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  1. I bought some phosphor bronze strip from eBay for about a fiver. I added it to my Peak and two class 40s. It wasn't a major job at all. On the Peak it didn't even require soldering - just slip it under the existing pickup strip and glue into place and this gives four more wheels picking up.
  2. Lots of Farish bargains online at the moment. Worth checking all the shops to see who has the best price on a particular model as they all have certain items at rock bottom prices.
  3. Funnily enough this is actually possible with the Busch HOf range as the locos have very strong magnets and are very light.
  4. Thanks Matt! I will see if I can figure out how to upload one Cheers Ian.
  5. I can't be the first person to mention the Dukedog surely? I picked up a second hand one at Bristol MRE and must say it is the best UM loco I have come across. Slow running is now excellent, loco has bogie pickup as well as drivers and the outside frame and rods look great. A bit wide for some layouts but my clearances were based around Minitrix 9Fs. Very pleased with this loco.
  6. I would certainly try another out. As for the Ixion Manor, that didn't have traction tyres although the Dapol one now does. It was a pretty good puller without tbh.
  7. The only problem with doing this is that it will lead to more dirt accumulation.
  8. Any reports on this loco from anyone?
  9. Send it back til you get a good one
  10. Having just picked up the sound fitted 108, it seems to be fitted with white nylon gears. They are certainly white anyway!
  11. I don't have a OO 73, but it definitely sounds like a pickup issue. Do they have bearings pickups? This seems to cause a lot of intermittent running problems on many newer N gauge locos and has been an issue with Bachmann class 40s in OO. Lubrication gets in and insulates.
  12. There is always the option to improve the Farish model. Chinese made versions run well and can be improved a lot with some fettling and buffer beam details. At least they are a half decent starting point.
  13. I suggested this exact thing on the digest yesterday.
  14. Yes the Bachmann club which I joined at The N Gauge show in Leamington last year is fantastic. The magazine is huge and as good as a normal modelling mag. Every year I join the Dapol club solely for the open day and yearly club models.
  15. They did produce catalogues up to that date so I am not sure why they aren't bothering now. To start with they produced small free ones which came regularly and to my knowledge have just done two of the larger ones. Also as members of the club I'm sure we are promised a catalogue each year.
  16. Just got this set myself. Bought online from a different shop. I can't belive what good value it is. Best running loco I have in this scale and such a bargain for 90 pounds in this day and age.
  17. Very interesting thanks!
  18. Just got one today. From the extras including a lamp, the special instruction sheet, the looks, finish, free running to the amazing interior they are the bees knees of N gauge coaches. Only just pipped the GWR livery Hawksworth to the best N gauge coach categery for me. Having had a close look I wondered if they have maybe gone back to a one piece moulding for the sides and windows but with lots of relief - not sure how they have done it otherwise as there is no prismic effect whatsoever. Everything is beautifully flush.
  19. I recieved my Pullman livery 73 today after a long wait of 2 years since ordering! Seems good so far. Etched plates and NEM coupling pockets plus DCC ready make it a higher spec than the old version in Pullman livery. Running in at the moment. Seems fairly smooth but dislikes one of my points. Very light compared to the non DCC 73. The loco comes with magnetic couplings as well as Dapol buckeyes. Cheers Ian.
  20. And they are the best coaches in N gauge to date. Detail is incredible, but price is very high.
  21. Elvinley

    Dapol 08

    Sitting or standing depending on what was happening at the time. Good question about crew numbers. Certainly one driver in my time on them but that was only a few years back. The shunter spent plenty of time in the cab as well. Of course there could always be another person being trained up at any time.
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