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  1. A couple of pics from the Nov '13 workings at Wellingborough. Cheers, Phil.
  2. I guess I'm included in that, but sadly I can't help, all ours are surface mounted, and work a treat ! Cheers, Phil.
  3. Renumbering a weathered vehicle (or two), I hate doing that !! Cheers, phil.
  4. 43093 at Lostwithiel. This side of the loco the 'nameplate' is a sticker, the other side is still a proper plate. Cheers, Phil.
  5. That's the one ! Sure I've put up details of the anti-flicker unit I tend to use too. Cheers, Phil.
  6. Somewhere back in my workbench thread, there’s an explanation of how I built a lighting setup for mine. Seem to recall it wasn’t too difficult. Works on DC & DCC too. Cheers, Phil.
  7. Would suggest it's 033. The placement of the nameplate, to read 'Glorious Network SouthEast' was unique. Pic looking at No2 end of loco, and It's No1 end where 033 is missing the lower two nose-end handrails, so can't use that to confirm it ! Cheers, Phil.
  8. Great pic ! I'd take a guess from the size of the crest that it's 035, a full compliment of nose-end handrails says it's not 050, and I'm pretty sure only those two had crests that big back then. Cheers, Phil.
  9. There was a 3 coach set in use two Weeks ago, consisting of 48134, 48135 & 49113 (as stated above) Of note, both TSO’s were stickered up as coach C. Power cars were 43088 & 43158. On a different note, I saw a TSO(D) in a different rake that day, that had a pale Blue stripe to denote the disabled toilet end of the coach. Is this unusual, or have I just not been paying attention ?! I got a pic of it if it’s of any use to anyone. cheers, Phil.
  10. The road/rail diggers were parked up in the sidings 2 weeks ago, although there was no evidence of any work having taken place then. No idea what they're doing though !! Cheers, Phil.
  11. Looking at Penzance station from Long Rock. A 80x and a Castle class HST can be seen. Cheers, Phil.
  12. I didn't offer a suggestion because I wasn't sure where it was, only where it wasn't !! But the more I look at the pic, the more I reckon it's heading North through Newton Abbot. Cheers, Phil.
  13. Don't think that's Teignmouth !! Cheers, Phil.
  14. A sea of signs and semaphores ( and 802101 ) at Par. Cheers, Phil.
  15. Not sure if this is a daft question ! Do the mag-relays 'remember' what mode ( on or off ) they are in when power is switched off a layout ? As in, when a layout is powered up, will the ones that were 'on' still be 'on', or will they all have reverted to being 'off', and need another waft with the wand ?!! Cheers, Phil.
  16. Sorry, this just made me chuckle- stating 47’s are used on ‘yellow’ trains in one post ( they simply aren’t !! )… …and demanding ‘proof’ and ‘facts’ in another post. No offence meant to “rob D2”, he’s far from being the only one to do this ( I dare say I’ve done it myself if I read back through my posts ) but maybe if people paused, thought, and checked their own facts, before hitting the Submit Reply button it would save Andy Y pulling his hair out (& threads being locked)……and cut down on the amount of posts that are irrelevant to the topic. I dare say 10 out of the 24 pages in this thread are nothing to do with Bachmann’s new 47 ! Anyway, I’ll get back down off my high-horse now….. cheers, Phil.
  17. I too am puzzled by the ‘needle not protruding as far as usual’ comment. I use a Badger airbrush, and admit I am not familiar with the one having problems, but with mine, the paint used effectively wears away the needle and housing, making the needle thinner and the housing larger, so the needle eventually protrudes further than it used to. It does take a long while mind, I’ve only replaced them once in about 10 years of regular use !! I’m intrigued to know what you find as a solution !! cheers, Phil.
  18. “Concretey” should be a word, because we all know what you mean, and I reckon you’ve nailed it ! Rest of layout looks great so far too. cheers, Phil.
  19. You could always try actually navigating around the website to see what you find, instead of expecting everything done for you ! Granted, the website isn’t perfect in terms of searching (or things being where you’d probably expect to find them) but it’s hardly a chore looking for them, and you might even find some hidden gems you didn’t know you wanted until you saw them ! The more time Steve puts in to the website, the less time he has to produce the stuff we want, and I know which I’d rather he spends his time doing…… cheers, Phil.
  20. Does this suggest they will do a re-run of the livery ? I’d be very surprised if they do, even now 007 has 034 on one side instead of 014, so would technically be a different livery version. If they did a model of 007 with the colours corrected, they’d have to do some more 049’s, as mixing models from both batches would look ridiculous !! Does suggest the forthcoming class 60 might now be produced in the correct colours though, so it was worth highlighting the issue with the 50’s ! Cheers, Phil.
  21. That’s worth every penny…. …..of the postal charge ! cheers, Phil.
  22. Pretty sure it was a 1k resistor, same as I use for LED's. Cheers, Phil.
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