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    Midland Railway, North Eastern Railway, local (Durham area) railway history. Also now very interested in history & Scarborough-Whitby line, particularly Scalby. (All information gratefully received & appreciated). I model in 4mm scale, both OO and now EM (but NOT on the same layout!!!). Kitbuilding & scratchbuilding.

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  1. I agree with others regarding City Models in Liverpool. The owner was indeed Dutch - Jerry van der Hoek, I think? Anyway, his emporium near Central Station was great; the shop sort of lost its way on moving to Stanley Street though. As for Newcastle - The Model Shop was another serious trap for one's cash! We also had Northumbria Models in the city centre - it was first near Westgate Road, iirc, then moved to just under the arches of the eastern approach to Central Station. Mark
  2. I'm another one in the '0-6-2 style setup' camp. It's better for stability than the GEM method in George's LNWR 2-4-2T that I built some 46 years ago! From memory that one definitely 'waddled'! As I recall, it was basically an 0-4-0 arrangement for the drivers with large castings to represent the frames as pony trucks at each end. Mark
  3. That looks great, Chris - and I like your bogie swing solution. That poor cat - how many different ways can it be skinned? I will be interested to know the minimum radius it will run through once finished. Cheers, Mark
  4. The overwhelming majority, yes. Fantasists all.
  5. Exactly so. Some of the froth and wibble being generated on some FB groups has been unbelieveable...
  6. Happy birthday, Arthur All the best, Mark
  7. Hello all. My apologies for absence - I have been away from home for the last week. I'm definitely minded to fold the main etch up and see what we have. Won't be tonight, but hopefully in the next couple of days. Watch this space... My thanks again to all contributors to the thread - we all like a mystery, it would seem Mark
  8. Probably a Q Kits beast. I built one, some 27 years ago. Awful thing - the castings as supplied had more holes in them than a pair of lace knickers, and as for the supplied motors... I did get it running - for about 2 minutes - before one motor burnt out; it's been in a box in the loft ever since. I must dig it out and fit a decent motor bogie... Mark
  9. Here's the other side - with no etched fold lines. I'll see if I can find some card & print a copy for folding. Thanks all for taking an interest - it's much appreciated. Mark
  10. Hi John. Thanks for joining in. I have absolutely no idea what it is. Folding the main piece up? That might be a good idea. It does seem to have folk at a loss... Cheers, Mark
  11. Hi Chris. I'm sitting looking at an unbuilt Little Engines A7 kit as I type - why do you feel that the kit doesn't capture the prototype? Loving your modelling, by the way - great stuff Mark
  12. It was a Little Engines A7 kit - been in the roundtuit pile for about 4 years Mark
  13. Yes, I agree that part is missing. Coupling rod replacement is no big deal, obviously - step forward Alan Gibson & the universal rods! - but it really is still a puzzle as yet. Mark
  14. Hi gents. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Yes, the rods are definitely tapered, and the etch itself is quite thick, so I do hesitate to think that it's a Perseverance offering, but one never knows. The mystery continues... Mark
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