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  1. Burkitt beat me to it re: the JR500 B) But the Nankai certainly is different I'll give you that! Diff.
  2. Looks like I missed a grand weekend out! Sorry I couldn't make it guys Excellent photos give some small compensation B) - did anyone get pics of Bee Lane at all? Cheers, Diff.
  3. One of the trailer wheels looks like it has met with a bad accident
  4. You're welcome! Load it up in XtrackCAD, click on stuff, zoom in/out and generally dive in. Just mousing over some icons may give you clues as to what the program wants to do. As long as you don't save a mistake then you won't kill the plan See what your grandad thinks too - some of those sidings seem to be on the small side. Also the geometry can get a bit screwy, especially dealing with curved points. Talking about points; that pair in the upper left sidings - if we flipped them around, then I think it would eliminate all those quarter pieces. It would fit together like the pair in the lower left sidings. Anyway, I'm just the CAD monkey LOL - it's your layout B) Diff.
  5. I thought I'd try and give everyone a look at what we've been on about! Cheers, Diff.
  6. Righto GWR_F - it's done! There's a hell of a lot of the quarter straights used to get things to fit, and also just to give a bit of length to the sidings. You'll see what I mean when you look at the plan. Obviously you'd be better off using flexi track in these areas to cut down the number of track connections PM me your email so I can send you the file (you may need the HornbyHO.xtp parameter file also - I can send you that as well. It adds some Hornby track to XtrackCAD's database). Diff.
  7. Indeed - I've heard good things about AnyRail, but if you need/want more than 50 pieces, and can get your head around XtrackCAD (I'm OK with it, but I have had a little experience of 2d draughting work ), then that may be worth investigating. Diff.
  8. OK. Not a problem - I can see the plan now! At first glance, the sidings may be too much for the 8x4 board, but let me see what I can do. Diff.
  9. Did you forget to upload the picture?? Diff.
  10. Hi Cutchie, Got any answers regarding my question yet? Unless... you just want another parallel siding in that gap? I will help with a plan, but a little feedback would help B) Diff.
  11. The bit highlighted in blue would interfere with the other sidings on that left hand side wouldn't it? Diff.
  12. Video is now uploaded to youtube FWIW Diff.
  13. Thanks for the interesting links guys! B) Seems like the IHC N&W dome car is a fantasy livery, but it still looks good! Found some more interesting info (if I'm allowed to link to another forum from 4 years ago) http://cs.trains.com/trccs/forums/t/80991.aspx Back to the antenna on the roof of the tavern lounge car I guess some kind of handrail offcuts may suffice should I wish to model it? Cheers! Diff.
  14. Nice one Northpoint! B) You beat me to it. I've recently started using XtrkCAD and got my own layout design more or less finalised as I type. Diff.
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