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  1. Thanks for your comments. There were some excellent layouts to view and the added bonus was that unlike exhibitions you got a ring side seat and learnt a lot about the layouts and operations. IMHO i'd like to see one produced for every Scaleforum, but it is a lot of work to produce. Hats off to all those involved. Made for a couple of interesting running sessions to capture the footage and who needs an excuse to run trains
  2. For those that want to watch the video we made as part of "Virtual Scaleforum 2020" I have posted the link below Eridge Scaleforum 2020 All the layouts featured can be found Here I'm not entirely sure how long they will remain on the web, so don't delay. Mark
  3. Hmmm The review sings the praises of the Saturn and its hard to see why it wouldn't for a machine in this price range and specifications I feel my resistance fading to the Saturn fading somewhat and the wallet creeking open.... From a company point of view , no pun intended, this will be the launching platform to the development of the next generation (maybe Neptune) and the sucess of that development will depend on the Saturn and its preformance. It could make or break the reputation and market. From a personal point of view, given the relatively limited experience in the 3D printing field, all of which has been documented here , i have always been very impressed with the Mars and what it is capable of delivering, i've had very few bad experiences and have found the machine easy to use and continue to be amazed at the quality of prints that have been produced. To that point, here is the 2nd print of the Diagram 1386 20T Mineral Wagon, with update CAD file for strapping definition and coach bolt representation. Its not perfect but i very much doubt the real wagons were. Photo taken at 3.8x magnification on a standard smart phone, coach bolt heads (0.30mm dia, 0.30mm projection) If the Mars is capable of this, it begs the question what the Saturn could produce.
  4. monkeysarefun Will you be the first on the forum to fill the extra large bed completely and post your triumphs......no pressure lmao. Mark
  5. Tom I'm sure there will be many more oppertunities to come. Its good for us the consumer and the company that the demand is high. Mark
  6. Hi monkeysarefun File is okay so demons at work Good luck for tonight, have you syncronized your clock ? Mark
  7. "Lockdown Fun" With plenty to do during the "lockdown" period i have been mindful of my own well-being and mental health, so have afforded myself some time to do some therapy modelling. Well that's what i like to kid myself. As part of my therapy i have done a couple of CAD files for wagons. I already had a CAD file for a Diagram 1771 Tunny Wagon but i have more than enough of those. So i have started simple with a mineral wagon. Diagram 1386 20T Mineral Wagon. A bit of a rare beast and not available in ready to run, limited quantities built, so an odd wagon in a rake scenario. I decided to go for an etch for the chassis as P4 scale prefers some suspension. Again auto supported in Prusa Slice at 80% and auto-orientated Defintion of detail is fairly crisp but the upper 2 corners are slightly rounded. This was really a test print for the definition of body strapping. The CAD file has been updated and the wagon bodyside now completed with the addition of the 504 bolt heads.. Re-sliced with additional supports and printer whirring in the background. Print Time: 6hr 41min Cost: £0.43 Electric Cost: £0.47 Total Cost £0.90 The second wagon Diagram 1745 20T Hopper Wagon (S.E & C.R) Another limited build hopper wagon with no ready to run model. Certainly not up to modern H&S laws as open the chute doors you had to run along with the train! Well this is a challenge from a friend. Again an initial print. The artwork is by no means finished, with lots to think about for the construction side of things. Some real design challenges here. The Hopper strapping is a "U" shaped channel that protrudes from the solebars. Not much to go on in the drawings so in order to get the door shapes correct (interpretation) all the joints needed to have motion attached to them to prove they would work in real life, ofcourse linked to their respective handwheels. Still some work to do but promising results. Weirdest thing happened on the print of the Hopper Wagon. Got to the end layer and then started printing a full screen for several layers before i noticed and halted it ? Have checked the slicing and the slice stops at the correct last layer. Has anyone come across this before ? Fortunately i saved the model from sure disaster with minimal damage. Stay Safe Mark
