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  1. WAIT! ... "I'm afraid the new job did rather get in the way of posting," I'm your brother and I find out you've got a new job through RMweb! Where's the familial loyalty :-) Congratulations Oh! and good modelling with the wagons.
  2. Thank Ian It's Precision Mahogany (P988). having done these I will certainly look at the LSWR ones
  3. My brother despite, or perhaps because of, my predilection for the LSWR will insist on giving me LBSCR kits/stock/books. To be fair we did grow up in a flat above a LBSCR station so I think he's returning me to my roots or something. It's got to the stage where I have almost as much Brighton stuff as South Western. So it's time to bite the bullet and get something Brighton running. Within the many "relief parcels" I found a set of 4 Etched Pixels 4-wheel coaches and Peco chassis' (he thinks of everything, damn him!) so this is where I started. Early days before gaps have been filled, partitions added and the soldering cleaned up. These are great kits - although the Guard's duckets did require my strongest language to get them to fit properly (and even then I could probably do a better job if I was willing to burn all my fingers). Partitions added, body painted and just sitting on the chassis'. The paint finish looks better in real life, so I'm wondering if the camera was on too high an ISO or if the flash has shown up flaws I can't see. Or of course I was spraying from too far away. I'm currently plucking up the courage to fit Dapol magnetic couplings to the outside ends of the two Brake Thirds and will run them as a fixed rake. All in all, this Brighton stuff is OK... after a fashion :-)
  4. Ian - I was hoping that the new gearing and motor would avoid DCC. Richard - Thanks for the comment - I'm too used to having to have long axle rods so you can align by eye, but of course with the jig that shouldn't be neccesary.
  5. Lovely work Ian One of these days I will get back to coming on a Monday night, but work (and family) have been taking up an inordinate amount of time... it wasn't really that my subs were due...Honest! Neil
  6. Thanks Ian There will now be a slight delay as I realised I can only find one axle steel and I need at least two to set up the frames and three to set up the drive train. I'll have to order some more from the Association shop, but I'm wondering if while I'm at it I order the parts for a replacement chassis for my Dapol M7 that never ran slow enough under DC (although I'm rather put off by the 0-4-4 setup). Anyway won't get anything done today as it's Easter Monday and we have to visit the relatives.
  7. I decided a while ago that the two main sticking points if I want a working 2mm FS layout I build would be building track and building locos. If I can't get them working then I'm going to have to resort to pushing the wagons along the kitchen floor muttering "Chuff, chuff, chuff", and the family already think I've lost it!. So a couple of years ago I bought a kit for a replacement chassis for a Farish Jinty, but I've been too scared to get started. But today, with my wife and daughter out kayaking up the River Itchen, I girded my loins, grasped the nettle and bit the bullet. What a wonderful kit! It comes with its own jig and everything is as easy as it could be. Hopefully it keeps the axles straight when I come to solder the PCB spacers on. Of course it wouldn't be one of my models if I hadn't done something wrong. In this case using the larger axle bushes for the spur gear axle rather then the smaller bushes I've used on the motor drive shaft. So now I've got to check I've got room to fit 2 gears within the narrow space between the frames... but that will have to wait for another day, as will working out what to do about the motor shaft being too short to be supported by one of the bushes.
  8. Just in case people think I've only got 3 scales to worry about, I've got 3mm and 0-16.5 knocking around somewhere... No wonder I've never built a layout! Next thing you know I'll be doing something ridiculous like modelling the London & Croydon in HO!
  9. So this is the sum total of a year's modelling. I do seem to have a problem settling on a gauge.
  10. I love the way you make me look like the normal one in the family! It's really coming on and looking good.
  11. A very nice model, it makes me want to model even further back in time, and I love the display base!
  12. "Wailing, atonal"...one of the best bands ever to come out of Maidenhead
  13. I've had an enjoyable weekend building the sides of a Midland Van But somewhere along the way I've lost the rivet detail overlays to the door corner and the end stanchion. Short of etching my own kits what's the best way of fabricating new ones. I know in larger scales you can get etches of wagon "strapping" is such a thing avaliable in 2mm? Neil UPDATE I found the corner plate for the door among the detritus on my desk☺ Only one to make.
  14. Very nice kits (and very nicely put together) Can't wait to see the layout!
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