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  1. I'm another one who tried to go this show, but had to give up because of the lack of parking. I arrived on Sunday morning at around 1100 and there was no parking space available on any of the surrounding local roads, even going quite a way from the college site. Obviously the on site car parks were chockablock. I cruised around for a good 29 minutes before giving up completely.
  2. The Class 91 and IC225 sets are longer lasting than the Deltics, which only saw 20 years active service.
  3. I rarely have to ask a question in the DCC forum section and when I have one, it's usually been asked or covered already. I've learnt or discovered much by looking first or using the search function. I can usually go through the Help section and find what I'm looking for and I don't fancy the idea of having to wade through twice as much content to look for things.
  4. Hi JST, An accessory bus and track bus are both Power buses. They are both produced from the Power/Track output of the booster in your main system (the Elite in this case) and there is no difference other than what they are used for. Therefore any accessory decoder that requires "track power" can run from an accessory bus.
  5. It's no good reopening the HS2 to HS1 link discussion again. That ship has sailed. HS2 is being built without such a link and it would now be very, very difficult to retrospectively put one in without massive disruption to HS2 and would almost certainly incurs costs that could never, ever be recuperated or justified.
  6. The train arrives at Paddington from South Ruislip at 1126 and departs for High Wycombe at 1135. http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/search/advanced/PAD/2018/10/12/0600-2000?stp=WVS&show=all&order=wtt&toc=CH
  7. Relatively meaning almost a quarter of a century ago. Well, more than 21 years ago to be precise.
  8. No, I think there have been longer ones....from the same source.
  9. Once the local opponents get into a mindset against a proposal, no amount of reasoning and logic will sway them. It's as if it becomes a deep seated belief, like a gut feeling, that is hard to break away from, even if reasoning starts to bring them round towards changing their minds. At Steventon, very few local people are able to view the bridge from anywhere other than by crossing it, but worries about aesthetics is one of the points of objection.
  10. DCC is an old 1980's and early 90's technology, but suitable successor technology has been around for more than a decade or so. A next generation solution wouldn't require batteries onboard and could remove much of the problem areas involving signal and power through the rails. Despite what the proponents claim, onboard battery power would be a total faff for most people and is not necessary to overcome most of the problems that battery power is supposed to solve.
  11. Wasn't it pointed out earlier in this topic that the IEP specifications were changed away from matching HST performance on diesel, following the change to using underfloor engines on the bi-modes? The later modified DfT IEP specifications clearly state a requirement for a reduced performance, compared with the original spec.
  12. Euston Square LUL stationis located right in front of the new bit of Euston Station. I think the plan includes a new underground ticket hall between the Euston Sq. platforms and the current Euston underground station, bringing all the underground lines into a single complex.
  13. I saw a 10-car 5+5 pair passing ECS through Southampton Central just over a week ago, heading toward Eastleigh. One set in debranded GTX and the other in the grey base coat. Later I passed them on a following XC as we approached Eastleigh. They were waiting on the Up as our train passed by on the new Up loop. I assumed they were on their way from Bournemouth to Eastleigh works.
  14. ....and Pendolino, Class 395 Javelin, Class 800 series and TPX's new Class 397.
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