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  1. That myth was dispelled at the start of the thread
  2. I have an issue with sites such as Pinterest. Members there post anything without crediting its source. https://www.creativefuture.org/pinterest/ I don't like putting watermarks on anything as it ruins the enjoyment of an image, but I can see why so many do. I found someone selling copies of one of my images a few years ago on Ebay (they acted quickly and took it down when I showed I had the original negative still)
  3. Whichever can avoid buckshot...
  4. How many is the Pigeon able to carry at any one time ?
  5. John was a gentleman and will be missed by many in the local clubs he frequented (Sandy Transport society was one) By co-incidence Pauline is a distant relative of mine, John used to say all of Bedfordshire was related somewhere along the line.
  6. I love this thread, You make something which is top quality and I think "I'll pinch that idea" ...then a couple of hours later you come back with "I wasn't happy so I've made an even better version of it and the first one's are in the scrap bin" ... I turned my soldering iron on the other day and was about to solder something when I could have sworn I heard it say "sure you don't need to check the S7 thread to see if you can make it better"..
  7. That may have been possible, but I know Dan did some of his own casting (on one of my last visits he was doing some) but I wonder that it was the smaller items for coach kits rather than the WM wagon kits which Adrain eventually took over.
  8. Well I'm glad I didn't disappoint you. Quite how you think that post unpleasant and mean spirited says more about you than I. If you wish to see Unpleasant and Mean spirited in the written word, then that is what you will see no matter how it is phrased.
  9. This I take issue with. From the start I actually wished you well and made suggestions about what could be pitfalls, and where there could be improvements in your communication and openness . You started off as secretive and with an unwillingness to address questions (from others) but have slowly realised that for people to part with money you actually have to engage with prospective customers. I have been positive and asked questions for clarity. I could link to countless posts where you threw your toys from the pram AS for DJM, You were not wholly truthful at the start, feigning an ign
  10. I am rather bemused as to why you think you deserve an apology, who from and what for? Your first model is not yet in the hands of those that ordered and paid for it. There have been a couple of pictures posted by overseas purchasers and AY and while it has a very good finish there are some areas that should have been easily addressed during CAD. The quality of the models produced by the Chinese factories has never been in doubt, they are more than capable of working to a high specification, but they can only work with the research they are provided with. The key to a good model is
  11. Having helped Paul with a few minor parts of the build I can confirm that at least one of the layout builders has 'Pedigree'....more specifically 'Pedigree Chum' as I made a right dogs mess of working in 2mm
  12. Sounds like 'Little Salkeld' to me. Built by @paulontheball he might be able to post a few pics to confirm.
  13. I'm sure it will be appreciated If you put together a simple list or spreadsheet, like many others on here I have lots of books for reference but I do have some gaps. The Middleton press books will be popular, and in the box I can see a few that might interest some. A simple list pasted into a reply which you can then edit as things go should be easier for you.
  14. Thats a really clever and simple idea.......I'm going to pinch it. I ignore my school reports, One of the best comments I had from a teacher was "David has contributed immensely in debate this year" when the I had been off school with Perotonitis for many months........come to think of it......maybe my not being there was for the better...
  15. I wouldn't worry.....I heard she was a bitch......
  16. And when the adverts are gone and the forum closes we'll all have more time on our hands.....
  17. That would work I'd forgotten I've used various spray mounts and contact adhesives from cheapo Poundland to 3M.
  18. I don't think PVA would adher to the plastic. I haven't tried sticking the 2 together but I think the pritt stick is a good option or a very thin smear of UHU ?
  19. Sadly in this county the current administration at the "Peoples republic of Central Bedfordshire" have a map that excludes this part of Bedfordshire. For what is a wealthy County Sandy has a worse rate of deprivation per capita than Luton. East West is planned to avoid the area altogether
  20. Could it be to stop ballast being 'flicked' by sleeper ends through the fence into the dive under ?
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