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  1. 10/10 that man. Between the OLD & eastern Quays. Just needs the old Teignmouth Quay Company shunting traction ingine to complete the scene. http://thetransportlibrary.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=133433&category_id=17_20_35
  2. But get it the right way round. For some reason Hornby's assemblers have decided to transpose the motor wiring and the pick-up wiring at the connector from the standard. (Doesn't make any difference) Just make sure you get pin one on the decoder to the outer connector with the wire on it. Connecting it the wrong way shouldn't damage the decoder, just nowt will happen. pin 1 Orange Motor Right pin 2 Grey Motor Left pin 3 Red Right Rail pin 4 black Left Rail pin 5 White Front Headlight (F0) pin 6 Yellow Rear Headlight (F0)
  3. That was after "some locals" tried to empty it using the yard crane.
  4. Thi Grandfatha was nowt but a trouble maker. Nice Wickham trolley over yonder btw.
  5. That'll be the eagerly anticipated Conflat L then.
  6. Nice load of trebles in that 5 plank Hybar. Who needs a common 16t mineral or 13/21t hopper.
  7. He must have a bladder the size of a Hot Air balloon!
  8. A photograph of which, appears in Mr Tatlows article in Model Railways (Apr. 1990) and probably in his much weightier tomes? Apparently the series of Model Rail articles have Phots of all the SR cranes.
  9. Cranemans articles in Model Railways from about 1990 is to look out for. Seems like no two cranes were mated up with similar match trucks so at the same time, there's probably good method in Oxford rails reasoning. Seventeen quid. I'll take a dozen please. P
  10. "DCC ready" as opposed to "DCC equipped" British outline locos have almost universally been fitted with a DCC socket. As DCC has developed these sockets have become more sophisticated and could be one of many types. See Here: All DCC sockets require a corresponding blanking plug to run on DC only providing continuity from track pickups to motor connections. Wires could be used across the socket if you know what electrical connections to make. Without knowing the contest context of the Emails reference to blanking pugs may not have been needed? To try and keep on topic the new B'mann J72 is fitted with a Next18S socket. Under certain circumstances it could be problematical as it is internally wired slightly differently to it's almost identical twin, the NEXT18 socket. As can be seen from reading back through this thread, Folk have been fitting sound and non sound chips to the J72 without problem. Do you have a link to where Gaugemaster commented. It may be to do with this: Not so much a Bachmann problem. More implementation of specifications. Now back to the J72 if we may. P
  11. Oh dear. For a small endeavour, as compared to Bachmann/ Hornby the truth is, it was probably cheaper for DJM to buy one type of motor than source multiple (but better suited to individual model) types of motor. After all, as history has well shown, Mr Jones was far better at marketing speak than he was at producing the goods. Have you ever seen one of his J94's run? This is the part of your statement that isn't correct. To keep things on topic. Compare the size of the current coreless J72 motor with the way smaller brushed iron cored motors as fitted to say, to Hornby Ruston & Pecketts. Also the brushed (But almost everybody thinks its a coreless) motor fitted to Bachmanns Wickham Trolley. Coreless motors are not being fitted to squeeze in more gizmos and bigger speakers for DCC. The benefits of Coreless motors were being extolled & exploited by scratch builders decades ago with ESCAP motors being mated up to gearboxes to become "portescap" with these now selling on Ebay for small fortunes. This post summarises things neatly. I'm one that firmly cares in diversity in the hobby but also am pragmatic enough to accept that change and progress is inevitable if the hobby is not to stagnate. The manufactures have to develop and adapt with new technologies. If they don't. there profits drop, they don't survive and the hobby becomes less dynamic. As has been explained, change and development is natural. Currently, I don't see many of us filling up our petrol tanks with leaded petrol or driving about in newly build Ford pops. For those that don't want or need the latest model railway developments, I'm fine with that but equally I don't see any value in those folk saying certain types of motor should not be fitted because it renders it incomparable with my old hat control system. Who knows in another fifteen to twenty years (sooner?) DCC may itself be superseded by some yet unknown technology. Does that mean all the DCC adopters will be up in arms because of the money they've invested. I think not. Most just move with the times. DCC: Certainly polarises opinions. P
  12. Paul, are those sound files recordings of the preserved J72? P
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