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  1. Is it easy to add DCC to?
  2. I can taste the crawfish.
  3. I've been watching the Santa Fe Junction cam on the Virtual Railfan YouTube channel - it's one of their free cameras at the moment. I have to agree, there's a LOT of manifest traffic on the cams lately, though I'm thinking that's probably transfer traffic on the SFJ cams, at any rate. Still plenty of excellent stuff to see though.
  4. Lovely update, Michael. That brewery looks lovely in position on the layout.
  5. Had a quick flick through the issue when the postie delivered it yesterday morning. I could certainly get used to Industrial themed issues, this looks fantastic. Tempted by one of those Planet Industrials diesels for my micro layout, that's for sure! I'm glad I subscribed, thank you to all involved!
  6. Some great structures there. Very nice indeed.
  7. Last night's progress saw the Dunwich building grow by three storeys, and the brick and stone warehouse get a backdrop flat behind it, representing the rear of a hotel. Still some more to do to blend those into the backscene, but that will come once all the backdrop flats are finished, so it can be done all at once.
  8. Good morning everyone Nothing much in terms of progress for now, instead here are some overall layout photos to show where I've gotten to so far.
  9. Nice to see Jack still contributing to small layouts everywhere. Piedmont Blues is based on his Box Street track plan with a couple of tweaks. I miss him. :( Inspired by both him and you, Jordan, I've now been thinking about how to best create a working O scale US layout in 4'x1'. I'm thinking a model of the car repair facility at Andover, VA on the old Interstate. It could work, perhaps - most of the Interstate hoppers were 55T for a long time, so I could get away with short cars.
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