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  1. As for modelling a shortline - Lance Mindheim's Miami Downtown Spur layout is a fantastic representation of a US shortline without actually being one - as he runs it as a CSX operated branch line, as per the prototype. https://lancemindheim.com/model-railroads/downtown-spur/
  2. To me, that's the draw of US railroads - they're still operating "branch lines" as it were - US operations are reminiscent of steam/transition era UK railways.
  3. You can't let us have all the fun Nick.
  4. Drayton Blackgrove of Scaletrains has his own YouTube channel, Delay in Block Productions, and there are some fantastic videos focusing on Shortlines. https://youtu.be/ZIzXJMyw6fE And of course, the return of The Rock: https://youtu.be/OUWU7gGf6EU
  5. And some close ups of the dirt and the asphalt.
  6. With it being nice and sunny here this week I decided to get out into the garden and get the first layer of ground cover and ballast done. It appears the glue has pretty much set so here we go:
  7. Very quick update today - some new purchases for the layout. A couple of Walthers and an E&L Shops woodchip cars.
  8. Quick update for now. I've been busy with work and a bunch of things going off that have used up what hobby time I have had. What I have done is put down the first layer of ground cover. I've had issues in the past where flock I've put down on a layout has ended up flaking off due to poor bonding with the glue, so I've been experimenting with some techniques I normally use for doing scenic bases for wargaming Miniatures: You can see the effect in practice here to represent snow. Essentially you can use it for any ground cover dependi
  9. Hi gang. Just a quick update for now. Sophie at Anoraks has found me another Bachmann RS3 in Interstate colours, so I should have that soon, plus I found this on eBay, I figure it will make a good company store/warehouse for the coal camp on the layout. I believe there were similar large brick or concrete structures at Andover and Norton yards, but I'll have to check my reference books for more accurate information.
  10. I'm more than happy to have a go at recreating shortline colours - it's the decals (or lack thereof) that usually puts me off.
  11. Isn't that Bob Boudreau's work? It looks familiar. Either way it's awesome.
  12. A quick source of inspiration for this morning: https://hawkinsrails.net/shortlines/lnw/lnw.htm L&NW is now owned and operated by Patriot Rail, still based out of the same shop facilities at Gibsland, LA. Motive power for this layout will be a patched out ATSF Geep until I can get some more suitable power.
  13. Well, alas this layout has gone to the skip. I needed to clear out my layout room and this was something I no longer really need. I did learn a few things when making it, and I'm putting that to practice with new layouts. Thanks for the interest guys. Onwards and upwards.
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