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    Midland Railway, North Eastern Railway, local (Durham area) railway history. Also now very interested in history & Scarborough-Whitby line, particularly Scalby. (All information gratefully received & appreciated). I model in 4mm scale, both OO and now EM (but NOT on the same layout!!!). Kitbuilding & scratchbuilding.

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  1. It's now named "Lancaster", IIRC. Simple rebranding to account for its location, or a cynical move to get away from its notoriety? Let's face it, motorway <cuisine> back in the 60s & 70s was pretty grim (and in some ways is still bad, but you now have parking scalpers to worry about too...), and many were the jokes about the likes of Forton - well known, of course, for the tower. Watford Gap was another place that was the butt of many comedians' acts... Mark
  2. I'd like to add my congratulations - that's a splendid piece of work, especially as you picked up on the frame slots. (I presume that Ks chose the Nielsen locos because the extra metal made the (dummy) outside frames stronger & probably easier to remove from the moulds without damage). The Ks wheels, in this application, were fine, to my mind. I've built a few of these kits over the last 40+ years. The only small caveat is that the plastic cranks can become brittle - don't ask me how I found out - but you do occasionally see replacement sprues of cranks for sale. I got some a y
  3. I've been following your thread with great interest, as that's my old stamping ground from my yoof - that's a mighty project you've got there. Fantastic My <new> layout won't be as big, obviously, but I do hope it will please its audience, once we get back to having Exhibitions. Mark
  4. That looks very much like the steam pipes fitted to some (but not all) of the V1/V3 class; the others having straight pipes. I wonder if a new steam pipe had been required for running repairs, but there was only one of those to hand? Mark
  5. Hector Whaling had whale oil tankers, I think. I know that the Hector Heron ended up being operated/manned by British & Commonwealth in the conventional oil trades after commercial whaling ceased. Had it come from the Antarctic by ship, loading it into rail tankers would have been a lot easier than discharging it ashore, then having it decanted into 45 gallon drums (For youngsters, the modern equivalent is 209 litre drums...) Mark
  6. Mmm, yes indeed - HS1. Very true. Good point. As for supporting the airlines - they're nominally UK based & serve the UK pretty widely, don't they? Whereas Eurostar...
  7. I did mention SE England, to be fair. However, whilst you make some valid points regarding seating etc, and indeed money, time is a big factor, and I'm afraid that money DOES come into a lot of peoples' thoughts when making trips. As for Schengen killing off regional Eurostars - nah, that could have been resolved if the will was there, but hey... No, it was time, again, because HS2 never got going when it should have done, but that's yet another political argument, which we don't do here. Finally, regional rail and payments to it - that's the system we have
  8. As things stand, Eurostar is of no real use to most of the UK, I would suggest, basis time and cost compared to flying. The cost of having to get into Central London & then get across the city (unless arriving at KX or St Pancras anyway), & then your Eurostar ticket, is almost always going to exceed low cost airlines, even with all the add-ons. Had the North of London services got started then things may well have been different, but as it is, no. As for times, again it just doesn't stack up. I doubt there will be much support for Eurostar outside of the M25, as the saying
  9. Them's fighting words where I comes from... Mark
  10. I have one just waiting for the paint shop now - it's powered by 2 Lima motor bogies, and will be turned out as D352 in green, with the small yellow panel Mark
  11. Sadly there are still too many of the "It MUST be saved" mentality about - ask them who should be liable for maintenance, insurance liability etc. and it all goes quiet, except oftentimes for howls of "You're no TRUE railfan" etc... Mark
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