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  1. Many thanks for the B1 pictures Tony. I have actually found a picture of Mayflower herself with a late crest and it is clear that the coal barrier is forward. (Cannot post due to copyright). My search for information has shown me just how much variation there was on something was a 'Standard Tender'. Some have what I think are auxiliary air tanks, some have two square boxes on one side for who knows what? For anyone who might be interested I did come across a good picture of a V2 with the LNER 4200 standard tender. It had the short coal box and a line of rivets where what I assume was the old barrier. The dome in that picture was defiantly smooth looking very much like a casting rather than a fabrication.
  2. Many thanks Tony. Re the seam, I will probably sand it down a bit but leave it a bit rough. I spent a lot of time looking at the 'new' Mayflower as well as a few other pictures and sometimes it does look as though their might be a seam(weld) in it as though it had been fabricated as a two piece unit. However, on other picture there is no hint of a seam. again many thanks that sort of information to us expats is invaluable.
  3. Help. Does the seam across the water scoop dome and the top plate on the Bachmann B1 Group standard tender -short coal space - really exist or is it a moulding artefact? I am trying to do a 'proper version' of Mayflower and I cannot find a good picture of the tender rear end.
  4. In Canada I am not sure what is happening with the modelling demographics but I do see a reasonable number of younger people at the various modular layouts. In the US if the various bits of Ken Pattersons "Whats Neat" and his "Whats Neat this week" programs (especially #67 from Colorado) are representative, the Hobby is very much alive and well. Interestingly, there appears to be almost no rolling stock construction partially I believe because the quality of their RTR is so good and they seem to have mastered the process of producing the same loco/ car with different numbers. However, there does seem to be a significant interest in scenery construction, watching trains go by, DCC, automation and operation.
  5. Re filming multi level layouts have a look at the Colorado Museum layout videos. BTW I do prefer the full screen video.
  6. After locating and rejected (one was incredibly expensive and the other whilst advertised is not actually produced) sets of more or less appropriate station lamps, I have finally been able to make something that IMOHP is not too bad from my 'resources' box. Starting with a set of H0 swan neck lamps picked up many years ago on the basis that I might need them someday, a little bit of amateur lathe turning on my dremel and fitting into some 3D printed chimney pots that were not used for another project. The small picture shows the outline of the real thing. No ladder arms but the station sign can be used. Thanks to all who provided links and other help.
  7. Post deleted - see below. Not sure what is going on here. I thought I had put up a specific few days ago but when I tried to add a new reply (see below) this post came up in the reply box. So i pressed a couple of keys and it ended up being posted today. So far I cannot find a way to see if this was posted previously unless I go back through many pages' unlike the previous software system where I could do a search. Anyway if it is a duplicate - apologies. I have just found a way to see if had been posted and it had, hence the deletion
  8. I assume that this version of Mayflower has the commemorative plaque on the side. If it does, can anyone tell me exactly what it says? Thks
  9. I also use a mixture of solder, glue (instant) and epoxy. However, there is epoxy and epoxy. I use an industrial grade made by Smooth On that has Al particle embedded and can be very effectively tapped. I have used in in some kits that have been running for at least 25 years and they are still in one piece. It sets almost rock hard unlike most of the 5 min epoxys that always seem to be a bit tough. The drawback is that it takes 24 hours to set properly even with a bit of heat. Re soldering I can solder brass to brass and white metal to white metal but I have one heck of a time with white metal to brass where the joint is often brittle. Not trying to make excuses but it may be that it is associated with the flux I have to use because over here in the GWN we cannot get the flux that Tony and others use (although I may have found a way around this problem).
  10. Thks Mallard for the link. There are a couple there that have promise but I did come across one on Shapeways. Problem is that it is HO although the dimensions look pretty close to what I am looking for. When I can get onto Shapeways (long frustrating story that makes me long for the days when you phoned up and it was sorted) I will contact the owner because he also does them in 0 and see if he can do an 00. It is a simple scalar function to re-size.
  11. The Grimsby/LNER swan neck lamps continue to elude me. Mallard provided me with a link (Thks) and there are a couple there that look pretty well the target, one from DCC concepts and one from Guagemaster. Turns out that DCC concepts even though there web page shows the lamp in question they sold the manufacturing on the Guagemaster who in turn appear to have stopped making the one I want. Will e-mail them in due course. To address Mr Kings question the pictures I can find don't show anything really fancy but do have a rather distinctive style with a bulbous base and a lamp that hangs down a fair bit from the support. I can compromise on the hanging down bit but I would rather like to get a bottom that looks sort of right. A friend has suggested 3 D printing, so I will do a search on Shapeways and perhaps talk to my local maker person since I run my layout during the hours of daylight I don't want working lamps - See one of peeves a few posts ago.
  12. I am trying to find swankneck platform lamps and platform seats, presumably of LNER origin, that would have been on Grimsby Station circa 1955/57. Bearing in mind I live in the Great White North and cannot get to UK shows I wonder if someone could point me in a supplier target direction. As I do my research for what I will call the finishing touches I find myself mildly amused because so many layouts have all kinds of 'warning' signs at the ends of platforms, yet the photos I can find show almost none
  13. A while back I asked if it really was necessary to use solid brass pins, as opposed to brass coated steel pins, to fasten valve gear together. Apart from the cutting aspect that Tony brought up I now have cause to believe the answer is a definite yes. What seems to happen with the coated brass pins I obtained over here in the GWN is that the brass layer is so thin that when flux (rosin) and/or the solder is applied the brass layer melts/dissolves leaving a passage way for the solder to run down into the joint. Result is a solid joint. And yes I did use the paper washer trick. Fortunately I found some solid brass rivets that I had bought eons ago for whatever project and had forgotten I had. Unfortunately I found them after riveting one side because they worked a treat and I think I will have to un-do the riveted ones. Posted for information and FYI I used to call myself a Metallurgist so I did do a bit of an examination although I did miss my microscope
  14. Actually I did not see it in your video or others that I have watched. Will play around with the strings though next time it happens and yes you are correct in that my 'quality' is set to auto.
  15. Doug, you do a lot of pretty good videos and I have a question that your experience may be able to answer. Specifically, when watching a video on U-tube some videos make the train motion appear 'jerky'. For the most part it tends to be specific posters and it is the entire video, but on occasion I can see it with an 'experienced' videographer whose stuff is normally pretty good and also occasionally it will come and then go. Thoughts would be appreciated as this is 'irritation' a friend and I who sit down once a week to watch shows.
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