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  1. I do my rods as laminates and put lots of spares on the fret for this reason. I'm interested in your casting as that's the next learning curve for me.
  2. They're not pipes, they're the Phosphor Bronze pick-ups
  3. They're very useful pictures, I was sent copies of those several years ago but can't remember the source so was not sure about posting them. Re your comment This isn't actually known as the only images posted so far have been of an EP some time ago in Newsletter 24 They may well have been updated in a later EP and they are now the same sides as the painted samples or the painted samples show one side and the EP the other. Time will tell.
  4. I think I visited there in 71/72 as a 9/10 year old on a Lakes family holiday. If I'm right there was a model railway operated by a club in one of the waiting rooms.
  5. @JCL does indeed have a printer, but bear in mind it is 4000+ miles away and there's likely to be a Bear in the way..... EDIT to add I've contacted Jason to see the state of play with the bogies
  6. Try Eileens Emporium for starters. https://www.eileensemporium.com/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=category&task=listing&cid=1070&name=c-half-tube&Itemid=189 You're looking for Brass Angle or 'H' section or 'C' section. Plenty of suppliers out there, personally I use Phil at Hobby Holidays https://www.hobbyholidays.co.uk/categories.php?cat=35 A very helpful chap
  7. The kit debate is interesting, so many say they can't build them and think they don't have the skills. But in a lot of instances it was probably the fault of the kit, rather than a lack of skill. I've built quite a few kits (loco's and rolling stock) and they run well, but only after some extra work was required that wasn't in the instructions or was as a result of poor castings/bad design. The only way I could get around this and not moan about it was to design and make my own, that way if anything is wrong it's my own fault.
  8. As you like driving your Moggy Minor Van I'm sure you're the parent she doesn't want to be seen dead with..
  9. If the 2-8-0 was built in Lima, did it have pizza cutter wheels
  10. It's quite likely it dried out too quickly with this hot weather and subsequently didn't cure properly, I'd also be tempted to wait 48 hours before drilling into the new one.
  11. I do, but I have to work around it a little with the etchers. I find Inkscape a really useful program (Helped by Mike Trice's tutorial ) but there are others out there that would no doubt work well with Silhouette. I now find that my Silhouette is used to create parts to check whether an etch will fit together, a sheet of plastic is much cheaper than a test etch!
  12. Endearing ? why should it be, it was a simple statement of fact of 2 opposing viewpoints. It's not like it was yet another snide comment from another regular poster on here.
  13. A nice touch there. A 9 iron as well as the fire irons would have worked too...
  14. From experience the cost of producing a 'looks somewhat like it' model are near enough the same as producing a 'Near accurate' one. The difference is the time taken by the commissioner to fully research the model and pass that research to the factory so they are able to produce it. As for are there enough of them, it would seem that KR promising to 'Dare to Build' with high quality models there are enough who have paid in advance to progress the Fell before much progress was seen, so yes they are there. It should be able to accommodate them, but it seems that those that aspire to a better model have to take abuse from those that don't.
  15. You start with this. And finish with negativity. What some are unable to understand is that there are others within the hobby that would like a model of the Fell that is reasonably accurate, they are still waiting as KR has chosen to set a low bar in its research and production. The size of the company is immaterial, what ultimately holds a commissioner back is the profit they wish to make on a model. If they don't have enough research to progress a model they don't proceed. KR chose to produce The Fell which was known to be a niche model with little original information still available, it is well known that undated photographs alone cannot be relied upon as the number of modifications carried out in its life are difficult to follow. The model that has been shown so far has many innaccuracies and shows what happens when minimal research and a file of photographs is sent to a factory to produce a CAD. You as a potential purchaser may be happy to accept something that could have been better but others may not.
  16. And therein lies the rub. You listed and sold it as a storage space, the purchasers surveyor confirmed that but the new owners intention to use as an art studio would be in contravention of the current regs.
  17. Lofts are a subject best avoided as there are those of us who understand the implications of poor conversions and those that don't seem to care. Re- the Sentence in Bold. The use of a loft ladder does not mean that you do not have to adhere to building regulations, in fact it actually restricts the use of the room for storage purposes only and not one for either habitable or hobby purposes. A loft conversion turns a 2 storey house into a 3 storey, and the means of escape in case of fire is an important part of the current regs.
  18. Excellent build Andy. As you say building a shed is actually a really simple construction with minimal tools and no doubt within the skillset of a lot of people.
  19. You'd be hard pressed to guess which line the Fen Drayton sand trains used at Oakington
  20. I was rather dreading this news but knew it would come eventually. Like so many others I only conversed with Gordon via RMWeb and email. To receive a note from Gordon thanking me for being a blood donor came somewhat out of the blue and really showed to me the sort of character that Gordon was. I did suggest to him that when he decided to buy a golf buggy and painted it in GN livery and insisted on it having an 8' driving wheel with a small cab and boiler meant in all probability that he had been a recipient of my blood and there was no going back. I like many others here will miss him, but at the same time I feel lucky to have known him even though in just a small way. Thanks also to @BoD for keeping us informed, it is appreciated.
  21. The technical term we use on site is 'it's F*£%?D'.....
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