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  1. A great start Jim. Lovely to see you building a new layout, as you've always been one of my favourite layout builders and are always a joy to chat with at exhibitions.
  2. After a long bout of zero motivation, I've decided to focus on this layout again. My inspiration to build it was always my grandad, my dad and my uncle being miners. Well, my grandad is very poorly and I think working on this layout will help me cope. Anyways, I've ordered some figures from Modelu to crew my peckett, and I've started working on some more buildings for the layout. This was a few hours progress from last night:
  3. If you don't want to break the bank, Anoraks Anonymous on Facebook are great for reasonably priced steam locomotives.
  4. That's a really cool idea. I like that a lot. Also, just to kerb any appearance of egotism, I don't actually remember suggesting that.
  5. What a great layout. Any progress recently?
  6. Covered wagons are the quintessential American locomotive, without a doubt.
  7. I'd invest in a kadee coupler height gauge. They are invaluable.
  8. Shame the formatting doesn't work on mobile.
  9. The ground floor of the bottling plant is done, and I've begun work on mocking up the second floor. The wooden annex at the right will span the plant spur and connect via a freight elevator to the kitwood hill loading dock. Should make for an interesting looking industry.
  10. I found this one today, though it's not American I figure it still might be interesting to folk here. https://youtu.be/UmoKPpCfBRk
  11. Here's something for Robotron: Tilley Yard South in 4k! https://youtu.be/yIiD9PBTHyc
  12. May I suggest checking out Bob Fallowfield's Galt Sub on Facebook? Bob is a fantastic modeller and his layout is very much inspirational.
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