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  1. Excellent. Glad there are plans for something else. I enjoy browsing your website/instagram page when time allows.
  2. Looking forward to seeing this develop. Every time I visit Tenby I always imagine a railway on the wharf... although the slope down the town to it would make it somewhat impractical!!! Any progress?
  3. The pic with all the FL locos removed from the stabling point is superb. Wonderful weathering and track work. looking forward to seeing more.
  4. This weekend I’ve put together the finishing touches on one of the most enjoyable pieces of modelling I’ve ever done. Using the Petite Properties Harper’s Yard kit as a base, I’ve gone far away from Britain, inspired by a photo on a Menorcan Instagram account I follow. Initially, it was just planned as a building, but I’m beginning to think that a ‘what if’ line on Menorca might be a way forwards. I’ve chosen Menorca as it’s our favourite destination and so, why not? The construction was fairly straightforward and makes use of Wills limewashed stone plastic sheet (sprayed in Halfords white primer which is an excellent paint) and their terracotta tiling too. The doors and fittings are roughly painted to indicate wear and tear, coming from the Petite kit (with hinges made from slithers of painted paper) and the finishing touch on top of the roof was terracotta coloured air dry clay. All that is needed is a very (very) light weathering and I’d love to add a few vivid plants, much like those seen in Binibeca. I’ve really enjoyed this build and am looking forward to creating a layout for it but, for now, attention will turn to an 00 micro in a box whilst I further research and plan my Menorcan line.
  5. Well worth them fixing. It’s a great article about a fantastic model.
  6. Has there been any development on release dates for this?
  7. Ooo that 14xx is lovely. A great start, looking forward to more.
  8. Can only echo the comments above @Howl03, as excellent as ever! If the world wasn't currently in the situation it was in I'd suggest you could hold a one-man micro exhibition!
  9. Hi Max, What a truly stunning little layout. Less is more, something I'm a big fan of, and you've certainly achieved that here. Excellent, looking forward to seeing more pictures. Chris
  10. Likewise, although I’m not sure I’ll need to spend much time deciding on an autograph.
  11. @Captain Kernow, if you’d be so kind, how did you remove the 74 off the cab side please?
  12. Thanks very much for the info. Will look at a certain auction site and try to obtain copies. Again, all replies very much appreciated. Thank you all.
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