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  1. If anyone gets Talking Pictures TV they are repeating the old Flockton Flyer tv series
  2. This and Rod's donation all got a mention on the Last Leg on Channel 4 on Friday night
  3. The story has just been on the BBC news on the Today programme as well as making the BBC news website
  4. The kits were marketed under several company names Merit, Inpact, Pyro, and Lifelike. Some even went on to be released by Lindberg, their Gladiator certainly was. My dad had a few of them as well. I know he has the Depredussain (not sure that is spelt right) and i think he had bothet he Avro Triplane and the boxkite. I like the kits and think they are still very good for their age, even compared with modern day kits which cost 4 or 5 times the amount. One day I will get around to building them all but I have a batch of Spitfires and Mosquitos on the go at the moment as well as my railway modelling stuff.
  5. Well another small step for learner kind on Wot Halt. My attempts at the roadway ended up a bit of a disaster. I was wanting the look of a stone grit road....that sort of country lane that was tar spread over the surface and then grit spread over the top of that and I tried using the grass powder and painting it to achieve that sort of effect but it really didn't work so I gave it and the footpath up to the platform a thin layer of polyfilla again and this time I'll just paint that various shades of sand colour with light browns as well...so that will be another trip to The Engine Shed for a shopping trip. I've also paitned the fencing on the platform, Humbrol matt brown 110 and when that was partly dry a dry-ish coat of humbrol matt white. Once that was all dry a a dabbing of humbrol dirt black acrylic wash. It will probably need some more work on it to make it look more un-cared for. The foot crossing is also now in place which will need some more painting as well.
  6. After a bit of a long gap I've got a bit more progress done on Wot Halt. A small parcel arrived from Hattons with some scenery bits for Wot Halt and Basket shed. i also got some work done on buildings for Pant-y-Loon. So I've got the first layer of grass down, Woodland scenics soil and earth fine turfs although I was expecting the soil to be more brown than it is. It was very dark green so I'll use that sparingly in places for a bit of contrast. I still need to find something that is a dark brown to simulate mud for areas around the cattle creep. Also I got some work done on painting the girder bridge to finish that off...just needs some fettling to get it to fit properly. Also need to find something to simulate a gravel and stone roadway.
  7. Another Talking Pics TV film on a short while ago "Jigsaw" starring Jack Warner as yet another policeman. Shot around Brighton, Saltdean and Lewes with a few railway shots in it. Brighton station is very recognizable as is Lewes. Not sure where the pic of the Standard tank was taken though
  8. I've always found that the years that I have been to the London Fest they have got mostly right and the one year that I went to Warley (2015 I think) that they got wrong. Warley didn't even fill up the whole building they were in and it was easier to get around by going behind all the stands and layouts as the aisles seemed too crowded.
  9. Had a very good day at the show on Saturday. A good mixture of layouts and sales/trade & exhibitors. I did like the West Hall as it seemed to be mostly full of layouts...all though a check on the floor plan showed that it had just less than half of the layouts at the show. It just seemed a lot quieter than the main hall and nicer to get around and view the layouts. Got plenty of photos which I need to start going through. I avoided the main trader stands (Bachmann, Dapol etc) as it was just looking too busy around them (granted I never look at what is on those stands as I can't afford anything there) On the subject of rucksacks, I didn't seem to be too much trouble there with them....there were a few that were quite large and the people having them on their backs seemed to have forgotten they were there. The problem I found were the couple of people I came across walking around with large suitcases on wheels. Picked up a couple of bargains...well I think bargains. 3 old Hornby Gresleys (China made, I presume Railroad range) and a couple of spare Gresley bodies for a total of £39 for a cut and shut GNR coach project
  10. jetmorgan

    Little Muddle

    And in the window is there a saggy old cloth cat....and the mice on the mouse organ?
  11. Like many others here I'm also into aircraft modelling. Like my railway modelling I'm just starting to get back into things but here are some pics of the kits stash that has been sitting about waiting & waiting & waiting. Mostly 1/48th
  12. After a bit of an inactive spell a bit more progress on Wot halt. Paint for the scenery base finally arrived (other paint manufacturers are available I believe) I couldn't find a brown dark enough for what I thought was right so got a tin of black to mix in. However it turned all grey but should still be okay once it is covered in a layer of dark brown earth type scatter material. Next time I'll have to find a pot of orange or red paint to get it to a proper brown. Not the best job as i couldn't quite get into the nooks and crannies behind the bridges but they should cover over to hide that white of the plaster. Next time I'll have to remove that backscene to get to everywhere. Once that is all done I'll get down to practicing with static grass. Well things are now going to have to wait until pay day near the end of March and I'll make another visit to the Engine Shed for some more bits & bobs. Also I want to pick up some bits for Basket Shed.
  13. Personally my transport recommendation would be to leave the car at home and take the train. If you book rail tickets now you can get 2 singles for a total of £55 (Leicester to Alexandra Palace with 2 changes) and you would probably spend that in fuel and parking charges, and don't get caught out with the Low Emission Zone. A friend of mine got caught out with that when coming to London. He thought his car derived van would be okay as he thought it was only large vans and lorries and he got charged the £100. Also less stressful getting a train driver to do all the driving...you can sit back, relax and watch the world go by.
  14. I'd forgotten about your loco doctors...I'll have to remember to bring one of mine in for him to have a look at
  15. I did wonder if Seahaven might be Hastings considering the sign for express trains to Tunbridge Wells. I'd no idea what the other station was but thansk for the info
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