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    Midland Railway, North Eastern Railway, local (Durham area) railway history. Also now very interested in history & Scarborough-Whitby line, particularly Scalby. (All information gratefully received & appreciated). I model in 4mm scale, both OO and now EM (but NOT on the same layout!!!). Kitbuilding & scratchbuilding.

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  1. No problem, David. There's lots to see in the area - my wife and I have done the whole Broomside to Consett & on to Rowley route, which of course passes Knitsley (and the diversion off the trackbed at one point), the Lydgetts Junction complex around Consett and Hownes Gill viaduct. We still have Consett to Rowlands Gill to do, and also the full length of the Consett to Washington (the 'classic' iron ore route...). By the way, there's a nice cafe near Lydgetts Junction if you need refreshment There are also some old internal user wagons from the steelworks to be seen in the Consett area. Enjoy! Mark
  2. Cheers, Tony. You can certainly see where that name comes from! Shame about the B16/3 though; it's a useful locomotive, as indeed were all the B16s... I've got a collection of Hamblings drivers in a box somewhere - I <think> they were in a mixed assortment of wheels that I acquired at one point. eBay listing will happen for them, I think Mark
  3. The other comment made about some older type 'finescale' wheels, of course, was/is "pizza cutters". Hamblings were, I think, the main target of this? Mark
  4. It did indeed, David http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/k/knitsley/ Mark
  5. Hi Tony. That motor/gearbox assembly looks just right, doesn't it? I'm actually putting together a Nucast K1 myself, another eBay bargain from a few years ago that was in the roundtuit pile. Sadly it came without a chassis - one of the reasons why it was cheap - but I had obtained a set of Dave Alexander's K4 frames from the gent himself at a cost of, if I recall, only £3, and with a little fiddling about they have been adapted well to fit the body. I was looking at a way of marrying a High Level gearbox with a Romford Bulldog which I have - probably with some sort of UJ or a simple rubber sleeve and the motor well up in the boiler so as not to have to cut the frames & spoil the look of the loco - but looking at your power source, I am very tempted to use one of those instead. Cheers Mark
  6. I've driven over that bridge many times when I lived in "Sheels", 1979-98...
  7. Just an observation about the thread title. <Modern Image>? How very 1970s! It's funny how that expression has stuck. Mark
  8. I believe that it was the Civil Engineer who put the kybosh on OVSB's plan to have the MNs built as 2-8-2s? Mark
  9. The £149.99 offer is still there for the Balco printer, so I've taken the plunge Mark
  10. And that day has come... It's definitely a kit "of its time", but with perseverance (and a bit of filler!) I think that it will turn out OK. It's a heavy beastie, so it will have 2 Lima power bogies fitted. Regarding the Q Kits CoBo - I agree with others. I built mine in 1994, I think. The ends had more holes in them than a pair of lace knickers, as the saying goes - ditto the roof, which was both rubbish metal and misshapen. Bend, file, fill and repeat...The etched sides were nice though! I used WAY more filler than the Class 40 will need, that's for sure! I did manage to get a motor bogie built using the parts provided - it ran for about 20 minutes before the motors died...it's sat in a display cabinet ever since, but I might try to build a better motor bogie for it. One day... Mark
  11. As I understand it, the problem with Pacifics vs, in this case, 9Fs, isn't that they don't have good TE (as you point out above, Tony, they certainly do), but it's getting the power down on starting that's the issue. The contact surface between wheel and rail is small, so 10 drivers are going to be better than 6. Then there's the issue of smaller driving wheels being less likely to slip on starting because the starting torque can be controlled more finely; the turning moment being less... Mark
  12. Thank you very much, 'CHARD. Will look for that list. Mark
  13. Is there a definitive record of when these behemoths were repainted into blue, received yellow panels, received full yellow ends please? I'm looking for D352's livery in May 1964. I'm pretty sure she will have still been green, but would any yellow panels/ends have been applied by then? Thanks in advance. Mark
  14. 60532 was an impressive performer during her 1990-2001 stint on the main line; I for one am looking forward to her return. A1, A2, A3, A4 gala and comparison runs a la the 1997 Shap Time Trials, anyone? I'll (hopefully) be taking a main line trip behind a Duchess (6233) this year too - I already have 60163, 60532, 60103(4472) and 60009 'under my belt', as it were, plus 6201 Mark
  15. If the propellent (butane) has turned to liquid because of a combination of temperature and pressure, then yes, changing its state back to vapour requires heat energy, which it gets from itself and its surroundings. Latent heat of evaporation and all that... Mark
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