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  1. I've just looked and can't see anywhere to delete them, in which case they maybe don't take up any bandwidth/memory/whatever.
  2. Being a carpenter for 42 years I could rabbit on about stairs for ages, but the issue with spirals is they are never compared like for like with normal flight stairs. Spirals were used for decorative purposes rather than practical, part of the problem is headroom above the riser. A spiral must be in it's own free square space between floors (if fitted internally) which is twice the tread width plus hand rail (x2) and centre pole. A normal flight with turned treads (going) half/full landing allows the first floor to be extended over the first steps until the headroom is compromised. It may not be much floor area gained, but in smaller properties it can make a big difference. As a decorative stair a spiral can be a centrepiece, but a practical stair it isn't, and can't be fitted as a primary stair between floors.
  3. I realise it isn't a problem for modern day route planning, it was more of an observation of the topography for those unfamiliar with the area. There are still people that think Bedfordshire is flat......ish.... The real problem would be the wealthy who live to the North of Bedford and the West/South West of Cambridge who are actively pursuing route re-alignment to move it to an approach into Cambridge from the North..
  4. In a similar vein we did a trip to Nuremburg and a young guide took us to what were the national Socialist rally grounds and associated buildings. In general conversation it was noted how good and precise his English was, he replied that he had got the box set of 'Colditz' from the 70's and used that to learn from. He initially said it was the best tv series he'd seen, but we both agreed after discussion that Das Boot was an equal (if not better).
  5. We did a riverboat trip and moored alongside the bridge only a few years ago. The local guide was in her 20's and kept mentioning the "RAF Inner City Redevelopment Team"...it had to be explained to an elderly American lady who seemed quite surprised there had been a war...... It was a good visit, a highlight was the Roman Mosaic floor just off the main square.
  6. We get a local 'Bulletin' through the door and these 2 items were in the latest copy. It's a typical local rag piece written around a Beds Borough Press release. I noted the comment about the Southern routes being a blow to the economy of Bedford and threatening the RSPB 'reserve' at Sandy. (It isn't a 'reserve' but cheap office space for the RSPB in a former Country house, and Heathland restoration on the greensand ridge and never on any proposed route) I also note the claim that with the proposed route there is no greater noise impact than the alternatives......really! The route goes through a densely populated area of Bedford with terraced housing right to the railway boundary. The approach to Bedford Midland from the West is currently a severe 90 degree curve with little to no room for easing, so any passenger and freight will be braking and accelerating in the midst of this housing. There was also this letter. I get the impression that the writer is not a fan of the Mayor "Call me Dave' Hodgson. And having met him on many occasions I can say that he would fit very nicely within the North Korean party political structure....but only at the top... From an engineering point of view I would think that for this project crossing the ECML and WCML will be childsplay in comparison to negotiating the approach and exit at Bedford. For those unfamiliar with Bedford I've marked out the proposed route in red, but what it doesn't show is the topography which puts Bedford in the Ouse valley and much lower than the hills to the North. A Southern route would be much quicker and still pick up the Midland main line with an interchange at the Wixams. (just off screen)
  7. Your Misconception is a Misconception. Where linear space is at a premium it is more advantageous to fit a full/ half landing or turned stair rather than a spiral.
  8. Just to correct a common misconception, Spiral staircases take up as much room as a 'normal' staircase and are not in anyway spacesaving.
  9. I'm going to take up bin diving if that wagon is the quality of things that end up in it.
  10. @MikeTrice is in the UK. You should be able to change the currency in Shapeways. I checked earlier and it was in ££'s for me.
  11. I was rather surprised at the Northern route being chosen, it will lengthen journey times as it negotiates the slow route into Bedford Midland (BM) and then takes a circuitous route to the North and East. With the planned frequency of service it will be interesting to see how it all fits into the bottleneck that is BM. There could be an accusation of Nimby-ism with the letter as the writer is in Ravensden (Crossroads and Church End) which is along the projected route.
  12. This will help those sleepless nights figuring them out.... https://www.gnrsociety.com/home-page/shop/loco01-great-northern-railway-locomotive-tenders-by-malcolm-crawley/ Malcolms publication for the GNRS with drawings by Paul Craig.
  13. Without taking this too far off topic. Most Victorian Spirals were in Conservatories and the like which had a Mezzanine. Victorian dress code precluded their use in lots of situations as too much ankle was on show which lead to ungentlemanly 'urges' For Steampunk think of every possible decoration ....then double it!
  14. As a carpenter I shall just comment on Spirals rather than the 3D printing. Spirals are actually very simple, each step has a ring which fits over a centre pole and a post for the handrail which makes them variable to each installation. handrails are bent to shape in situ. Regarding the number of steps, there is no defined number as it has to suit the floor to ceiling height where installed. This is called the rise with the minimum & maximum rise between steps being 170mm-220mm In 42 years of working I've fitted 4! They're not that popular as they have a very restricted use.
  15. I have the Clan Goods on the drawing board but needed a re-think on a couple of things so I've put it to one side while I complete another. It started as some simple additions to the Jidenco to make it easier to build, but it was frankly easier to just re-draw it.
  16. I had a nice weekend there a couple of years ago, stayed in Llangollen at one of the hotels and there is plenty of places to eat. Spent some time on the railway as well as a trip on the canal to the aquaduct (and over it) there is also a NT place on the outskirts which is worth a visit, and had a pleasant evening walk to the horseshoe falls.
  17. I tried paying for 2 lots over the weekend but couldn't get past the payment page as it stated he wouldn't post to the UK (He was in Manchester) Used the help section to no avail as they said there was nothing wrong with the site so after 48 hours of b*ggering about we gave up and he cancelled the sale. Now it seems Ebay was experiencing difficulties. Why didn't they put a banner up and I would have left it another day.....
  18. I know you're quite a tough taskmaster on yourself, but that really is a superb piece of modelling. I look forward to seeing what is next on the workbench.
  19. I think that's 975025 Caroline https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/975025_Caroline IIRC It's used for either driver training/route learning or inspection of the line.
  20. By Co-incidence I got asked to donate blood yesterday. You'll know mine if you get it as it's Teak coloured with a hint of weathering....
  21. Interesting Dave. I'll have a look for that version as for something like a tender drive it could be laid flat on the top of the frames.
  22. It would have been easier if the OP had posted that he'd just run over a kitten.... Which reminds me, when I change the truck to go for a twin wheel for a better spread...........of the load..
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