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  1. Congratulations, Grahame, sorry I got the news only this morning, very interested, is it still possible to get a copy (via e-bay, or by paying it directly to you, I live in Italy), thanks, ciao
  2. Look at these handrails by AB Modell... Handrails
  3. I got two restaurant cars on the way as well.
  4. Consider the models have been prepared for the fair. Impressive though.
  5. AB Modell and others offer also the axles change, in order to use the 1/150 material on a 6,5 mm gauge track.
  6. Yes, maybe you are right. In a couple of days we are going to see it eventually in Nuremberg
  7. Exciting RhB news (in Kato scale) from the Pirata 2020 catalogue that will be presented in a couple of days in Nuremberg: Pirata 2020 News
  8. Same as you, and I was surprised from the results (I worked on the Scalescenes "Hornby industrial glasse"s, rescaled to N gauge)...
  9. Many many years ago I got my face burned with the sun, thanks to the 2 axles panoramic car
  10. I think Kato's locos would improve greatly with the AB Modell Ge 4/4 II panto.
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