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  1. Not sure if attention has been given to this eBay view previously. Jo looks a little subdued and in need of refreshment. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/B9-British-Railway-Photograph65521-Benwick-Goods-31-5-1951/363304906633?hash=item5496a8ef89:g:w7QAAOSwUp1gOAEu
  2. Ermmmmm, I thought that's what my posted link, linked to a photograph of. Bang goes my idea of saving bandwidth.
  3. Plastic inserts to enable different details to be represented. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/129904-Bachmann-class-25-retool-announced-2018/&do=findComment&comment=3032951 Cant remember if the SLW 24 PCB has provision for the engine room light/LEDs. The latest B'mann 25 definitely has.
  4. All of these test pieces apart from bottom left & centre started off with "rust" undercoats (Subtraction method). This is three of them prior to having their top coats applied. Closer look at the bottom left which started of in gray undercoat after making a start applying a bit of weathering over the top. (Additive method)
  5. If I have more tin one tin of the same colour, the ring indicates which has been opened. Contents thinned for putting through the airbrush. Ermmmmmmm... ...what was that you were saying???
  6. Can't answer your question but there is film of D7536 idling at Temple Mills Hump here. Start at about 10:10.
  7. You decide. (A few metallics thrown in for good measure). No matter what, I can think of a few that would contest they were the wrong grey.
  8. From flickr we have more shades of grey.
  9. Did Heljan replicate that correctly on their 4mm model? ...with a nod to the current Heljan class 25 accuracy thread.
  10. Yep. Why was Captain Scarlet moonlighting (and wearing a wig)? Colonel White not paying him enough? "Basic Engly Twenty Fido"
  11. A few 16 & 27 tonners (real & Tri-ang) keeping Stanley Unwin company in this spiffing wheeze.
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