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  1. I didn't think about Plkymouth....my first thought was perhaps Fishguard
  2. Hello Mike...when I first looked at the number of that Saint I too thought it was 2980 Coeur de Lion but I have a close up of the nameplate and it looks to have only one word so I'm thinking more now it maybe 2990 Waverley and it's just the film that makes it look like 2980.
  3. Nope not a problem with sharing. I'll be posting some other screen shots at a later date so if there is anything you want to share there be my guest.
  4. I know someone posted a couple of pictures from the film Last Journey. But it was on again the other day and I got it recorded so got a huge load of screenshots. Too many to post up here in one go so here is a selection, Star class at Paddington, a few views of what I think is Royal Oak, Pannier tanks...including a condenser and some views of a train passing what looks like an engine shed and also going through what looks like some docks, but I don't know the location so perhaps someone could help out.
  5. I think Operation Bullshine has been mentioned before but I couldn't find any pics that had been posted. So are are the few with some railway scenes.
  6. I don't think I've posted these on here before. One of the short information films that Talking Pictures TV show every now and again. Sea to Plate - Billingsgate. I can't recall which port it was...most likely Hull.
  7. Dr Terrors House of Horrors on Talking Pics TV right now and the opening scenes are at Paddington with 6995 Benthall Hall. Alongside stars Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee (it wouldn't be a horror film without those two) A very very young looking Donald Sutherland, Roy Castle(of Record Breakers fame), Bernard Lee and a host of other very familiar faces. Good GOD!!! it even has Alan Fluff Freeman in it
  8. If anyone gets the London Live tv channel they had Lady with the Lamp showing on Saturday 12th, the story of Florence Nightingale but there is a short section of the film at a station with Lion pulling in with some Liverpool & Manchester style carriages. It's being repeated on Monday 14th at 2:50pm
  9. Nearly forgot about this one. From the 1941 film Ferry Pilot, lots of lovely early second world war images of RAF aircraft from the classic Spitfire's to Oxfords, Harvard's, Whitley's, Anson's and many more. But there was one very quick shot of a goods train. No idea where it is or what it is.
  10. Finally got my finger out to screenshot some scenes from the penultimate episode of the original BBC Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy seris. Some scenes at Dover Marine I believe. Also a sort of non-railway related pic but showing a Sealink ferry with an SNCF funnel.
  11. Also John and Julie with just a couple of scenes of a Bulleid pacific at Southampton docks, A station looking like it's from the West of England main line, then a Gresley product which suddenly turns into a BR/GWR 4-6-0! When will film producers realise that their stock railway footage will be investigated in such detail 65 odd years after the event we'd all live much happier lives....
  12. Happiest Days of your Life is next up...Longmoor being co-opted again for the railway scenes.
  13. Another old film I've taken screen shots from. The Key starring William Holden, Sophia Loren & Trevor Howard along with some other regular, well known minor actors. Set in 1941, but filmed in 1958, a story about the tugs that used to rescue merchant ships that had been attacked by the Germans. Only a couple of railway scenes, the first at the port (I don't know which port this is or supposed to be...assuming it's down south west England way). You can just make out a small saddle tank with some wagons on the quay side. Then right at the end of the film is a train leaving a station. Again I don't know what station it is but it has that GWR train shed look about it. But the engine is easy to identify as you can just make out the nameplate for the now preserved Rood Ahston Hall. Additionally , to anyone modellers interested there are lots of shots of these tugs including the single 2pdr pom pom gun and what is supposed to be a French submarine that has been conscripted by the Germans for training....it's said it doesn't have any torpedo tubes but it obviously does. I suspect that for filming purposes it was actually a British submarine.
  14. Still railways but something a little different this morning. From the film A Window in London starring Michael Redgrave, some London underground trains in 1940. Not sure of the locations but I think west London. Also the film is supposed to have some good shots of Waterloo Bridge being built, Michael Redgrave starring as a crane driver on the construction site.
  15. Here comes some more screen shots Sony classic movies this time. I have quite a few as I wasn't doing much over lockdown so did a lot of recording, but I have only just been able to get some blank DVD's so I can get the screen shots. This time "Weekend with Lulu" starring Bob Monkhouse, Leslie Phillips, Irene Handl and Shirley Eaton...of Goldfinger fame. Another film shot on the Longmoor Military railway....standing in for railways in France. The J94 and all the British looking rolling stock a bit of a give away but there some shots of a French railway signal box. But the goods yard is very much British and I think the water crane in the middle of the goods yard is there for comic effect purposes only. For aeroplane enthusiasts there are also a good number of shots of the Silver City based Bristol Freighters that flew cars between Le Touquet and Lydd
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