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  1. I used it on a loco body of a kit that was ready to paint. It dissolved all the spot flller putty leaving a right mess and contaminated new filler when I tried to replace the old messed up stuff. Ended up soaking it in concrete cleaner (my standard pre-paint cleaner over here) and eventually got it so that it would take new spot putty.
  2. Interesting. i have just finished building three of these. My research, i.e. looking at the few pictures I could find suggest that the bolster positions are fixed because every picture I found had them in the same position. How they are fixed I have no idea (and don't really care)
  3. I must have repaired x number of these tender drive locos. Every one was due to the valve gear locking up. Normally it is the piston rod that gets bent inwards due to handling and catches on the front wheel con rod bolt. Not saying this is the problem but have a look
  4. All one can say is patience. Andrew has done pretty well as far as I am concerned
  5. I am waiting on some 00 wagon wheels. I talked to Andrew about a month ago (they are still showing as out of stock) and the required items have been on back order since early June. Not his fault and as another poster has said it must be frustrating because it is a lost sale. Don't know where these particular items are coming from but it is amazing just what is not available or in short supply as a result of the COVID supply chain disruption.
  6. For those who are inspired by this thread to build locomotives, a couple of things that might be useful but i have not seen posted before. The first, which I have been using for years, is getting the axles to turn freely in frame brass bushings. For the most part I am able to build a chassis where I can get the opposing bushings true such that the axles goes in and turn but sometimes one or more are very stiff. To make them free turning, I put a good quality 1/8" drill bit in my vertical drill press, turn the drill on and run the 'problem' bushings up and down the bit rotating the chassis
  7. look at DCC concepts. They have a spring type that goes over the axles- I did not find these very good, but others have had success. They also have a unit that I use extensively on my tender locos. I used to build my own but since DCC have brought out their unit I dont bother anymore. No connection with DCC
  8. I've got a couple of Super-glues so will give them both a try although in the past the Super Glues i had did not work
  9. Talking of XiAn, on my second visit I thought i must have got on the wrong plane. The first time I was there it was an 'old airport' and our Chinese hosts took us to what I believe was a traditional restaurant very close to the airport. The second time, about 14 months later we landed, I looked out of the window, and found I had landed at an 'all new' airport. Until the announcement came on (English second) I was having a minor panic attack because I was sure this was not the same place I had been too before. Anyway it was but the old restaurant was gone - shame because the food was very g
  10. What Glue did you use to fasten the chairs down? I am using code 100 and the chairs are made of that slippery plastic that doesn't accept any of the glues i am aware of.
  11. How is the input speed controlled and what type of input is it? Specifically, does it have to be a 'pure' DC source or could it be PWM or some other type. For the latter I am thinking of input from say a Kent Panel controller or some of the Model Signal engineering controllers.
  12. Watched one of the 'Whats Neat" shows last night and saw this. Looks very interesting and can see me buying one because I could use the speed rather than the voltage to control my station stop modules. According to RM they have opened a facility in the UK. https://tcsdcc.com/accessories/speedometers
  13. Gentlemen, another question from the Great White North; where do you get your low melting point solder? Trying to get it over here seems to be an imposibility. Thanks
  14. I am not in the market for points so my question is really academic as of today but the answer might change things. Can the basic shape be altered by the builder? I am referring to some posters on this forum who have taken Peco straight point and made them into slightly curved points.
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