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  1. Just to add to the above I am also getting wound up the way people are getting treated, like when I was 'talking' on a forum I got threatened and also receiving to PMs of abuse yet others can practilly do what they want and plan and simply get away with it....I no whats going on behind the scenes but I dare say anything in case I receive further abuse.....
  2. Dear RM-web, You may have wondered why the lack of posts on here and generally around the forum, well if I posted that here no doubt I'd be breaching a rule or something so...if you would like to no the real reason why I haven't posted pop me a PM or email me on [email protected]'m afraid to say due to unknown-by-some circumstances I am going to leave or stop using RMweb as I am getting a little tired of being threatened to be on moderation due to 'chaff' ? and also by the other things that have happened, and things I have been informed about ,I feel a little put off and I for one no I'm not the only one and also after receiving what I class as 'abuse' of a certain member and being in theory ignored by any complaints I PM'd/emailed .....anyway those of you who wish to contact me please do so by email on [email protected] Thanks for the fun times,cya again soon
  3. Has been here for a year :)

  4. Hornby's livery policy is a bit silly really considering 60042 has been in long term store a loco such as 60096 would of been a better option or even 60009 ah well at least its another 60 to add to the growing collection of 60s I've succumbed to own B)
  5. Hi everyone, here's my shot of 70006 working the 6F02 EPORTMTYW-FIDLRSFRY loaded coal, I wasnt really the biggest fan but they don't half sound good at full power as 006 impressed me as it revved to enter the single track beneath warrington bank quay I have to say they are growing on me.... Thanks Richard
  6. Best of luck for the future mate yeah the weathering on the 60 looks fab can't wait to see your tractors
  7. 60maniac


    Looks great mate I love the concrete looks great I'll follow this with interest keep up the good work
  8. Sounds great will follow this with interest
  9. Yeah thats usually the RRP they come out about £180 I was extremely lucky to get mine for £143 good news on your ying ying George I have one shed with sound and I think one is enough lol I'm gonna get it re-blown one day as I'm not 'satisfied' with Bachmanns sounds as it moves off before its even revved up well it does on mine anyway Can't wait to see it mate Thanks Richard
  10. Yeah its a Vitrains I fitted them all but have fallen of over time.Thanks again
  11. That looks fab George 60006 is one of my favs as well along with 087 keep up the good work
  12. Hi again guys just a small update today I have changed the point on the exit of the loop and were the start of the curve is i have added a head shunt to allow locos to run round with out contiuting onto the mainline also as said a bove the point changed was from a small radius point to a 'express point' to allow smoother running over the junction and things have improved vastly.I'll take some snaps later and hopefully have them on here either tonight or tomorw morning Thanks again Richard
  13. WOW :icon_wow: that looks fab keep up the good work mate
  14. WOW lol you've been busy looks great 5*****keep up the good work mate
  15. 60maniac

    Hornby MK3 DVT

    I thought the real 82150 has silver light shrouds?? still looks great I'm not to bothered about minor issues as long as it runs ok the headlights look good as well can't wait for my managers pack now EDIT: it does DVT silver light shrouds l and all of them have it as far as I can see
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