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  1. Hull Model Railway Show 2016 The 2016 show will be on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th November 2016 *** Remembrance Weekend as usual *** Opening times are Saturday: 10am to 5pm; Sunday: 10am to 4:30pm At the Costello (Athletics) Stadium, Anlaby Park Road North, HULL, HU4 6XY Admission: Adult: £5.00, Junior (5-15 years old) £1 [under 5 free] Featuring around 18 layouts in scales from 'N' to - 'G' plus the usual varied selection of trade stands and demonstrators. Full Details are available from the Society Website.
  2. Believe that so far only 201 has ventured outside the confines of the depot, and that only out of hours. They have yet to even run on trial alongside the original cars, so still a long way off carrying paying passengers...
  3. Now that's interesting and needs investigating - it was certainly £1 last year and we thought it would be the same this time - but two different charges are quoted . . .? Mike - I was also charged £2. That was c10:20 on Sunday in the barriered car park off the roundabout immediately in front of the Roundhouse...
  4. Just back home from Derby... Overall a very good show. Some of the issues from last year had been addressed - the additional catering outlet was useful (and well priced) and the library was better laid out with the large circulating space in the middle. I agree with comments above on the sameness of many layouts, though there wasn't actually a 'Bad' one among them just some indifferent operation... In summary a very good show, though in my view not quite matching the very high standard set last year. It just didn't seem to have the same 'buzz' and there seemed to be fewer bodies in than on the Sunday last year...
  5. Resurrecting a 4 year old thread to post a weak joke - a waste of time?
  6. Yeah - there's bound to be a trader hogging the lift when you want to move the loco, and I don't fancy the job of carrying it down the stairs!
  7. The two Sandtoft ones are indeed Sheffield 1924 Brush Cars 419 and 422. The East Anglia one is an ex Lowestoft Corporation Tramways Milnes Single Deck (Number Unknown) A useful source for these sort of relics is the Vintage Carriages Trust Railway Heritage Register. http://www.tram.vintagecarriagestrust.org/tms/tmsearch.asp
  8. The Government Department of Infrastructure (who already run the Manx Electric, Snaefell and Steam Railways) will operate the horse trams "using existing railway staff", on a "reduced service from early May" As I understand it, there is a cap of £50,000 on subsidy from the DoI, compared to claimed costs of between £240k and £270k and reported losses of £100k - £150k so it may not be a daily service or reduced operating hours. There is no commitment beyond this year. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/government-to-keep-horse-trams-on-track-for-now/
  9. "Inset" or "Embedded" track are the usual terms used in tramway circles. Sometimes "Paved track" is also used particularly where it is not shared with other motor vehicles.
  10. Thanks Andy, I haven't knowingly signed up for any MRL/RMweb newsletter as far as I can recall, and it seems odd it is addressed to my Forum username, hence the assumption that information was lifted from the forum, however if 'Ben's was addressed to another name (his real name), it does point to a combining of databases as you say, but missing some opt-out flags and the like... Paul
  11. I have received an e-mail from the address <[email protected]> titled "Who wants a free £40 Gaugemaster Voucher? + £1 off BRM’s April issue" starting "Dear PLD" This is a marketing e-mail pushing various Warners Group Mags and the Ally Pally show. I regard this as unsolicited SPAM. Given it is addressed to my forum user name I can only assume that "World of Railways" have obtained my e-mail from the forum database. When I signed up for RMWeb I specifically selected the option (as I always do) to NOT receive any form of marketing information. Furthermore, after a previous spate of e-mails pushing "Buy & Sell" and after getting no reply from forum staff when I reported it to them, I wrote to Warners Head office and got a very nice apology from someone (I can't remember the name) high up in the Warners organisation, with an assurance that my details would be removed from their marketing database and the messages did indeed stop. It is therefore disappointing that it appears that details have again been shared from the forum database. Has anyone else had similar messages? Any thoughts on how to stop them PERMANENTLY other than the drastic action of writing to the Information Commissioners Office? Paul
  12. I presume O gauge referring to Tower models withdrawal and the Gauge O Guild Summer Show being at Doncaster... Not that it is correct given the number of specialists at York, and a bit unfair to criticise the show given that Tower WERE invited but declined...
  13. And we're certainly proud of Miss P, Jamie, and also proud of Heritage Painting's slightly less high profile work on two of the tram fleet (with another possibly to be done this year!)
  14. Fitting a chassis into the Oxford model will be a challenge. It is very narrow between the truck sides and even the small Japanese mechanisms are mostly too wide. There are a few other options. Tom Williamson has done resin Blackpool Balloon and Brush cars in N. See his 'Thornton Gate' layout thread. There is the Matchbox / Typhoo and (assorted copies) diecast tram which is a little oversize for N but is a reasonable representation of a London CC E1. There have also been several whitemetal kits of varying degrees of quality and accuracy. Most use the old-style Farish DMU motor bogie.
  15. My understanding is that this and other weekend blockades in Jan/Feb are for work on existing infrastructure to allow the tram-trains to operate throughout the network; the intention being that they will run on existing services ahead of the Rotherham line opening. I can't remember the full list of locations, but the Park Square bridge was the big one on the list with two full weekends allocated. Unconfirmed rumour is that there a few 'swept path' issues with line-side items that aren't quite where they should be...
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