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  1. Just think of dosh your making. Means you'll be able to take us three permanent skinto's out to the pub once this frockdoons all over.
  2. Good job it's got four legs as it's done some travelling. Possibly from Chairs R Us or The Numbum Furniture Warehouse. Mr Axlebox may be so kind as to confirm.
  3. Porcers is trying to find the time. This lock-down (and my time management technique) is causing massive back logs). Folk keep leaving me presents on my front doorstep to fix. Tomorrow it's a Pentroller. In the meantime hope you can do with a Pic of One man & his box. Pretty boring apart from the location is directly above ex. Blyth & Tyne Railway board room, a fully stocked bar was just off to the the left and the view out of the window was quite spectacular with Minnie Mouse in high suede boots putting in an appearance every fifteen minutes or so.
  4. I'm so glad you chaps are interested in the S&D Rly. (Stockton & Darlington Railway). I thought you South Western types jism would have been far more jingled by the S&DJ Rly. Talking about the weather, that North East photographer, Jack Weeknease way back in the mid fifties, jumped on his Claude Butler and spurted of to his South to test some of that new colour film by catching the last ray of sunshine, illuminating Croft Despôt (a branch of the S&D) just prior to an almighty early summer storm washing away all the lubrication on his derailleur. P
  5. On hire to Esso TTA's running as a class 9 behind a J27. Delivering feed stock to Blyth Power Sta. from the Tynemouth Esso terminal. Esso TTA's were also used to deliver diesel fuel to South Blyth shed via the pick up. https://flic.kr/p/2i4cAyw P
  6. Surely you mean; as Mr Fopps shimmering derivative became distorted through his boundaried and personal practice, the viewer can be only be left with an epitaph for the edges of our imaginary world. What started out as hope, soon will become a corroded dialectic of defeat, leaving only a sense of decadence and the inevitability of a new beginning. From your "Arty bullcrap generator"
  7. https://forum.flightradar24.com/forum/radar-forums/flightradar24-feeding-data-to-flightradar24/9904-feeding-flarm-to-fr24 I'm glad you said, "mostly". If commercials are landing on 07 at Newcastle & my local gliding club is active they share airspace and likewise it's right next to a very busy low fly military corridor. https://www.airproxboard.org.uk/uploadedFiles/Content/Standard_content/Airprox_report_files/2014/Airprox Report 2014208.pdf
  8. Nowt at all. Apart from the fact I'm not up there with them.
  9. Just having a look at flight radar 24: I've never seen so many gliders flying over central Europe. Is it the weather or is it the current situation. There also seems to be loads of private aircraft zooming about over southern England at the moment. Hmmmmmmmmm. P
  10. Looks like a maltings. Edit: Old maps is your friend. https://www.old-maps.co.uk/#/Map/378460/147647/12/100954 https://www.old-maps.co.uk/#/Map/377500/147500/12/100730 P
  11. https://85a.co.uk/forum/view_topic.php?id=3047&forum_id=11 which in turn links back to RMweb: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/73214-cadbury-bournville/page/2/#entry1079868
  12. As you get older you get used to it!
  13. You'd better hurry up or I'll nick your idea. I shalt christen my layout, "Nanny Pop Lonnen". As is mostly the case, fact is stranger than fiction. Right that's enough mental exercise for one day. The suns oot so I'm off for some physical. Again with apologies to Rob for the Hijack. Some pics later. And Mike, Stay safe, as is the trendy thing to say at the moment and enjoy the clap. P
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