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  1. We have two in traffic at The Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, just north of Derby. A 14” and a 16”, working on our 1 in 27 incline above Wirksworth. See posts near the beginning of this thread.
  2. The Caley 812 (and the J36, not forgetting the Scottish Directors) are really good start to modelling Scottish Railways in a number of eras. To get two new locos in two months is probably beyond most of our wildest dreams on Jan 1st this year. The important thing is to get out in droves and buy these models, then hopefully it will encourage the manufacturers to dig deeper into the bag: a NBR Glen, a Caley 439 0-4-4T, a CR Jumbo, perhaps even an HR Jones Goods and a Ben plus rolling stock to go with them! The genie is out of the bottle of Scottish prototypes. Let’s hope it stays out!
  3. My worst fears, that means the G5 and the Caley 812 could arrive at the same time!
  4. Perhaps they will do this version some time. I'll get my coat!
  5. Worry not they will have deducted £30, just a software glitch! Have already been in touch.
  6. Two photos of 828 at Llangollen Steel,Steam and Stars 3, 27.4.2012 complete with Unknown Warrior name plate. Not sure about the driver though!
  7. I have contacted Rails about this and they have taken my £30! Programming glitch!
  8. I believe that the Midland 0-4-4T is well down the development line. My biggest fear is that all three including the Caley 812 will arrive all at the same time! TMC are quoting 12th June 2020 as the provisional delivery date. I am hoping the Midland 0-4-4T will have arrived before then.
  9. Bachmann are going to be busy! An expensive day with the Caley 812 as well. Two items off my wish list in 5 mins!
  10. What a fantastic choice. Congratulations to Rails and Bachmann. Preorder on its way!
  11. Not sure how you work this out. Hornby have always produced large locos and dominated that area. However Bachmann produce a fantastic range of small and medium size locos, which are more useful for the layouts many of us operate. Bachmann have now moved effectively into older coaching stock with the exquisite Birdcage Stock right in the Southern heartland! If anything they have strengthen their one weak suit : The Southern. As Hornby staple diet of large locos dried up they have had to move into the small loco market with the Peckett, the J15, the H Class and now the J36 but they still hanker after large locos hence the Duchesses and the Lord Nelson. I am happy to buy good quality models whoever makes them if they are prototypes that interest me. I want to see a healthy market where all can make money and so produce more models. In spite of the deluge of new models in recent years there are still many steam locos to produce yet. I acknowledge that Diesel and Electric prototypes are more limited.
  12. This is going to be a fantastic addition to the 009 range. They are going to be so small! What a leap forward. Well done Bachmann!
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