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  1. Well I never! Funnily enough, they have their own equivalent of what's being discussed right here. https://www.atgshaving.com/threads/whats-your-mates-think-about-your-shaving-interest.18422/
  2. "wet shaving"? I never would have imagined that shaving would be a hobby, let alone that there's a forum for it. I thought it's just something that you have to do if you don't want to grow a beard. Presumably then there are dry shaving forums, where guys admire each other's Remington and Philips electric shavers? Which ones are the P4 equivalents of shaving?
  3. More work on the coil unloading area and the Coil C wagons. The card has been scored with a craft knife to divide it into sections, each one painted in differing shades of the same basic concrete colour. A 3-course brick wall now surrounds the concrete, and ballast has been added to blend this in. All three Trix pig iron wagons, that have been sourced from different sellers, have been delivered, separated from the old chassis and placed on new ones. The grey ones are on Hornby 27-ton tippler chassis, whilst the bauxite example is on a Parkside 26-ton tippler chassis. Al
  4. No. 92. Built by the LSWR at Nine Elms in 1891. Sold by British Railways to the Ministry of Fuel & Power's Directorate of Opencast Production in 1949. Worked for Wm. Pepper at Darton, British Oak and Skiers Spring at various times. Scrapped 1961.
  5. I was going to do them like that but once the ballast is down the wires aren't visible anyway.
  6. This is what I was describing in my previous post. I've found that it doesn't even matter if the hinges are accidentally soldered up whilst soldering the wire on as the springiness in the blades still allows them to move anyway. With the connecting wires pulled out, as per Peco instructions, and wires soldered on as shown, the feed to the blades is guaranteed and no longer relies on friction so that you can get as much paint and muck in the hinge as you like and power will always get to the blades. Power to the frog is still by the Peco attached wire.
  7. They must have had some really keen cleaners at 84J to have made the effort to take off the paint and polish up the sides of the wheels to a bright steel finish. I hear they have a similarly keen cleaner, who does the same thing to the locos at Braynert's Sidings.
  8. All three boards were up, last night, for the test of the fiddle yard and a running session with the first train to run all the way through. It consists of four points and four sidings. I don't go in for cassettes, turntables and all that stuff. I was going to put a loco traverser at the end but it's not necessary when a four-wheeled loco is easily picked up and put back on the track. It's not as if I'm using Pacifics and bogie diesels. I could have got more tracks in but I need to leave somewhere for all the wagon loads; these have been lying all over the bookshelves.
  9. There's no one product or paint colour that will reproduce concrete because there is no one colour for concrete in reality. It's just a matter of mixing paint from shades that are something like it - shades of grey, sand, light brown, white, even maybe a touch of red - until you get something you're happy with and then a lot of it comes down to how you apply it and how you weather it.
  10. Coil C were Diagram 1/004 and 1/007 Pig Iron wagons that were fitted with crude wooden cradles to enable them to carry steel coil. The 1/004 is an easy enough build, done by a few razor blade cuts to the underframes of a Hornby 27-ton tippler and fitting the ancient Trix Pig Iron body. If you can get hold of a Trix body, of course. I'm not sure how I'm going to get rid of the moulded numbers and letters yet. The 1/007 conversion will involve a Parkside 26-ton tippler underframe. Concreted unloading area under construction. It's all just picture mounting card at the momen
  11. I have finished ballasting and have connected the board up to the existing board to do a test run. A couple of the microsqitches need tweaking and bits of ballast need to be prised out of checkrails but other than that, it seems good. The vans are on what will be the road for the stores/warehouse of the Metal Box Co. Tinplate coil will arrive in Shocvans, so I have a few of these to build. Although Metal Box didn't make 45 gal. drums in reality, this branch will so as to provide a variety of wagons. The same road that the vans are on will also load High opens with finished product (
  12. You did say to comment if there's any way you can improve the modelling so here's my two penn'orth. It's too shiny. For a dirty and weathered loco it needs to lose the shine. A blow-over with matt varnish, perhaps?
  13. Track laying is now completed and the track itself has had a spray of etch primer, followed by painting the rail sides and a wash of black. The cork sheet is being used to level up areas nearer to rail level in some areas and to save on the weight of ballast in others.
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