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  1. I guess Thornaby did things differently. https://zenfolio.page.link/SVMCg
  2. Dunno if this is any help. An old & much modified Dapol/Hornby J94/ Austerity chassis at top with a DJM chassis bottom. Maybe Hornby do a J94 data sheet that will give a clue to motor type & size. I suspect Hornby still use an open frame motor and there will be quit a bit of surgery required to get any organ donations from the Hornby J94 to fit a DJM.
  3. So to expand on the women analogies a little more (or should that be less?) Sophia is a Kirk and Jane more akin to a Hornby?
  4. Got loads ta muchly. Most of them over fifty years old. Used to use them in Tudder Tech Drawing. Mr. Potts. (I think?)
  5. Will the NCB transfers be available separately?
  6. Bit naughty of the poster to blank out the East Anglian Film Archive logo though. The original archived film can be seen full screen here. http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/139644 Some interesting links along the bottom of that page including JB DMU'ing through East Anglia.
  7. Only another 36 verses but the guilty party is exposed in the last one whilst all the suspects surround a bowl containing an alcoholic fruit drink from which glasses are being filled..
  8. Railway vans that are tidily loaded with punnets pass along quiet roads where there's no need to gun it. But in the brake van there lies a stiff rigid body, so a pressing new case for the constabulary The inspector turns up with his assistant called "Puppet", and together they'll both work it out. A whodunnit? From the Inspector Sheepwash Mysteries. 1957.
  9. This is the rapid loader at Hawthorne Shaft. (Hawthorne Combined Mine & Coking Plant to give it its NCB title). Opened about 1959 it became the centralised drawing shaft for Murton, South Hetton, Eppleton and Elmore Collieries. Murton Colliery, along with the others lost their entire surface SG rail networks with the opening of Hawthorne shaft. Murtons shafts & mine surface were about 2 km North East of your photograph. What Murton did gain from the opening of Hawthorne was the almost constant stench of the cokeworks, it being upwind of the prevailing breeze!
  10. A common clowncil ploy round my way. No wonder they got the Private Eye award for Britain's most corrupt! Thems down Bristol way just had no idea how to save a decent Revo. This one stood just along from Modelus new Global HQ. Hint. Don't know how it is taken me until a few seconds ago to discover this post. Just the thing for the Wisbleat & Upwool Tramway. S. Hine
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