  8. More Eridge Footbridge My last post saw me starting the task of building a new footbridge for Eridge P4 our club layout by printing the trestles and luggage chute. My attention has now turned to the footbridge itself. Clearly from the previous post it was not going to be possible to use the old Fusion 360 CAD file to create seperate components. With the station road bridge now well on the way to completion and a new height datum i set about the new artwork. Shapeways printed 1st attempt footbridge. I discovered whilst doing this artwork the reason for the 10mm difference in length on the original Shapeway complete footbridge print. I knew that the down line staircase was not at 90 degrees to the building but had measured the up line staircase to be close to 90 degrees. In fact it turns out that its not close at all its 92 1/2 degrees and that 2 1/2 degree angle difference given the length of the staircase equates to a 10 mm shortfall. At least i cleared up the why ! As the layout is for the exhibiton circuit and the footbridge structure being fairly delicate it needs to be robust enoughto be removed from the layout and transported seperately. Having seen the flexibility of the 3D printed full footbridge my thoughts turned to a brass construction. TBH i didn't relish the thought of constucting 2 staircases from scratch but from an etch was a different matter. The Gallery As this is in essence the only thing connects the removable footbridge structure to the station road bridge and building i decided to create this out of nickel silver framework with 3D printed windows and falsework which will be clad both sides in plastikard wood cladding. It re-affirmed the notion of scratchbuilding the staircases to and acceptable tolerance would not be an option without jigs and etching. Gallery Metal Framework The blue insulation blocks represent the platform height. I had to use some artistic licence with the roofing supports, in reality they are meant to be like those in the 1st picture with no rear support at the peak of the roof. Whilst a deviation from reality it would be pointless sticking to it if the model roof sagged under the weight of the corrugated cladding. Its worth pointing out here that i have now switched my resin from water washable resin to standard resin. No other reason but i purchased 2 bottles before "lock-down" and have nearly finished the water soluble ( small prints only). Ironically it was more expensive than the water washable resin. 3D printed Galley Windows The base was added to create a larger surface area for adhesion to the build plate. The thickness at the bottom is 1.5 mm when this is removed. The window frames are to scale but tbh could do with a tad more thickness ( a scale inch 0.333 mm would surfice). Gallery Side Windows Installed. The criss-cross support structure will be clad with plastikard wood planking, as well as the area above the window as per below Gallery Front Windows with old staircases. Staircases The staircases shown above were printed by Shapeways in versatile plastic. Unfortunately they include the rear posts and are at the wrong angle to use. They were temporarily installed to check alignment with the Canopy support pillars. It did however give food for thought as this part of the staircase being effectively a box structure is quite rigid. When these were printed, many moons ago, someone commented that on this forum "all very well and nice but how would you paint them". I'd not given that much thought until that comment and in truth the comment is very justified. With that in mind and the thought of the staircases being printed i uploaded them to shapeways, this time each staircase as a structure and a seperate staircase. The thought being the structure could be clad and then painted and the staircase married up once it had been painted. There's been much hype on the increases to have parts printed, they have their overheads, but this has driven me away from them as the total for 2 parts ( 1 staircase) came to £134.00. The total cost for both staircases would exceed what i paid for the entire footbridge to be printed as one file. Unfortunately the size of the staircase excludes the Elegoo Mars as a platform to build it....... Or Does It ? Station Bridge Rear Wall I add this here as it bears relevance to the question posed. Sometime ago i printed (in this topic) the coping stones for the bridge rear wall. These were to be glued onto an existing piece of the structure (pre elegoo owner) and this was done with less than satisfactory results. So much so that i printed the entire wall including the coping stones in 3 pieces. Each with a tang and slot to "glue" them together using resin and curing. The results of this are far more pleasing. 