperately. both times they chose to sell me the boards and were realistic of their value. Sadly it sounds like she has watched "cash in the attic" or something similar.
  10. If you don't wish to stick your track down you could lay ply over the MDF (stick it down)and pin to that, but at some point you will be laying ballast and that will have to be stuck down. I have used some MDF as well as ply, they are covered with cork (Evostick used) and the track pinned to that, after ballasting the pins are removed and I have not experienced "concrete". Either using foam or cork will cut down the "resonance" that you hear with a moving train.
  11. If it's just a case of sealing the board you could try some old emulsion (not vynil though as that will put a sheen on it) or just some diluted PVA. When I have used Sundeala in the past I have sculpted papier mache over it first and the paste did the same job.
  12. I know what you mean, luckily for me they fitted the track plan I had
  13. I have 3 crossovers using Peco code 75 as well as a few single ones and all run reliably without problems, when I laid them I was careful to lay them so they sat correctly and then laid track to them rather than make them fit a situation.
  14. I popped in a couple of years ago on my birthday with my wife, although the hobby is not her "thing" she did enjoy the standard of modelling and it was a nice afternoon out. Think I'll put it in the diary for this year.....
  15. It's funny but I've never had a problem describing myself as a modelmaker, my wife is interested when scenic work starts and on occasions has said "go to your room". One of her friends is quite bemused by my hobby and I did hear her say "I wouldn't let my husband do that" the notion that you would forbid your partner from doing something was odd, but then I thought "that explains why he goes fishing". I do remember though when applying for my first job on the railway (1978) that the girls in the Area Managers office told me not to mention any form of hobby that involved the railway as I wo
  16. Many thanks to all those who attended yesterday, we hope you all had an enjoyable time and the date to put in the diary for next year is the 11th February 2012. See you all there..
  17. And I'll be more than happy to take the money off you on the door........is that Adult or concession.....
  18. Next Saturday (12th) is the East Beds exhibition at Stratton School, Biggleswade. It's a nice friendly show and well worth visiting. Date: 12th February 2011 Opening: 10:30am - 5pm Admission: Adults:£4 Children:£2 Concessions:£3 Family(2+2): £10 Layouts: Cheriton Bishop (4mm '00' / 16.5mm) Devon Southern/GWR location Ringburn Yard (00) Rural Scottish branch line in 1980s Club website is http://www.ebmrs.org.uk/index.htm Ilfracombe (East) & Brinscott (009) Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in 'Southern' days Felsen (HO) Imaginary DB location in Mo
  19. Just to be a little different, mine is made up of a mixture of 12mm birch ply, 12mm far eastern ply and 12mm MDF. If used correctly and in the right place MDF is a suitable material, just a bit hard to put pins in. They were made on the ply box principle and what I would of done differently with the main boards is to have made the sides from 12mm ply and the infill bearers from 3" x 1" this would of taken the "whippiness" out of the frame and avoided cutting endless corner blocks. As this layout does not move from home (but has been constructed with any future house move in mind) y
  20. Nice show, lots of good layouts, good trade support. But here is my gripe, I couldn't get there until 3pm Sunday (work) but it does bug me that some start taking stock off nearly 2 hours before the end of a show, entered through the doors and spotted county gate which is always worth a look, stood waiting for what seemed like an age as the team stood behind taking stock off and packing it away, with nothing running for in excess of 5 mins I gave up and moved on. it was not sadly an isolated case, I did mention to one operator that it's not really cricket to do this, the reply was "we've be
  21. Thanks for the help everyone. I ordered a selection from SEF and they are just what I wanted, nicely formed with a good selection of arches/lintels. Also have to say service was top notch ordered them about 11am in the morning and postie delivered them at 9am the following day, if only I could build that fast!
  22. Sorry, I don't understand the problem.......he says from Sandy on the ECML
  23. Wife and I sat and watched it, a very enjoyable programme and much better than the "great railway journeys" formula where it's yet another celebrity "look at me I'm a wonderful traveller" style of filming.
  24. Favourite for me was probably Farkham, nice looking stock and well detailed scenery, I like the idea of the buildings at the front of the layout as you have to look around them, much as in real life.Brockley and Lapford come a close second, but then I thought they were all good quality.
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