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  1. You might want to do a search on this web because I remember this very question being covered not that long ago. As I remember it was a fairly comprehensive thread. For example one item is bottom feed vs top feed
  2. There is a video recently posted indicating that the FCC did provide a 'family' option that would have resolved pretty well all the issues. However, in their wisdom u-tube appears to have ignored this third option. One can only speculate why.
  3. Where do video channels such as Vimeo come into the picture? I watch Vimeo from time to time and there is a small amount of model railway stuff and railway stuff there (Lewisham Bill). it appears to me that video posters do not get money from advertisers although I may be way off base here but if one is posting for the collective why ?not use Vimeo
  4. Re the 04s, am I missing something? All the pictures I can find of all types of 04s' show the cylinders very close and almost parallel to the running plate yet the Bachmann and many models I see have the cylinders and slide bars at a very distinct downwards angle. When I received my Bachmann the first thing I did was figure out how to correct the cylinder angle. I am not trying to knock anyone or their models but. on a forum like this that tends to be a bit 'sticky' on details, the lack of comments seems rather strange unless I have got something very wrong. BTW if I am correct it will become a pet peeve a bit like houses that don't have enough chimneys
  5. I just posted on the Facebook page asking what is going on? Basically I have a preferred activity set to read new un-read content starting with the oldest Today I have at least 4 pages (gave up after page 4) of Mick Bonwick's Blog (again nothing against Mick Bonwick). Then I had the brainwave of starting with the latest and I am in, but I nearly gave up.
  6. Hi Tim, I have a MAC and I looked at trying to adjust the screen colours although for the most part I was OK with what I saw on the screen. I was sort of successful but even then the print colours did not match. On my previous Epson inkjet I could go in and change the colours at the printer level. This did change the colours on the screen with the result that sometimes I could get the colour print I wanted but the colour on the screen looked terrible.
  7. Only comment I can make is make sure you get one where you can adjust the colours. I purchased a brother HL-3040CN laser jet that overall i am very pleased with. However, I cannot adjust the colour tones and the colour of things like red bricks and grey slates simply looks wrong with the installed settings. I have talked to at least one other person who is into photography and he has a similar complaint.
  8. Depending on what you want to use them for beware of Michaels et al. They are brass coated with steel and are almost impossible to solder. How many do you want? I have a few and I think I can lay my hands on some more that just came out of an estate here in Canada.
  9. In the longer run I could be interested in a C12, a J6 and sets of quad or quint articulated ER coaches. I say in the longer run (sometime next year) because as of now i have to spend a fair bit of time trying to dispose of a load of magazines and restore a N-guage layout I inherited. Regards
  10. Just went to your web page. Very impressed although not a lot for me. Will continue to check from time to time.
  11. Fair enough, missed the bit about tender pick-ups. If you test it without the body on suggest you do it in a dark area so that any sparks can be seen
  12. Had a similar problem. Basically the point in question was not quiet flat and the centre wheel would cause either the back or front driver to lift just a fraction resulting in a loss of wheel rail contact Found it by laying a good straight edge over the points including the frog. Did a little bit of sanding on the frog but because all other locos ran through OK I didn't want to do much, so I added tender pic-ups and problem gone. I also loosened the wheel keeper plate so that the wheels had a bit more up and down movement.
  13. A local museum has been given the opportunity to acquire a historically significant model of a Railroad Station and is reviewing if it fits with their future plans. It is not clear at this time if it would be shown as a static exhibit under perspex or as a partial operating layout for visitors, i.e. press a button and a train goes round. The layout is on 1/2 plywood or 1/2 boards and is well supported in both the x and y planes. Track appears to be glued down and is either hand made and/or very early Peco code 100 on the fibre base. As a part of their review they have to cover potential operating costs including the winter when the museum closes and outside temperatures can drop as low as -40C. Does anyone out there have any facts and/or thoughts on the minimum and maximum environmental storage conditions. Specifically min and max temps as well as min and max humidity and any other requirements? Thanks Jim Theaker Canada
  14. Re diversity of the N7 I read that in their latter years after replacement by DMUs, a number were shopped out all over the former LNER with a couple going to Lincoln.
  15. Echo most of the quoted problems from time to time. Also have another one in that fairly frequently after I have read a post and I use the go back arrow it will take me to apparently random locations. Other time back to where I left the main page. BTW, the suggestion to click at the bottom of the page after the first new posts seems to be working pretty constantly.
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