3D Render of Rear Wall. Sorry no photo of parts New Wall in temporary position Back to the Footbridge No room to put tabs or slots to joint the parts together as structure is sub 2mm but maybe an option to drill a 0.5mm hole into both parts and add a brass rod, using resin to bond. Having re-designed the footbridge staircase already it was just a case of spliting the structure in 2 parts and then the staircase. I have chosen the aft transition between the middle landing part of the staircase as the splitting point for the staircase and the forward end of the gallery middle landing as the splitting point of the straircase structure. In theory...... as the joints are at different locations the parts will interlock forming there own joining mechanisms :/ This is the 1st part of the LH Staircase from the footbridge gallery to the middle landing. Most of the print came out well but as you can see certain areas of the 1.10mm centre upright post and 2mm middle landing upright posts have not faired so well. This was supported in Prusa Slice at 80% . In the past posts i've been warned about using supports but my feeling was with so much going on and riding on the sucessful printing of these parts it was better to have some clean - up work to do than feel that it was un-achievable. So i have reprinted the part with my own multitude of sins (Supports) and the results are much better. Print Time: 7hr 09min Cost: £0.77 Electric Cost: £0.49 Printed 2nd time. Total Cost £2.52 A long way to go before i reach the Shapeways costings. Hopefully not too many re-prints ! More to follow. Stay Safe Mark
  9. Lots Happening here so Thank You to everyone that has posted For those that have just gone out and brought a Elegoo Mars, Mars Pro or Indeed Saturn or have upgraded to a newer version of the Elegoo please feel free to post your creations here. Mark
  10. I have just recieved notification that my request has been accepted so i'm in the queue Clearly wasn't doing it right the 1st time i tried Mark
  11. A Bridge Too Far. I have had to change priorities again as i need to finish the Station Bridge and Footbridge Structure for Eridge. A long long time ago ( in a far off galaxy) when i was just starting out with Fusion 360 i produced a design for the station footbridge. I then plumped to have the front and rear plynths and baggage shute printed by Shapeways in Fine Ultra Detail. Amazed at how they came out and struggling to seperate the staircases from the gallery i then decide to have the entire footbridge printed at considerable expense (about the same cost as my Elegoo Printer) in the same material. To cut a long story short due to some blip the footbridge and gallery end up being 10mm short on the width. Up to now that is where it has stayed. I have since remodelled the Station Bridge structure to accomodate a better system for the removal and transportation of the Station and its footbridge. As the Station Bridge is nearing completion (at long last!) i thought with the 1st litre of resin nearly gone i'd best print some of the items needed to re-map the footbridge for a mix of 3d printing and metal etching. Here is the Station Footbridge CAD The items i decide to print are the front and rear supporting trestles and the baggage shute. Front Support Trestles These were printed with upside down direct to the build plate with no supports, as the upper beams will be hidden by the footbridge. Print Time: 2hr 14min Cost: £0.15 Electric Cost: £0.15 Printed 1st time. Rear Support Trestles These again were printed upside down but i had to add supports. I still haven't got to grips with any package that adds supports. Both Chitubox and Prusa added way to many supports and i find it difficult to accurately add them manually. To that end i added them direct in the 3D package before exporting the STL file. The weird flat stips on the RH trestle are actually some of my supports to overcome an angled piece of "wood" that supports the baggage shoot. This was floating in mid air prior to adding these for the print. Sprues Removed Print Time: 5hr 30min Cost: £0.43 Electric Cost: £0.39 Printed 1st time. Baggage Shute Again printed with my own supports as the front leg hangs down. Sprue Removed Print Time: 1hr 25min Cost: £0.12 Electric Cost: £0.11 Printed 2nd time - failed layer adhesion on bottom surface when printed at design angle. RH Rear Support Trestle and Baggage Shute Items temporarily combined If only i had the Elegoo way back when i first started this project.... Unfortunately the footbridge and gallery way exceed the build plate max volume even when spit to seperate staircsases and gallery. I think at the time i went to shapeways the unit filled their entire machine I'm pleased with all the results i have had with the 1st bottle of resin, i have had a few failures, learnt a lot along the way , Thanks for everyones help. The bit i love most about owning a 3D printer is the concept that if you want it you can print it and have it ready to use within a matter of hours, makes life so much easier when building structures etc. Mark
  12. Hi Chris Yes i just found the page also so am in the same boat as you. Lets hope it don't spring a leak. Mark
  13. Hi Chris I'd be intrigued to find out how you processed your Free FEP Replacement. Mine has never arrived or been acknowledged. Mark
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