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  1. Hi all, I don't know if anyone will be able to help, but was wondering what sort of locos would have worked the above line during LMS/BR steam days? Any help would be massively appreciated. TIA Chris
  2. Order placed Sunday evening. Arrived today. And cheaper than competitors too. They have my pre-order for the Port of London Peckett too and have been exellent throughout (particularly as I changed it from the Lilleshall variety). High recommended and will use again (usual disclaimer: no connection etc).
  3. And a lovely layout it is too. Is the track plan a fork with a kickback siding?
  4. 1722

    Wadenhoe Road

    You've done it again, Mark. First Juniper Hill and now Wadenhoe Road... You really are the master of portraying the 'middle of nowhere' quite superbly. Great work!
  5. That's one tight little oval. Food for thought!
  6. Sounds great, the Market Drayton - Stoke line has high interest for me; would dearly love to model Norton-in-Hales Station. Followed.
  7. I had a Wilbert but had no real use for it so moved it on. Kind of wish I'd kept it if I'm honest. Lovely model.
  8. Absolutely beautiful less is more modelling. Inspiring. Inspirational. Hard to believe its just 2 feet long as well. That Sentinel has got a good home!
  9. Obvious but... You need another so you can christen it 'Donald.' :-)
  10. Interesting thread. I'm considering a micro fork myself so has been good to see thoughts and musings from all concerned. And ALWAYS good to see Shell Island appear, particularly when accompanied by operation notes!
  11. And wonderful they look too. I'm sure the Reverend himself would be following this thread with great interest.
  12. Sorry to hear that Tom. Rest assured that, when you're ready, your extended Rmweb family will be delighted to see you back and updates from Wales. Incidentally, that picture and the side project... If its something to do with the Arlesburgh line, I for one would love to see a thread! With best wishes. Try and keep your chin up.
  13. Hi Tom, Is there any progress on this at all? Missing my Cwm Prysor fix!
  14. Foxbile Brewery is a scenic fork involving three wagons, if I remember correctly, and operation is a cycle of moving each wagon one place forward clockwise (or anti) to get to it's next spot. Seem to recall it's 0 gauge in a boxfile with a third off scene siding, but you could omit this and follow the same procedure I'm sure.
  15. Nice, Luke. I enjoy mooching through this thread every so often and can't help but wonder if I should do something similar to get me out of my layout building slump.
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