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  1. Just a quick update the lads at Model Railway Solutions have just completed a new extension to the shop and now have a massive stock of new Noch scenery products, other items to follow.
  2. New Models listed on Oxford Web Site In 1/76 vehicles include Ford Transit Van London Dockland railways, Ford Transit Crew cab/pickup body dropside Stobart Rail, JCB 7 track loader and Red Combine Harvester. Plus other cars vans wagon in various scales.
  3. Model Railway Solutions Shop opens on Monday 4/9/2017 its on the old site of Platform Models shop and has had a major refit and will be stocked with new and old products. The shop is at Unit 1,10-12 Alder Hills, Poole, Dorset BH12 4AL..
  4. More images now showing on Oxfords web, church and pub look good and great value.
  5. More information now showing on Oxford web site, station, engine shed, good shed & bungalow. They look very good for the price.
  6. If you look on Oxford Diecast web site home page and go to bottom right box Oxford Diecast 1.76 press view it shows 4 buildings with price. GWR water tower £24.99, Hazel Cottage (not pub) £29.99 and both shops are £26.99
  7. Just a quick comment; purchase my BRM April issue on 1/4/17 at my local Sainsbury. When I got to the checkout nearly stop my purchase as front cover states the following ' Display Until March 30 2017 £4.75' hope sales will be OK for this issue or was an April fool.
  8. The Albion is in Coca Cola livery and packaging with no sign of Oxford Diecast on front view. Also shown is a Scania 94D curtainside in Coca Cola livery with same style of packaging. You can find pictures on Facebook site
  9. Hope these pictures are a help, Southdown ticket office is new not incurrent release programme. Also had a nice chat with Taff today asked about them doing a skip wagon it would depend on demand, so if you what them to do one you need to let them know.
  10. Do remember that these 205 are not the only items to have been discounted by Bachmann in the last week. I have got various 205 over the years all at different price both Bachmann & DC kits, yes I would like 3 car unit. I would like to thank Kernow for build a ready to run model.
  11. Sideloader's seem too always be in use at most builders/timber yards now-days, yes a model would be nice. Also need lorry with dropsides and crane with brick grab as used by company's like Travis Perkins/Jewson.
  12. Frank Thanks for the up date, pictures looking good, have they done anymore work around Central Station and Holdenhurst Road areas.
  13. Most of the newly announce new models are now listed on Oxford Diecast web site pages, go to each scale and then all page to find them. However I could not see listed new flat-bed and low-loader trailers in 1/76 scale list, it is late or early morning.
  14. Pictures of new Oxford Diecast 00 scale vehicles taken at GDSF, Blandford
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