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  1. But, were the corner plates painted black on both liveries? If not the ends are going to look odd.
  2. So did I get it wrong on the LBSC van? That would have saved me time and angst
  3. The Great Lock-down wagon project is proceeding at my usual glacial pace (if glacial, in today's climate, means retreating, cracking up and liable to cause a global disaster!). I've added a, nearly finished, LBSCR open wagon, but I still can't get straight lines on the the painting which frustrates me. I'm still part way through a Midland van, but I can't decide whether to build the chassis solid or fit suspension which will involve carving half the under-frame away first. What this space!... but not too frequently. So my butterfly modelling brain has skipped to weathering and I've bought some weathering powders (hereto and forthwith referred to in this household as "model railway make-up"). Never having used them before I didn't want to practice on the new wagons and I remembered my brother (who from time to time sends me his model railway cast-offs (To be fair, three of the four kits I've built this summer have come from him)), had sent me some RTR wagons once. So here is my first attempt at weathering. I've gone for toning down the colours and a general dustiness, rather than overdoing it and I'm quite happy it won't stand out on a layout as too clean or too dirty.
  4. Hi Ian, the first one did, but I'm also going to make up a couple of S&W couplings and see which one's look best and work well. It's taken 50 plus years not to build a layout, a few more weeks messing about surely can't hurt... can it?
  5. Of course I've just realised, with reversible wagons, if I decide to standardise on Sprat & Winkle couplings I'll have to put hooks on both ends if I only put loops on the loco... Every silver lining has a cloud
  6. Now that's what I call a hard audience :-)
  7. I've had to take a few days annual leave from work and I've utilised it to finish off a couple of vans. Working on the basis you can't see both sides of the van at the same time I've played with timeframes and put different liveries on each side. The white patch on the LSWR van is the light reflecting, it looks fine in real life. I can also see the camera cruelly brings out the worst in my painting (and transfer setting) some of which I need to touch up and some of which will need the willing suspension of disbelief,or I'll just drive it round the layout (which I haven't built yet) at a scale 200 MPH so no-one can see it!.
  8. I now see what the problem is... I've run the calipers inside the solebars and it's 23.7mm so the Bill Bedford unit was never going to fit. I think I'll build it rigid and use the w-irons on another kit... except I used my last 4 bearings (I soldered them in to the carrier) and they're on back order Grrrr!
  9. Thanks Collett, I was aware I needed to remove the w iron on the kit before getting a proper fit, but I was thinking there still wouldn't be room (of course I forgot I would remove the other W iron on the other solebar as well)... What can I say, It was late! I'll give it another bash at the weekend, in between finally being allowed to collect my daughter's stuff from her University hall of residence where it's been sitting since mid March. Interestingly, I've just run a caliper gauge over the one I've made up and it's more like 24.9/5.00 so I think I need to be more careful making them up. Perhaps that's part of my problem. Update 11/06/2020 21:56 - I've (gently) bent the bottom fold in with small pliers and they're now more like 24.7mm. Thanks for giving the measurement Collett, I wouldn't have thought of that otherwise.
  10. Working on van no 3 and I thought I would fit Bill Bedford sprung W Irons. They're a great bit of kit, if a little bit fiddly (but it was the first time I'm made them up so I should get better) and seem to spring really well. But it looks like I'm going to have to shave half the depth of each solebar off to get them to fit (and a fair part of the floor struts). Do you know? I'm really not sure if I can be bothered :-) I think I need to sleep on it.
  11. ...in between going to church, having lunch, going for a run and hovering the house. It's a Cambrian Models LSWR 10 Ton Van (the roof is only resting on it atm as I need to add weight to it yet). It's a great little kit with loads of detail and went together well (I accept the half hour I spent fettling it so the corners joined, may well be due to my cack-handedness). I bought some Bill Bedford compensated W-irons, but the one piece floor, solebars and W-irons seemed to sit so squarely I decided to keep them for another project, time will tell if that's a sensible decision. The only thing I'm not sure of is how long the buffers will last (they're made up of 3 parts and feel a bit fragile) and I might look at sourcing some brass of whitemetal ones if they do break. All in all a fun little project. The only issue is I've got 2 more vans in the pipeline and I either need to start building some open wagons or work out what traffic I can load at a quay that needs to be in vans.
  12. Thanks John The Kadees are an experiment. I want delayed uncoupling, but having just bought the loco I can't bring myself to cut the NEM pockets off to fit something like Sprat & Winkle, I bought some No 18s for the loco and I'm trying them out. I'm interested in how you use the bamboo skewer to uncouple Ian Simpson - You're going to have to add Bamboo skewers to the coffee stirrers and Lottery cards in your modelling box :-)
  13. Thanks Ian, It was meant to go in the body of the post, but something went wrong. Now corrected
  14. This model railway lark is harder then it looks. Maybe that's why after 50 something years of messing about with modelling I still haven't got a layout! So I've scraped off the errant "5" and replaced it with another one (which I was happy with until I looked at the photo, Oh well!), sprayed it with matt varnish which has made a lot of difference (although it looks shiny on the photo as I had to use flash) and I've got a working train... of one van. Not sure what an Isle of Wight van will be doing of the mainland, I expect it's a question that will go all the way up to Sir Herbert Walker, but I'm happy with it. One of these days I'm going to have to attempt weathering, but I get the feeling you probably have to sacrifice a goat at new moon or something to be any good... or practice, which I have an aversion to.
  15. Having had the last 7mm wagon I'd nearly finished roll off the table and fall into it's component parts I started looking round for something to get my modelling enthusiasm back. Answer - yet another LBSCR kit my brother had sent me (I'm starting to see a pattern here), this time in 4mm. A Smallbrook Studio 8 Ton Van, which went together well, took paint well... and then I got to the transfers. Oh well! Next time they will be spaced better and horizontal... I hope :-)
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