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  1. Flaunching......pay attention at the back boy...
  2. You're way out of date, Bromham road bridge was rebuilt 18 months ago. The disruption to the town during its closure was terrible, and to accommodate EWR as a seperate entity it'll have to be rebuilt again. North of the bridge there isn't enough room so this is where the CPO's will mainly be.
  3. Whilst watching some of Springwatch this evening, I did wonder if Gordon would appreciate a 'Get well' from his favourite Heron....but then thought it might not do his blood pressure any good.
  4. There is nothing like some good quality journalism. From the local free paper. Comes this front page piece. And this is nothing like good quality journalism.....
  5. It's very helpful of Wagonmaster to offer a fix, but any advice on fixing these issues should really come from @KR Models as cutting and altering the wiring will most likely negate your warranty. Whilst you may not be worried about this, there may be others following the advice who would be.
  6. Gordon, as my last donation of O neg went to Stoke you were unlikely to have had any of it so there's no reason to not get better. Your recovery is much like Eastwood Town, some diversions and re-working but above all a story of constant progress. I'm looking forward to reading the sentence "I fired up Templot" All the best. Dave
  7. Looking really good For the roof option it is the one you call "barely legal" Slate can go down to 22.5 degree slope with ease, so the fact it works out to that pitch means it's the option they chose. You can confirm this by ruling out the other options. Double peak - this builds into an inaccessible internal box gutter and the water has to go somewhere, I'm sure I read somewhere that internal gutters were avoided on mill buildings as any blockage or flash flooding internally from the downpipe would not only ruin whatever wheat/corn was being milled but made the building too damp to mill for quite a period of time. Flat roof - Highly unlikely on a commercial building such as this. In 1873 there were very few options for large flat roof areas, Copper was used for decoration but was very expensive, so Lead was the more common alternative. This would only come in sheet sizes approx 2' wide so had to be joined by 'Rolls' on the width and seams on the length. Although this building was quite an investment for the Ushers, a lead roof of that area would have cost more than the rest of the roof. Think in terms of Bleinham House, when Capability Brown landscaped the grounds the Duke had to strip the lead from the roof to pay for the works. The stripped lead not only paid for the works of brown but also for the replacement slate roof and rafters to support them, that gives some idea of the value. I have to ask....looking at the size of the Mill...at what point did you start living alone..
  8. I had a redundant savings account with Barclays with just a penny so this has been used to link to Ebay. I've only ever had 2 sales (that I can think of) that wanted to return it, it will be interesting if Ebay ever try and take money back from the account, as it will only allow transfers to my current account for withdrawals.
  9. I've 'wetransfered' it to the address I have on file.
  10. I have a copy of that drawing and work from it. I can send a copy of it to your email address Chas ( I'm GNRS Membership) if any help.
  11. I find that turning to Peter Kay helps during times of research.
  12. I have some pictures of 1744 which show the tank top as black. I also have a GNR painting diagram for a Stirling 0-6-0 tender engine which shows the splasher tops as black also. As they were treated as a walkway black is the likely option for the C2/C12
  13. Kings Cross, although not just a terminus. With York Road & Hotel curve (Platform 16) it was also a through station. The Napier hum at the buffer stops ......need I say more..
  14. It's not extortion, the seller isn't forcing anyone to buy it, if a purchaser chooses to make an offer rather than wait for the 2nd run, then that's their choice. But in the vein of your post above, why not write to the trader himself and vent your indignation direct instead of on here. B Jones 59 Kennedy Court Green Street Stourbridge West Midlands DY8 1UB United Kingdom
  15. Weardale shed on the Weardale railway. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Stanhope,+Bishop+Auckland/@54.726074,-1.8726524,535m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x487c33157d038af5:0xb14e323fd0a203b4!8m2!3d54.74946!4d-2.011302
  16. And yet visit several times a day.
  17. That looks better. Be good to see some plain end/side on views.
  18. Cleanliness is everything, so I tend to brush a decent amount of flux along the joint. In the case of the above I would initially place 3 blobs of solder (2 ends and middle) so that the heat is averaged out, then when tacked hit them with the iron to make them flow. I'd probably have the iron set at 370-390.
  19. I thought I'd check back to make sure I was correct on this. I know way back in the mists of time KR stated they would be sent to the UK and dealt with by a logistics Co, but I thought I'd seen something more recent. Arrived in the UK on or about the 9th March Shipping by the 20th March All meant to be sent by the end of March? This was the post I remember which wasn't by KR. If I hadn't received my order by now (35-40 days after arrival) I'd be checking order progress pronto.
  20. I'm sure there was a post from KR stating the P&P had been outsourced to a professional logistics company.
  21. I'm currently selling 2 properties as I build and develop for a living. The main problem at present is the amount of time searches are taking, in usual times they were done in a matter of days but during last year were anything up to 10 weeks. I took an offer on 1 property in Feb and the local search came back after 4 weeks. Mortgages don't seem to be a problem once the applicant(s) have a formal offer. Further down the chain 1 couple have gone from initial application to final offer in 10 days. I also advise the buyers not use a conveyancer but to go to a Solicitor. The current buyer did not accept the advice and chose a conveyancer as they were under the impression they were cheaper. Only 3 days into the process when the contract was sent did the conveyancers withdraw as they were not able to proceed with the purchase. Being an office to house conversion they did not have the requisite knowledge to act. The buyer did inform me that the solicitors quote was £150 less than the conveyancers. It has always been normal practice to only accept an offer on a property when the buyer is in a position to proceed, essentially they have to have sold (have an offer) on any property they have, or have proof of funds (mortgage) An offer can be made and be acceptable to the vendors, but the intended purchase will continue to be marketed until such time as the sale can proceed to a conclusion. Selling at least 1 house a year I've seen just how many timewasters and people that like a 'look around' that clog up the housing market. I have had 1 Walter Mitty like character in Little Paxton who tried to convince me he was able to buy 2, 4 bedroom properties for rental from me. He fooled the estate agent but not me as quite simply the figures for rental just didn't stack up, but he wasted so much of the agents time before just disappearing into the ether......those same properties had another buyer who made an offer (on one) but at the same time made offers on 3 other houses through different agents. She was caught out by chance and again just disappeared leaving 4 frustrated sellers. Enough of my rambling and back to the wagons......Fancy an offer on them....
  22. I think a fair few on here confuse pointing out errors that didn't get fixed as sniping. I wrote to KR several times with no response so made the comments public. Instead of brown nosing, if posters had taken the time to actually study the EP and various videos released they would have spotted the errors. Some are minor compared to others, but they were all avoidable on the finished model. I have had several messages from others who have had similar issues with their models, but when asked to post about them have said they wont as they consider there to be too many pro KR bullies in the thread. 2 comments further up this page from 2 wastes of space tend to back that up.
  23. Bricklaying has to stop when the temp gets down to +3, if ice/water crystals start to form in wet mortar it will blow it apart and crumble away when dry.
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