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  1. I used to heat the tyres to soften them, then push down on a flat surface. This not only gives a flat at the ground/tyre juncture, but also a slight bulge at the sidewall. Emma
  2. Perhaps manumaticaly, in a bit of a temper and the aid of a small ladder (to get out afterwards) Emma
  3. Has got girl flu...*sniff* ..... *kof..hack ....ewwww*

  4. I am another year older...*sighs*

    1. ullypug


      but no doubt wiser...

    2. KalKat


      ummm.....do I have to answer that?

    3. cpman46


      Answers on a postcard (so old fashioned)

  5. I am another year older...*sighs*

  6. I would progress your model by first checking the motor runs out of the chassis. Then while you have the assembly out, file down the chassis sides to suit the clearance needed to refit the motor You should also be able to roll the chassis freely - not have to push down onto the track to get the wheels to turn. Check that the axles rotate freely in the bearings and maybe a spot of oil? Emma
  7. There is the possibility of using R/C control 'snake' . It's a lot less frictional than wire in tube and a lot more flexible/easier to use. Emma
  8. 60/40 multicore for electrical or electronic jobs. You can get lead free, but I find it difficult to use and in my view ..... pants Emma
  9. The sticky stops being ...... ummm ......sticky Emma ooops , answered whilst posting
  10. I'm sorry to resurrect an old (ancient?) thread, but can anybody tell me what happened to Model Railway Developments please? Emma
  11. Thankyou Captain Cuttle .... I shall go search Emma
  12. Do you have any details as to why they aren't 'right' please? Emma
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