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  1. Hedon station in April 1977 during the course of my walk along the line. Despite closing to passengers 13 years earlier most of the stations would have only needed a spruce up and some track to be back in business. Hedon Station 16.4.77 par PinzaC55, on ipernity
  2. Sutton On Hull station gathers vegetation on the same day as my Stepney photo. Originally single track then doubled. Sutton On Hull Station 30.4.77 par PinzaC55, on ipernity
  3. It must have been pretty tempting having a pub just behind the box ! I looked it up on Google Earth and it has hardly changed, though a bit dilapidated I thought. Interesting to see how relatively unobstructed the Cannon Street branch appears to be.
  4. I think I didn't post my photos of Stepney station earlier. Here it is gently decaying in April 1977. Stepney Station (1) 16.4.77 par PinzaC55, on ipernity Stepney Station (2) 16.4.77 par PinzaC55, on ipernity
  5. In June 1978 I visited Flaxton station and found it well preserved as in this view looking towards York. Flaxton Station 2.6.78 par PinzaC55, on ipernity The very large signalbox. Flaxton Signalbox 2.6.78 par PinzaC55, on ipernity The well preserved NER weighbridge. Flaxton Weighbridge 2.6.78 par PinzaC55, on ipernity
  6. That's funny I remember the summer of 77 as being sizzling ! I went out to walk Market Weighton - Driffield but at the time I had really bad hayfever and I got in such a state just past Enthorpe that I had to go home with tears streaming down my face. BTW you can see the Warthill barriers and lights in the Market Weighton demolition train video linked to earlier.
  7. Rebuild the chimney and coal fire and cook bacon sandwiches on it in the winter. Open the windows in the summer. Nearer to York was Castle Howard - possibly the most extreme example of railways catering to the nobility ! Taken on the Zenith-E not long before I scraped enough money together to pay about £80 for my Praktica Castle Howard Station 1977 par PinzaC55, on ipernity
  8. Yes lol the Bee Gees and Boney M were the mainstays of the charts ! I have a photo of the station circa 1925 and it would make superb model.
  9. In 1978 I walked from somewhere (can't remember after all these years !) to Malton via Huttons Ambo. The station here was one of the prettiest I ever saw, in an idyllic setting; luckily the current owners have respected it somewhat. This was not long after I bought my Praktica LTL-3 camera which gave great results compared to my dad's clunky old Zenith-E. Huttons Ambo Station 2.6.78 par PinzaC55, on ipernity At the time the former goods weighbridge existed though it has long since disappeared. Huttons Ambo Weighbridge 2.6.78 par PinzaC55, on ipernity
  10. In August 1977 I caught a bus to Ganton and then made a long walk to the site of the station, past the famous golf course. The station had been razed and all that remained was the lovely signalbox. Hearing my accent the signalman tried to engage me in conversation about football, a subject which I have absolutely no interest in ! Ganton Signalbox 1977 par PinzaC55, on ipernity Years later the signalbox diagram turned up at the Malton railwayana auction. Ganton Signalbox Diagram 17.4.10 par PinzaC55, on ipernity
  11. There was what I assume was a tram signal in Sunderland which survived the end of the trams by 25 years finally disappearing in about 1980. It was a huge lamp case which looked like one of those headlamps favoured on American steam engines and had a big red lens with "STOP" in black. It annoys me that I didn't take photos of non railway things like that.
  12. And it's in a totally non-prototypical livery Incidentally this sold for £620 in an auction today http://www.gcrauctions.com/sale202/lot245.html And this http://www.gcrauctions.com/sale202/lot306.html
  13. A seat from Market Weighton station in the NRM reserve collection, complete with it's LNER cast iron "seatback" name. Seatbacks and BR "totem" enamel signs from this station are extremely rare and valuable. Market Weighton Station Seat in NRM York par PinzaC55, on ipernity
  14. You're welcome ! And according to the headboard it was the Scarborough Pilot too. It mortifies me that I didn't take more photos of the humble 03s. I wonder how many other now closed lines it worked trains on ? I used to have the Marsden video of the Whitby - Scarborough line and I think the train in 1968 carrying scrap men tendering for the line was hauled by an 03.
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