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  1. Thks for the suggestion Andy, I will see if I can figure out an alternate power source. Due to the opperational frequency it will have to be a 'long term' alternate power source. I had wondered about the servo as the problem and I replaced it with a better quality servo based on price and specs, Now that I think about it the frequency of the problem is way down but not zero. Again a clue for the brain matter to absorb. What a benefit this forum is because until we started discussing the issue I had not clicked to the reduced frequency of the problem (I'm sure it will do it the very nex
  2. It is an output signal that it seems to get stuck on, about 3/4 through a sketch on a sketch that is duplicated on three other modules and when required to reverse the direction of a servo motor. By reboot you mean switching power off and on - Yes.
  3. Agree I hope in a way that this is the solution. In a way because I have several runs of nearly 20', some use prefabricated wires from a servo supplier and others are using multi-strand computer wire. For the latter there is some built in shielding but looking back I didn't attempt to use the shielded wires for the servo inputs. However, as i mentioned I have one Arduino that sometimes seems to get stuck at a point in the sketch and now I am wondering if the problem could be a stray signal. One input is one of the longer runs.
  4. Just catching up on your thread and a suggestion for the next show from someone who doesn't show anything, i.e. an instant expert! Why not approach the organizers and openly advise them that you would see this 1st show as a practice session because You and your team have not been able to get together. You cannot be alone in this predicament and any show organizer who doesn't recognize the problem is not worth a whole lot. For the actual show make a notice for the punters stating the situation and that things may not work the way they should. I suspect that there might be a lot of sympathy/
  5. It is an interesting and appears very effective although a bit expensive. I had some correspondence with the proprietor after watching the video and what I found potentially interesting is the output is compatable with an Arduino or similar.
  6. From the beginning (and before DCC ) 'New Waltham' was designed to be a layout to watch trains go by and at realistic speeds. In the beginning there were 6 hidden sidings in each direction and later modified to 9. Manual operation proved difficult because I could not find a system to accurately locate the position of the train in its respective siding needed to switch the points and bring out another train. also the ambiance associated with watching trains go by just was not there. With my current system, watching trains can be completely hands off, as it is mostly, thus allowing the consu
  7. You might want to change output pins or swap them around to see if a particular pin has an effect. As you know some of the Arduino pins have multiple functions and, if I remember correctly the Mega has some Wi Fi capability built into it. I shall follow this thread because I have 4 station stop modules each with its own Arduino.
  8. First, many thanks for all the responses to my signalling question. Second, an even bigger thanks because it was actually the answer I was hoping for. A little background, I have a DC automated fiddle yard built so that I can watch trains go by and want to synchronize my signals with the trains as they come into the layout room. It will be relatively easy with this information because I will not have to set up new protocols associated with my Arduino controlled automatic station stop modules. I know I can do all this with DCC but a) it would be a very expensive proposition, b) DC does e
  9. A signaling technical question because one answer would make life easier to synchronize the signals with the trains. I suspect the answer will not be that one I would prefer but it doesn't hurt to ask the collective knowledge of the thread. So on a through passenger train scheduled to stop at a station would the home starter always be set against it (and not pulled off until the signalman was ready), or if the block was clear could the home starter signal be set to clear with the process of stopping controlled by the driver knowing he had to stop at that station? Fingers crossed!
  10. Model Railways are quiet a global phenomena. Last night watching a railway journey video in China, the author showed the Bachmann shop in Shanghai station. Three full display cases, Some pretty neat stuff.
  11. Model Railways are quiet a global phenomena. Last night watching a railway journey video in China, the author showed the Bachmann shop in Shanghai station. Three full display cases, Some pretty neat stuff. See reason for Edit
  12. Dont forget if you die intestate the state will have a field day and take for their services potentially as much as 90%. So make a will just to stop the hanger ons, etc. getting the money
  13. I'm waiting for a cast metal body Hornby Doublo A4. It's only a matter of time as the song goes.
  14. Here in Canada, we have just entered the three week dash to get yard-work done before the six weeks of summer start. So for model railways only minor projects tend to be undertaken and last night I pulled out one that has been sitting around for t least 10 (15?) years - a Bachmann J38 that never ran very well. I had remembered some time back someone had posted, I think on the this thread, that poor running of a split Bachmann chassis loco was significantly improved by adding pick-ups and having some of the trusty DCC Concepts pick-up around I decided to fit them. After removal of some plas
  15. Did not mean to tag Tony's response to Barry 10's video, but cannot find out how to delete this response once started. Anyway. now it is started. I agree with Tony Barry 10, loved the Allotments. When you say tender drive is that a shaft drive or tender drive like the old Hornby?
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