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  1. At least the Expo tools van is there just in case it breaks down.
  2. Porcy's law (or Porcy's rule of wishlists and telling the manufactures what they should have produced analogies): Invoked. P
  3. Aye but will the wasp striped locos be the fully industrialised versions? They looked substantially different. https://flic.kr/p/9LQCha P
  4. Yep, that looks interesting. Especially with all those Procor black tanks passing on the track below Most entertaining thing I've seen since the weekend.
  5. A regular occurrence on freight only lines around Tyneside and Teeside in the steam age when the working appendices stipulated unfitted freights trains could travel without a brake van.
  6. Springside head lumps can be improved by removing the integral carrying handle and replacing it with wire but in the current era why bother, when there's the vastly improved lamps available from Mr Franks and ModelU. A Springside lamp of yesteryear. P
  7. Would be nice if they could get the 1960's BR emblem on the green version nearer to the standard of that currently being achieved by Bachmann & Hornby. P
  8. Does the guy filming in the foreground live in his car? https://goo.gl/maps/pME3GLzRZQZc8vzZ8 P
  9. Having operated a 4mm layout at a good few exhibitions where changing lamps was the norm, the Sunday evening clear up was always "interesting". The final visual sweep off the floor after everything was boxed up and packed away, always found half a dozen loco & tail lamps that nobody noticed had made bids for freedom. P
  10. Pin vices/chucks I have known. This is just a selection. 1970's Ellipse 121 is third from right. Currently manufactured 121 is fourth from right. Inset shows detail of the 121's. I'm not quite sure about the notion that a pin vice needs to be heavy. After concentricity & handling I think the next quality of a pin vice is for it to be as light a possible. Especially once your getting down to bit sizes of less than about 0.6 mm. P
  11. The re-animation is complete (bar the gimmick of a smoke unit & a Lambton cab). To move it t'ward the fictional, a new name plate would need to be ordered. Perhaps Frank? (I once temporarily named a loco Kevin) Maybe Wollstonecraft? or possibly one of her better known quotes. "Go forth & prosper" although I admit to preferring the modern adaptation. Probably better to keep it as delivered and keep the original name, "Hazard". Just as ridiculous but prototypical.
  12. Maybe dismantler. My name is not Robert Knox. P
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