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  1. IIRC this was after Kernow had to refund deposits at their cost (which would not have been a small amount) for one of the projects which stalled (class 17?) I think Durham Trains of Stanley saw this and realised they couldn't carry the risk should the APT fail. Probably one of the best business decisions they will ever make.
  2. I don't think there is anywhere left that can accomodate hand drawn artwork. It's likely the range has the photo tools and that is all, so any redesign is really just new work. I do my own etches and am currently working on what should be a very simple locomotive, it's an 0-8-0 with a simple body but it has still taken 15 hours getting the frames done, as there are always issues of compromise to resolve. I estimate it will be 35 hours to finish it then send off for etching. Multiply that across the range of Falcon and you've got a lifetimes work, but how many would actually sell ? and in enough numbers to recover the costs involved. I think the only way to get stock you want that isn't already produced is to see if anyone else is interested in a particular item and then approach someone who could draw it for production.
  3. And yet with no money to buy his medicine or pay his bills he found £800 to fund his liquidation. I wonder who's APT/92/King deposit paid for that .... I've just got to change my shirt...it's soaking wet where my hearts been bleeding for him..
  4. I'm experimenting with some formers at present for sme GN vans. I'm trying some simple materials like Balsa as well as making some trial pieces in resin. Awaiting materials so haven't been able to progress as fast as I would like to.
  5. These classifieds have been active for a year at most, so if you were using the previous incarnation that would have been 5 years ago at least, then there was 'Buy & Sell' which was pulled with nothing taking its place for a couple of years until this came on stream. I have checked and am able to list an item for sale. You could contact a Mod to ask but it is a Sunday so maybe do it tomorrow.
  6. I know you can advertise if you're a Gold member. I think there are restrictions if you're trade
  7. I don't get the confusion there is on this. I posted. I will restate again that I have not contacted them about KR models (nor would I) but due to other projects I know the factory concerned and know their capabilities, I am also aware of how the cost and quote.
  8. I will re-post my answer from the 3rd for you. Is that clear enough ?
  9. About 15 or so years ago I did a job at Hitchin McDonalds putting their back/service doors on. Parked just a few spaces away were 4 younger people in a car eating their food. When they'd finished eating they all got out of the car to smoke and then got back in, the car started and the windows went down and all the rubbish came out of the windows. I shouted at them to pick it up but got verbal from the driver. I was absolutely incensed and I think they knew I wasn't going to back down so the driver tried to make a hasty exit from the car park. The problem they had was that the driver got it wrong and had to go the long way past the drive thru windows. In the mean time I calmly picked up the rubbish which included a 2 half containers of coke and strawberry shake and waited at the exit road. As the car approached I let the windscreen have the shake which slowed it and the remainder inc the coke went through the side windows and gave the hardest kick I could to the drivers door. The car sped off with some screaming coming from the inside and I turned around to see half a dozen people staring at me, after a few seconds one of them said 'well done' but I was rather embarrassed and went back to the doors. I expected the manager to ask me to leave but he wasn't fussed and said he was sick of the mess that just a few customers made, he did say I ought not to make a habit of attacking his customers though.....
  10. I've been watching a specific locomotive class for a few weeks, those that list at 99p or 4.99 end up with a final price of £35-40 with 8+ bidders. The same locomotive with a starting price of £20-25 rarely get over £30 with just a few bidders. I can only presume it's because the bidders get sucked into the "bargain' frame of mind and don't bother watching those they think are not a bargain to start with.
  11. It's still here, but has moved to another...
  12. She was not the owner listed with companies house. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/07644987/officers but there is a familial link to Dart Castings https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/06216403/officers
  13. I found the plumbers pipe cutters 8 years after he did a job, they were left under the floorboards
  14. All the best drawings and materials lists are on offcuts of plasterboard..
  15. It's likely the factory that is the biggest creditor in that figure.
  16. Just report the post to the mods for moving, which I'll do now.
  17. Preferably someone armed.....like a sniper...
  18. Sadly they wouldn't Baz. BiL is a McDonalds Franchisee* (17 restaurants) and he already has cleaning crews in the streets around the stores, the reality of the customer paying more is that then demand it be cleaned up as they've paid for it to be done. * I like to show my sister how the increase in obesity in this country matches their increase in profits.
  19. We lived in Japan as kids, at one restaurant my sister said " Look at that lovely fish in the tank, isn't it colourful" ...yep, that was the one I asked for funny that she didn't want to taste it..
  20. I did not at any time state that I had contacted the factory producing the GT3 and spoken to them about it, (although I know which it is) I merely said it is within their capabilities to design and fit the relevant part and that I assumed that cost had probably been the reason for not including it in the finished model. If you trumpet production of an "Awesome Model" then a customer is going to expect some of the very visual parts that set it apart from other models. Design and production is a very small world when you get down to it.
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