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  1. Finally lost the plot. With huge regret, all threads cut. ;)

  2. Your work is coming on so wonderfully well, a tribute to your determination. Happy Christmas to both of you, and a Healthy, Prosperous New Year. Tony.
  3. Wow! freebs you gotta post that on the realistic thingy. Something to think about. Scalescene do some very good brick-papers. I'm busy mounting them on card, matt varnishing, and scribing. Varnished again it can be touch painted and weathered... Very photographic. I'll not publish till done.. (2016) Tony PS. Works wonders on the arthritis!
  4. J-J-J-Jaz... Ax K-K-Kal w-why my p-p-p-p-p-p- PC w-won't do Qu-qu-qu- quotes jus' n-now. Sorry. Boring. couldn't resist. (blush smilie) Anyone? Haven't been able to do *reply-quotes* for a few days?.... Tony.
  5. Hi Neil, My PC is not doing *replies* just now, so this is for 171. Even small modern locos can be fine on dead-frogs. I've a Bachmann 03 that positively crawls over them on *DC. Interestingly, because it has a bright cab-light, it's a good current tester. All the Best - Tony. *It stalls on DCC though.
  6. Somehow I can't link to replies this evening. So this post is in reply to 1488:- Talking of Artist's Licence - and you certainly deserve that given your all round artistry - during WWII is there any chance that an army camp was established nearby? Then you could be really busy - big locos an' all! Just a thought. Regards, Tony.
  7. Don't know what the hell is going on but RMweb refuses to link my post to the object of desire. Sooooooooooooooo This post is about the excellent freebs signal-box... Ah... Now my Edit/paste won't paste what I spent ages writing. Sooooooooooooooo First class piece of work, freebs! (memo to self: you don't have time to stick you nose in where it's not necessary ) Regards to All, Tony. (I think... ) QED: "I don 't think, there for I am not"
  8. If you want a real pain-in-the-bum detail, Jaz - dozens of TV aerials... (Great for catching your cardie on! )
  9. Hi Al, As an ever present lurker, congrats on your 100,000! Regards, Tony.
  10. - A damn sight superior to my contribution! In case I don't get back - All the Best to you, Julian, MD and family. And thanks for such a humorous year! Tony.
  11. Morning, David. Trust you are well. Not too wonderful, myself, but elderly physical trifles are just to be born, I guess. You seem to keep similar hours to me - up at 5.30 and checking for posts; although to get even a little bit of modelling done my browsing is limited, sadly. The concrete is looking good, as is the grunge beneath. It must be good modelling the contemporary scene, and having the prototype to hand. Interestingly, I've become more into (green) diesels of late. I recently put diesels on everything: 25 on down goods-loop, DMU on down-slow, a 40 on down-fast, a Deltic on up-f
  12. At last! - The ultimate in ignore-ance has cured my sycophancy! :)

    1. Jaz



  13. Hi Jaz, Forgive my flying visit, but I'm concerned over the head-pain episode. Way back in the seventies I was struck by a similar event. Very severe pain, so much so that my brother took me to our GP - out of hours. In those days it was quite common for GPs to run their practices from their homes, in this case a very nice Edwardian Mansion. My brother had the brass neck to ring the doorbell and the doctor took us in with no complaint. I must have impressed him because he gave me a very strange, brown, knobbly-pill. It was quite a high dose of morphine and I was OK very quickly. Migraine
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