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  1. Thanks everybody who answered my plea for amusement, My district nurse has just told me that I have about 12 weeks of slowly getting better, hi-ho. Your ideas will certainly help pass the the time and I thought the digital age was fast. Thanks again everybody. Regards Alan
  2. Evening All, This is not a winge but a cry for help. I have just been discharged from from hospital after major surgery and find that I cannot sit, stand or support myself for any period of time. Anyone got any ideas about watching short videio or similar on U Tube or any of the popular forums. My interests are G>W>R Branch line terminii and teaching myself to scratch build architecture. In Pain Alan
  3. Hello Brossard, Thank you for quick reply but just one question. What is canopy glue?, I live in a very rural area in the north west of Scotland and apart from the local hardware shop my nearest main shopping area is five hours away by ferry and coach so we depend on basics during this time of pandemic. therefore I will have to rely on the internet so I will have to get it right. Stay safe Regards Alan
  4. Good Afternoon fellow members, I recently bought a selection of laser cut windows from Brian Smart models and forgot to ask about a suitable adhesive. I asked Brian via email and promtly lost the reply. could anyone who has used the sash window kit advise me about the adhesive used as the kits have ti be built. Many thanks in advance Alan in the cloudy Outer Hebrides
  5. Hi From what I can remember from night school about sixty years ago a flat roof would be covered in a one inch gravel grade over a felt roof. For any other building problems try and aquire a copy of Mitchells Building Construction, required reading in those days at night school. Cessfordalan
  6. I read interest the discussion on back gardens. My paternal grandparents lived some 15 miles south of Stockton on Tees and passed away in the early 1960's, they had a back garden Prety much as discriped ,the only difference being a path connecting the rear of the premises with the outside road wide enough to allow a night soil vehicle to do it's weekly collection. The said vehicle also left a couple of sacks of quick lime for the next week collection. regards Alan
  7. Somebody is giving there age away
  8. After retirement we relocated to the Outer Hebrides for a number of reasons and I was a member of two clubs which I miss of which I was a founder member of one. Now I struggle with my modelling for many reasons apart from the camaraderie age reduces memory and my only contact with the hobby is the forums and the four popular model magazines so my advice would be stick with the club tou are a member of it's suprising what you subconsciously learn. Having said all that I would not change my life style for the world
  9. Good Evening All Thank you for all your helpful advice, I will try and put it into practice sometime next week on my next visit. One point however. How do you check the resistance in the coils I must admit my electrical knowledge is thin on the ground but I do have a multi meter. Can someone explain how in simple language Regards Alan[In the Sunny Outer Hebrides]
  10. Hi Harold Not wishing to advertise any particular product do you think Peco Electrolube oil would do? Thanks for the suggestion Alan
  11. I have been asked to assist with a secondhand N gauge model railway purchased by a neighbour for his grandson. Nothing was running when I arrived but after a rail top polish a loco ran.Oh joy I though and tried to change the Peco turnouts and motors] without success. On close inspection the motors look to be wired correctly and connected to a Gaugemaster C.D.U and controller transformer. I managed to identify A turnout and corresponding centre sprung switch and physically move the point blade over and using the switch it sprung back but it does not work the other way. Several other motors b
  12. Hi Saxokid, Thanks for your reply, I rather like the photo you sent with your reply but how did you get the [for want of a better word] mortor lines to stand out so clearly as I am going to have a go at your method Regards Alan
  13. After looking at photos and studying videos on U tube i cannot make my mind up as to how to finish my platform surface of f on my 1930's G.W.R branch line terminus . Should I use a scribed stone effect on cardboard or some other finish. Any advice and ideas please. Alan [in the windswept Outer Hebrides
  14. until

    I cannot comment on the Glasgow show as I do not fly to Glasgow until Thursday morning, but If it is anything like the last one it should be great. Living as I do, through choice;is in the Western Isles it is also a chance to mingle with a friendly like minded crowd and do some serious modelling shopping as the nearest model shop is a two and a half hour ferry crossing plus a sixty mile coach journey in each direction, so a fabulous weekend is planned Alan In the sunny Outer Hebrides
  15. Good evening, Could anyone advise of a supplier of plastic or similar narrow bore tube for wire in tube point control. I remember buying some many years ago from a company called Lou. Nadin or similar and have recently used the last. Thanks in advance Alan [ the Sunny Outer Hebrides]
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