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  1. Baying mob....That's a bit overly dramatic I've said right from the start of this that I was interested in picking one up as I like the odd and unusual, I lost some confidence when simple questions couldn't be answered, and when the EP was released I did not think the model presented offered value for money, so I chose not to order one then although I could sign up for the EOI in the future. KR have asked top money for the GT3 but the EP didn't bear that out so I want to see what the actual production models look like. I am interested in what the production models l
  2. Translating his book into Chinese..
  3. What conflict ? All threads wander and now that KR have finally found container space to bring the GT3 to the UK there won't be anything to report for a month, possibly 6 weeks. Mike likes doing a bit of Ship spotting hence his request for the ship name, but by week 3 of the voyage the thread will be on signs of the Zodiac as posters twiddle their thumbs in anticipation.
  4. Then you need to pay for the argument. It's £1 for 5 minutes or £8 for the full half hour.
  5. Eeeeerr I never said 'build a kit' I just said I didn't think the middle wheelset of a 6 wheeler was that hard. I've also not criticised anyone for wanting to purchase these for use or for cut n shut. I've only said that as they are nothing like the GN Howldens they're not really for me, I did say though that I'd pick one up to see whether I could turn it into an early Met Camm built coach.
  6. I don't think they're that difficult, I just make the middle axle 'float' and don't have any issues with them.
  7. Just taking this a little off topic but we had this plea come to us at the Great Northern Railway Society and I wondered if anyone could help. I've copied most of the text below and if anyone can help please drop me a PM. HORNCASTLE BRANCH: MISSING MODEL OF HORNCASTLE STATION Horncastle History and Heritage Society is hoping to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Horncastle to Woodhall Junction line next year (it closed to passengers in 1954 but a freight service survived until April 1971). The Society is trying to locate a model of the GNR station at
  8. This was posted in another thread and I realise it's off topic. But spare a thought for those on the Merchant ships who are struggling with being at sea for in excess of 12 months and with little prospect of seeing home for some time, so we can enjoy our hobby (among other things) https://www.theguardian.com/environment/gallery/2021/jan/11/all-at-sea-half-a-million-seafarers-stranded-by-the-pandemic-in-pictures
  9. Heathen, You'll burn in hell for that....
  10. Belleropheron will be interesting. Delicate valve gear (in 4mm) and daylight under the boiler to replicate. Certainly a bit of a headscratcher to get the weight right for balance.
  11. Unfortunately it can be even worse than that. This was after a rather 'bumpy' night at sea, some 250 boxes went over the side that night just from this one ship. It's a real reminder to check the insurance!
  12. Rolling the barrel was probably a lot easier than trying to file out a tube. A tip is to find the thinnest wire you've got to power the motor if you're running it back alongside the motor, too thick and it won't fit........ask me how I know....
  13. I'm getting to prefer 'Pick n Mix'.....must be my age...
  14. Try Ambis Engineering http://ambisengineering.co.uk/productList.pdf Not 100% sure but try their drawbar plates CP1/CPB Drop them an email to check they're what you're after. http://www.ambisengineering.co.uk
  15. Modelling the GN I won't be buying any of the 'GN' liveried 4 or 6 wheelers as they're too far removed from reality (same for the LNWR) I will try and pick up anything which is a second/bargain so I can see if they can be 'bashed' into something that represents some 1860's Met Cam coaches the GN acquired. The trouble is that at £27 each it's probably easier to just draw and get them etched although it'll probably be fun trying.
  16. Is this a Local shop for Local people....
  17. And there is the reason why, without any underfelt your roof was venting freely and any moisture on the underside of a slate is carried down onto the one below. For info the current spec for between joist insulation is 250mm- 270mm (11"), if the OP has disturbed the insulation and reduced it's thickness while installing boards etc this will contribute to the problems.
  18. I can assure that the air in your house when the heating is on has as much moisture as any other time of the year, The moisture you see in the OP's loft is from peoples breath as well as vapour carried in warm air. As soon as it hits the underside of the roofing felt it condenses. Loft voids are built as cold or warm, there is either 100mm of wool inbetween the trusses and 170mm laid at 90 degrees (270mm total) or there is foam board insulation laid over the rafters. The OP's loft is cold. How many people, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets producing vapour do you have in the sh
  19. I'm not, The loft void is not meant to be accessed on a regular basis or subject to the humidity that we breath out. To re-iterate, there is nothing wrong with the house or its design it is not being used as designed. As a word of caution to those that are a little blasé about the use of lofts. The agent that is curently selling 2 houses for me has one on his books which is proving to be a headache. The owner had boarded the loft so that they could use it as a playroom but they have made it unmortgageable in the process. They are now having to have major works done to put the hous
  20. It's pretty much as @teaky posted. If the poster didn't go up there, there wouldn't be a problem. As the property is 1 year old, this is a link to NHBC policy exclusions. https://www.nhbc.co.uk/binaries/content/assets/nhbc/homeowners/find-your-policy/au-or-av-policy-booklet.pdf Having had some experience of arguing with them for a client, the clauses that are used to excuse themselves of any responsibility, which in the case of the property above would not be unreasonable. m) Anything done to your home or the land after the completion date, even if ca
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