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  1. Yes, I have had dealings with them over another matter. I am well aware of what they are capable of, and how they cost projects.
  2. For a Locomotive costing several hundred pounds and with them being such a visible part of the motion they ought to be included. I assume it's cost that's kept them off, as the factory are more than capable of designing and fitting them.
  3. Bromham road bridge over the MML just North of Bedford Station is set to reopen after its year long closure for renewal. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-52888911 I've avoided parts of Bedford (not a bad thing anyway) whilst this has been going on, as it's been gridlock in places.
  4. Having visited Finland just once (to watch the WRC) I can say your English is way better than my Finnish. And that explains Saturday night in the hotel bar....
  5. The more you can get in the roof the better*. If you're going for a steel roof it can get hot in the summer so you want to keep that heat out as well as in, in the winter. * IIRC the current spec is 340mm in roof voids.
  6. They were. I might have a picture somewhere......just have to find it...
  7. If you're thinking of wool (or spun) then you ideally need 100mm+ in the walls. It does depend on the external and internal cladding as that can add to the U value. For the ceiling I would use Celotex (or similar) and again use at least 100mm and pack any spare wool over the top. The conversion I have just finished was all Celotex (we couldn't meet the U value with any other product/type) It was 80mm+ in the walls (with 9" brickwork) and 100mm between the rafters and continuous 50mm across the bottom (room side) then counter battened for an air space. Finish was skimmed plasterboard. I sense some skip diving in the Newport area...
  8. I've got some pictures (print) from the 90's of class 56 powered bin liners running round in Bedford Midland, must have been enough slack in the timetable to allow that.
  9. Excellent Ade, He got a ride in a 12 wheeler! These books are really good for the description of what people see rather than relying on B&W photo's.
  10. If you tear out the pages you don't need, they're really handy for packing the bad cuts on the plate.. When I was workshop bound I used to make templates and jigs for everything that needed doing 3 times or more, the boss/owner came in one saturday and luckily I was there, as if not half of them would have gone for firewood even though they had 'keep' written all over them.
  11. I use my ready reckoner, I've just got to remember which bevel is set for which cut.......
  12. Explains how I can lift myself out of the chair......
  13. You've been to Biggleswade retail park then....
  14. That is a great help, although you could argue that the colour isn't 100% correct, why would the artist choose a 'teaky' brown unless that is the sort of colour it is. When you get right into the detail a Bow pen would probably be too coarse, it's really fussy with lots of swirls ...thank god it was so sooty and grimy back then..... I did wonder about painting the coaches yellow and adding the odd bit of brown..
  15. I haven't studied them in depth but I think the Midland ones were a Maroon with a very high gloss finish, they seem very different in colour in B & W photos to the GN ones. This is GN/ECJS 2992 A Midland Pullman There isn't a lot of decent photographs of the Pullmans that I can post (copyright) but suffice to say that when next to a GN teak vehicle there isn't a lot of difference in the colour ( except the shading of the graining on the teak) If anyone has more info I'd welcome it.
  16. As noted before, I'm modelling a foggy night in December with the added complication of snow, hail, locusts and pestilence......I don't see the lining as an issue
  17. The 3 Pullman bodies are now complete and ready for a coat of primer, there are still the bogies to finish off and I'll hopefully have something to report about them soon. Body colour is still an unknown so what I'll look at is using one of the Precision Teak paints (or a mix) and spraying it as a flat colour. All the photographs I have of the Pullmans show a flat dark colour ( there is lining but we won't mention that) The presumption I'm working on is that as the GN used varnished teak stock, the Pullmans would have been painted in a similar colour.
  18. You must have rung Colin at Alan Gibson by mistake Don't misunderstand me, the product is very good and a pleasure to work with and I'm sure he's a very nice person, but customer services aren't his forte so it's better to order from someone who stocks his products. I agree about Chris from High Level, absolutely top bloke with a superb product and a pleasure to deal with.
  19. I can't remember where I heard it or what I saw it in, but there was a sketch about meths and other nasty liquids that a character was bemoaning the loss of, when asked why he wanted them he said they made a good chaser after a beer.... Think whisky chaser....or in the case of Trump, Bleach.......... I can get a bit obscure sometimes, now wonder they all stare at me at work
  20. I find people always distance themselves from the loo after I've been there........
  21. Just checked my notes and of the last 5 orders every one has been wrong when delivered and cost me postage to send back. The last one was what I think is typical, I ordered over the phone a set of all insulated drivers for an N2 plus some crankpins and a few other things, the order arrived with a set of drivers for an N7 (smaller) so I phoned and he said to send them back and he would replace, I sent the wheels back (which was at my cost) with a note of the original order and after a fashion the N2 wheels turned up, trouble is they were live and insulated which were no good to me. I phoned again and said that the order was wrong and was promptly told that I needed to learn how to use a live chassis, it may have been tongue in cheek but I wasn't impressed. I suggested he send the insulated in the post and I would return the unwanted live ones, he agreed but said he would only do so upon receipt of the live wheels. When I pointed out I'd already paid for one lot of postage and was now going to have to pay for another the reply was "what do you want me to do about it" ....I suggested he just listen to what was being ordered not send what he thought you should have. An initial £60 order ended up costing me another £10 in postage. The product is fine but I order from anywhere else but direct (Wizard, Roxey etc)
  22. From my original post. A selective quote but I'm only commenting on the relevant part I messaged him last night and asked whether I'd remembered correctly. His answer was 'Yes" he'd started on £26,000 and was now paid £41,000 after 8 years, he still said that those around him that had been in the job for years were moaning about "poor pay' but had no intention of leaving as it would burst their bubble. He said the hours and conditions were good with a decent pension and he has no intention of changing.
  23. With your contribution to LNER modelling I'd say the word is 'Venerable'
  24. Looking really good Manna, a darn sight quicker than my builds too !
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