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    Hello Sam. Yes I remember Ed, bit of a shock losing him and can't believe it was 2017! From my experience the magazines aren't worth anything as the weight and awkwardness of sending make it difficult. I have given stuff away on here if people pay the postage and that works ok. There is a 'Free to a good home' section in the forum https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/321-free-to-a-good-home/ quite a few rounded the postage up and I put the extra into our local Need project (Food Parcels) The books are a difficult one to answer, there are some
  2. It's not Tempsford Manna, there is no track or roadway that runs alongside just the 2 level crossings (Everton & Tempsford) There is a roadway at Sandy though, Brickhill road runs alongside for 3/4 of a mile on the East side. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.1341324,-0.2822156,465m/data=!3m1!1e3 Looking at a 1950 map you can see the signal post and line side P'way building. Looking at the topography on the left (West) I'd say it was taken at Sandy.
  3. Plus fours for grouping, a top hat for pre-grouping.
  4. I'd love to see it too when you're ready, (any feedback on the etched bogies is welcome)
  5. It'll be one of the yellow National Carriers parcels trucks that called at the station. Locally there was a firm called 'Zwetsloots' that grew flowers and they had several deliveries a day to the station until the late 80's. There was so much traffic that when the service moved to 2 car Cravens on Huntingdon (North) to Hertford North shuttles the brake van would be full of flower boxes. Each load was split over several units.
  6. It's made from some of my own etches, the underframe detail for mine was scratch built, but Jason (who this is for) will 3D print his. The roofs on mine were cast in resin from a master I made, but the mould was only really good enough for the amount I wanted so this one has a scratchbuilt one from plasticard. Had I known I'd require more of them I would have remade the mould. I also made a master for the bogie sides and cast those in resin as well. I'm pleased with how these built up but I have yet to paint and line them, it is complicated lining so Jason has prepared some drawing
  7. It's definately Sandy, The photographer is standing in the 4' of the 'Up' LNWR. It's dated post the 1st Jan 1968 closure and with the goods shed gone but the station building still standing probably sometime in 1969.
  8. Just looking back at the discussion regarding tumblehomes, I found the easiest way is to build straight sided stock. This is one of the GN American built Pullmans. This isn't finished yet as it has some more underframe detail to add as well as bogie sides and roof vents, but it's new owner will be doing that as he is a whizz with 3D and has his own printer. I've also only just ordered some more screws from Phil at Hobby Holidays to fix the roof down, hence the gap. After building 4 of my own I said 'never again' ..... the things you do for mates....
  9. You're correct Stephen, but I thought I'd type it so the majority of the posters understood
  10. The GN and the library is 60-70% pre-grouping books. I do have a book on Pacifics, as apparently there were more built after 4470....
  11. Well I thought they were some interesting photographs. I didn't see a problem with them, All threads drift and deviate a little.
  12. Easiest is to load it to Youtube then link it to here. Lovely stock
  13. I'm sure one of those had trials on the Oxford to Cambridge line. Just checked and it was a similar vehicle https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/lnwrcov3764.htm
  14. I've used the Halfords etch primer without any problems. I have noted that a couple who have had problems tended to want it to dry really quickly so put it in the airing cupboard/on top of radiator. But the longer it takes to dry the more it etches into the metal so I keep it cool.
  15. Beware photocopying, Make sure the copier is set to 100% as lots copy at 97%.
  16. If for whatever reason they don't have enough, whose order should they cut to fulfil yours ?
  17. I remember the derailment in the early 80's as they shunted a train into the depot. I was on the Up platform and saw a tank slowing leaning over, but what worried me more was the 20+ stone shunter running towards me.... ....so much on the move, and a lot of it uncoordinated.
  18. Yeh...and I bet it was manna...
  19. Yep! The highest I have seen a D&S 8W brake go for is £110. There are silly prices for D&S on Ebay, but when you delve into it there are just a few bidders with very big pockets who seem to thrive on outbidding to win.
  20. Ages ago when I visited Dan I forgot to ask how he did the 8W brake so I sketched out various ideas of sliding axles and settled on 2 small bogies as they seemed the most reliable. A few months later I had the chance to buy an 8W brake for about the same cost as when new (I've seen them hit £70+ on ebay) and found that Dans idea had been....2 small bogies! I think I've got a sketch somewhere, but finding it is another matter...
  21. Speaking to Rupert about how we both draw stuff and he draws at something like 10mm to the foot then rescales the drawing for 4mm/7mm etc. I wonder if some innaccuracies can creep in there ? I only do 4mm so draw to the size I want. on the one occasion where I wanted a loco I'd done in 4mm rescaled to 7mm I ended up doing a complete redraw as it just didn't work scaling it up.
  22. re insulation, it looks to be 25-30mm but they haven't taped it, with the original tar based felt on the outside there is a likelihood of moisture running round the board and staining the plasterboard. It could be they vented the roof on the outside (Eaves and ridge) but that isn't shown on the clip. Mesh- AFAIU should the plasterboard below start to fail the mesh holds the blanket in place for a bit longer, this in turn restricts the free flow of oxygen to fuel any fire below, I don't know how long before it should fail but all of these things are in place to buy as long a time as
  23. You're looking at it in the thread......money well spent.. My dad brought me a soldering iron for my 13th birthday, then gave me several things to fix the following day!...
  24. Phew....for a few seconds I thought it looked suspiciously like PVA which is a 'no no' Looking good Chas, with a very high standard of workmanship.
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