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  1. Yep, the big manufacturer's still seem to be a bit slow on leaving enough space for those that model in the wider gauges. I wonder if the societies committees should be lobbying on their members behalf. (As if they don't have enough to do). This is a P4 profile with the brakes firmly applied to the flanges. Not to difficult to sort by removing the Brake block moulding, cutting down the middle then re-gluing it back to the frame but I thought the big boys would have cottoned on by now. P
  2. Silver. Polished ally in reality with soon weathered down to a grimy grey. e.g. https://flic.kr/p/2kf1ojF The Weymouth boat train boards on the Van C are a bit out of kilter for a S.E. Northumberland/Tyneside loop parcels working that also, that day picked up a load of fish at Tynemouth.
  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. Nice that Hornby have modelled a representation of the finer mesh behind the main window bars and the droplights in the van B/C type centre doors are a separate moulding. Any one know how many of the Diag. 3099 had the van B centre doors? Interesting that S2353S if the short batch had the 2 + 2 planking arrangement. P
  5. Whist I appreciate the point Covkid is making about it shouldn't be necessary to tweak a new model, I count myself lucky that we are no longer in the era of having to carve of moulded in handrails, to replace them with handrails fashioned from oversize paper clips. Funny how nobody has complained about the funny shaped door grabs that the pre prod pics of the Accurascale 37 show.
  6. You'll be meaning one o these? https://porcysplog.blogspot.com/ Found this on my Hard Drive. No ideas of its origins. Nothing to give any clues in the exif. I'll remove it if it offends.
  7. Nowt like emphasising a point. So who's in charge of interwoebbly things and forgot to post the main link here? Seriously John, thanks and pass them on to the rest of the organising team. I think very few realise how much effort go into organising shows, Virtual or real. Now where's that black cherry crumble? For the last three weeks my new grass bag has been all over Germany & Holland thanks to the combined efforts of DHL & DPD. It's currently enjoying It's third visit to Regensburg according to the tracking
  8. Smashing pic Trev. There was another DBT to carry Express headcodes sometimes in the early sixties. I'll need to find the RO it was reported in. Train was the Heart of Midlothian. First rescue loco with DBT failed, having to be rescued by another loco with two DBT's.
  9. Will the Crocodile Sisters be doing the catering in the the West Riding Lounge?
  10. Colin or Cuthbert? THAT is the question. (I quite like Cuddy).

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      I seem to remember Katy.  


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      I see the unboxing was of the Australian variant?


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      Porcy Mane

      Sort of. Katy did make a break for the Southern hemisphere  (through the floorboards!) at the very end.

  11. No one has said the original Bachmann 24 or Hornby 25 is better than the Heljan 25. What has been pointed out a good few times up thread is that drawing comparisons between the new Heljan 25 with one model that is over twenty years old and another that was about when Ginny Wade last won Wimbledon is not particularly worthwhile.
  12. Two within a couple of miles of each other and only half the travelling distance than that to Middlesbrough Errrrrrrr.... https://goo.gl/maps/7dSgQf7ofhQwqhdw8 and this place stocks trains but has a very large range of general modelling bits. Also carries a massive range of paints. https://goo.gl/maps/GZEzqdWs31JEusbt8
  13. You forgot to list turned metal wheels. S'pose they could be sintered.
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