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  1. The Great Western livery is a thing of beauty. So well done too.
  2. Looks good Jack. Are you planning to raise the height in some areas?
  3. Merry Christmas Jack. Love the SMS kits, enjoyable to build.
  4. Looks super Jack. The arch is just the ticket!
  5. Absolutely. I did this to my Wills Pagoda and thought it made it more convincing too. It’s very ‘Lawley Village’ on the Telford Steam Railway.
  6. Nice work Jack, the Fastline 66s were quite something!
  7. Good to hear there will be a north Wales vibe. That’s my plan for my 009 too. great work JB, looking forward to seeing things running!
  8. I bet he would if he limbo-ed!
  9. Sure I’ve seen somewhere before that the doors aren’t long enough either to reach the floor either. Looks good so far (your first idea reminds me of Barber’s Bridge) and looking forward to seeing this develop.
  10. Excellent little model and thoroughly enjoyed the article. Good to see it on here and looking forward to seeing progress.
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