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  1. 37402 & 37419. Heading towards Barnsley about an hour ago. Cheers, Phil.
  2. 049 & 007 TnT todays Gascoine Wood to Barrow Hill stock transfer. Consist made up of 1x mk1 translator, 8x mk3's & 43290. Cheers, Phil.
  3. The 101 has collected a layer of grot !! Same airbrush techniques as previous units. Cheers, Phil.
  4. Hi Gary, Thanks for the compliment ! For the head/tail lights LED's I just searched on eBay for 2mm bicolour red/white LED's. They're 2mm 'lighthouse' style. The housings are made from filed down high intensity headlight mouldings, bought as spares from from Replica Railways. Cheers, Phil.
  5. 73951 with 73952, & 73961 with 73962, have worked TnT on NR test trains between Sheffield & Leeds via Barnsley !! Cheers, Phil.
  6. We've had this class 101 for a long while, but it never really saw much use because the dummy car lights (interior & cab-end) didn't work. After much faffing around, I decided it must be the lower circuit board that was at fault, so last week I contacted Bachmann for a replacement board, which arrived the following day. I've installed it, and replaced the temperamental spring-clips that transfer power from the lower circuit board to the upper one, with soldered wire. Now got a full complement of working lights. Figured I might as well weather it while it was on
  7. Or Just a dish of Prunes....... cheers, Phil.
  8. It was 402 & 423 that went to Sheffield this morning. Cheers, Phil.
  9. I don't mind a bit of playing with settings to get the site to do what I want when it's been upgraded, keeps the brain engaged. But not being able to just click on the title and go to the first unread post was starting to do my head in !! Just followed these instructions, checked the result, and it works a treat. Thanks OhOh for posting. Thanks also to Andy Y, and my deepest sympathies, for having to put up with us lot whining !! Cheers, Phil.
  10. 602, 603 & 605 are getting nameplates in the same style as the ‘castle’ class HST’s, so a bit of modelling work will be needed to keep it bang up-to-date !! cheers, Phil.
  11. 56081 at Dove Holes, last Thursday morning. Cheers, Phil.
  12. A couple from Dove Holes on Thursday. Cheers, Phil.
  13. On giving the Turbots a test run with the supplied coupling bar, rather than the tension lock, I encountered a couple of niggling issues. The wagons didn't seem very sure-footed and randomly derailed. It wasn't a buffer-locking issue, as even on the tightest radius, the buffers don't touch. I figured that it was because layout baseboards are ( sorry Dad, but you know I'm right !! ) not flat, and effectively fixing the rear bogie of one wagon to the leading bogie of the next wagon with the coupling bar, was causing wheelsets to ride up over the rails. I thought about trying
  14. The Yorkshire circuit has run this morning, with 37402 & 37423 running to Sheffield via Barnsley and back. Maybe last year WAS the last year of the 20's !! Cheers, Phil.
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