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  1. They are Yorkshires but not the same as BR's Class 02. They are completely different. I know, I've looked into converting an 02 kit into one of these and the only thing they have in common is the wheel diameter and wheelbase. Apart from the visuals, the prototypes were diesel-electrics, rather than the diesel-hydraulic of BR's Class 02.
  2. This Ruston & Hornsby 165DE has really kicked my arse. It's now up and running, requiring only a few small details to be added but is on its fourth motor and second gearbox. The first motor was a Chinese copy of a Mashima 10/15, which failed and seemed to have too much end float. I replaced it with one in the photo, below, which seemed to run well enough but whilst on the rolling road it too started to make a grating noise and then stopped dead. I don't know what went wrong but turning the gearbox by hand seemed to be more difficult in one direction than the other, which led me
  3. It was the motor. It appears that the end float was excessive and must have caused something inside the motor to rub against something that it ought not to. I swapped it for a Mitsumi and the loco runs nicely and quietly now.
  4. I went ahead and bought two of these motors. I have fitted one to a 90:1 HL Humpshunter, in a Judith Edge Ruston 165. It is running perfectly in one direction but in the other it appears to travel along well enough but it makes the most horrendous noise. It is in the direction where the shaft in the motor is being pulled out and I am wondering if it is the motor that is causing the noise.
  5. Yes. I'm not sure if it's going to be like the NCB pair, or the Stewarts & Lloyds pair yet.
  6. Thanks for the interest, chaps. I have made some progress on the lump of filler. Can you tell what it's going to be yet?
  7. It's Presflo, not Pressflow. Yeah, I know, Sorry...
  8. I am always putting bits of builds into my layout thread, even if the builds are sometimes done for other people, or aren't specifically for the layout, so I have decided to put them all in one place from now on. I have tried a blog but they are difficult to keep track of and there's never much feedback on them, so here we are... At the moment I am just finishing off a repaint/weather of a Heljan Class 05, which has been industrialised. It will be going on the layout that I sold a few months ago - White Peak Limestone & Tarmacadam. M
  9. It's as wide as the motor, so although it will fit within the frames, the drive arm won't.
  10. Sorry, I hadn't noticed any replies to this. It's sorted now. I replaced the motor with a smaller one, and a nylon worm. It runs even better than it did before and by getting rid of the huge motor I was able to fit DCC sound into the loco.
  11. I have used N20 motors in a few locomotives now but I have not, until now, seen one with this configuration. It's not going to be suitable for 4mm but I can see uses for chain-driven industrial diesels, and Sentinel steam locos in 7mm. @Michael Edge
  12. It's not actually my loco, Mike. I've done the alterations and weathering to it, and I've also fitted it with DCC sound. I am enoying using it and the sound prject sounds great, so I am tempted to have an 05. I don't know it it's that the flanges are too deep, or the back-to-backs are too narrow but it won't run on the section of track that's inlaid with setts, so if I do go for an 05, it will be the industrial version of your kit. Some work on the layout itself. I may have metioned earlier about fuel oil into the Metal Box works being an excuse to run a tank wagon or t
  13. Industrialised. I think the real industrial versions had different cab windows but you can't have everything.
  14. The roar of the Gardner engine, and the squealing of wheel flanges, signals the departure of 03037 from Watery Lane sidings, on a trip working to Small Heath yard.
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