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  1. Good to hear there will be a north Wales vibe. That’s my plan for my 009 too. great work JB, looking forward to seeing things running!
  2. Sure I’ve seen somewhere before that the doors aren’t long enough either to reach the floor either. Looks good so far (your first idea reminds me of Barber’s Bridge) and looking forward to seeing this develop.
  3. Excellent little model and thoroughly enjoyed the article. Good to see it on here and looking forward to seeing progress.
  4. As always, Jack, a good update. Got a hell of a good price on the points... assume they don’t have a website? I’ve just had a good look At the pic of the TfW stock, they are rather lovely, I must say.
  5. Thank you. I did wonder if you would have cut it down as the buffer beam is proud. Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.
  6. hi Howl03, firstly, I’m glad this post is a a well deserved resurrection of this thread. Stunning modelling. Secondly, the Smiths 3-links you’ve added to the Peckett above: how easy to do was that? Want to do that to mine but concerned about doing it to a £100 loco.
  7. Excellent. Another thumbs up from me, particularly about the way the weathering helps the livery appear less garish. Great job, again.
  8. Excellent. Glad there are plans for something else. I enjoy browsing your website/instagram page when time allows.
  9. Looking forward to seeing this develop. Every time I visit Tenby I always imagine a railway on the wharf... although the slope down the town to it would make it somewhat impractical!!! Any progress?
  10. The pic with all the FL locos removed from the stabling point is superb. Wonderful weathering and track work. looking forward to seeing more.
  11. This weekend I’ve put together the finishing touches on one of the most enjoyable pieces of modelling I’ve ever done. Using the Petite Properties Harper’s Yard kit as a base, I’ve gone far away from Britain, inspired by a photo on a Menorcan Instagram account I follow. Initially, it was just planned as a building, but I’m beginning to think that a ‘what if’ line on Menorca might be a way forwards. I’ve chosen Menorca as it’s our favourite destination and so, why not? The construction was fairly straightforward and makes use of Wills limewashed stone plastic sh
  12. Well worth them fixing. It’s a great article about a fantastic model.
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