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  1. Work has progressed on the bandroom, but I think it will stall now due to a new arrival in the family, yesterday. Still, give the little lad a couple of years and it will be someone to play trains with!
  2. Scott, Sorry to hear of your troubles over the past few years. Your original Bocott (the 6-foot plank) was a big inspiration for me and I always enjoy looking at your work and marvelling at the speed you do things. I'm glad this forum and the people on it have been of use to you in the darkest moments. Onwards and upwards! And looking forward to seeing the Colas beauties!
  3. Agreed. Parkside kits are super. To enable getting things flat I use a blank CD as a mat to work on.
  4. The Barclay looks superb, Luke. I recall when you built Cronton you didn't want to weather your J94 for fear of ruining it. You've come a very long way with your skills. Great work.
  5. Phil Parker's 'Layout in a Box' uses this track plan and might be a source of inspiration. Good start, keep the updates coming!
  6. I've never run mine on DCC to be honest, but I found them to be excellent runners. Gutted for you.
  7. Lovely loco. I've had a few and always regretted moving them on.
  8. More progress on the Colliery Bandroom recently. I've painted and quite heavily dry-brushed the band room. It still needs more work though, with a few more shades adding, as well as a wash to pull it together. The same can be said of the walling. It needs more greys and a wash adding too. There has been some static grass added, as well as some fencing which has also been dry-brushed. All told though, it's coming together, I feel. Slowly, but surely. One thing that needs attention though: that horrific join between the cobble sets.
  9. Interesting concept, particularly for those starved of space. Wondering if you could fit similar into 2 feet in 00 gauge. Always enjoy seeing your models.
  10. A great description of the operational qualities. Looking forward to seeing more!
  11. Excellent. You've done this in the time it's taken me to barely do anything in a cakebox! Glad the fencing is recommended, I've got that kit for the aforementioned box. Wonderful work, keep it up.
  12. A really good start. It has a feel of SDJR7F88's Compton Quay about it with the track plan and the buildings used. With the limited space available, I'd be tempted to go 'pointless' and just use two straight tracks to maximise shunting potential and running room. Search for Simplicity Sidings on the web and you'll see what I mean. However, as I said earlier, a really super start. Looking forward to seeing more.
  13. As a now somewhat retired brass musician, I don't play anywhere near as much as I once did. However, back in the 'height' of my playing career I purchased a Conn Trombone with a rose gold bell. The idea is that the rose gold gives a mellower, warmer tone (ideal for someone once describing as sounding like a chainsaw by a less than forgiving MD). Personally, I always prefer the look of the silver instruments. The Besson Prestige range are all absolutely beautiful instruments to look at.
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