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  1. Just seen one of those 'surely that never happened' photo's. A class 42 delivering stone for the M25 construction. The last one that caught my eye like that was a train of HAA's from Radstock to Didcot.

    1. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      Wasn't there a piccie in a Bradford Barton of a Warship on 16Tonners with stone for the M4

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  2. Sorry about the smell I've just been painting some wagons

  3. The Encapsulator

  4. is enduring the festival of Sukkot. Only a couple more days to go, and it will be all over for another year.

  5. For the Uniform and the Cause!

  6. Has just bought some Formil washing liquid from Lidl..

  7. It appears my Family Guy reference in one of my posts went over some heads and the post has been removed. Hmm.

  8. Back on the big railway testing points.

  9. Best before 04.09.2018....

  10. wishing I didn't live over 7000 miles from Telford

  11. I'm sure RMweb is moving away from modelling that makes your hands dirty.

    1. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      it's a hobby and doesn't have to fit a prescribed view. I don't buy RTR and prefer to bodge but I can see the appeal

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  12. Will be onsite at Locomotion this weekend in support of Chris Pulham Railway Artists exhibition.

  13. Pathfinder Railtour's website has been unavailable for several days now.

  14. My apologies to several folk, who had applied to become my friend. I have been very remiss in checking the 'Friends pending approval' part of my psyche. I have now checked it and approved you all. You're all very welcome, that's just the kind of guy I am.

    1. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      Whilst it is a kind offer I am unable to take it up at this present time.

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  15. A place where nobody dared to go / The love that we came to know / They call it Xanadu / And now, open your eyes and see what we have made is real / We are in Xanadu...

  16. Is any part of a plastic kit more fiddly than a Ratio LNWR bogie?

  17. is sitting in the waiting area before blood donation #57 - go on, you know you want to.

  18. Why does a smoke alarm always start chirping through the night and not during the day when you can do something about it?

  19. the runaway trains thread, "well that escalated quickly" comes to mind

  20. The long summer must have got to some folks. There seems to be a rash of people removing their posts/photos just because someone has posetd a contradictory comment.

  21. Taking 37025 To Hadfield tonight, but am I local?

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