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  1. Same view not that long ago. I think I preferred the old. A Glass turntable? Nice to see the acknowledgement of the past. P
  2. One up for the kitmakers then. One more job too sort out, for those of us that looks upon RTR loco's as kits. At less than £90.00 a pop, including wheels, gearbox and a motor, quite a cheap J27 kit, come to think of it.
  3. I have; drawings scanned, sent to China for cad prep, sent back for approval but nobody noticed. Maybe you'e right but with O.R. having made quite a thing about their different tooling (including boiler) options for the various J27's I think horizontal handrail holes would have been one design clever step too far. After all do we see horizontal handrails on the railroad steamers by Hornby? Tooling savings minimal. I'd like to see higher quality tooling to rid/minimise the slide witness marks at 2 & 10 o clock.
  4. Angular size and radius (above the horizon), not distance.
  5. Ahem. https://flic.kr/p/qXd2To How high is the August sun? 65815 N. Blyth 6.8.66 by George Woods, on Flickr No. Simply the mistake of following the inaccuracies of the Railway Modeller drawing as pointed out by Daddyman. Take a look at the representation of the retaining bolts for the washout plugs. They are horizontal thus offset towards the bottom of the plug. Very un-prototypical but exactly as the RM drawing. P
  6. Just been looking at the pics of 65837 on the Rails website. The barely discernible smokebox door hinge straps looks to give the locos face a bit of a blank, vacant appearance and the lack of the tender coping plate detail still bugs me. The Type 57 boiler for that pre. 1958 look. I'll still have a 57A boiler'd jobby when they come along though. Maybe two?
  7. 37690 got about the UK whilst in Railfreight livery. Some of the last coal for Ravenscraig? Class 37, 37690 Ex. 37171 & D6871 at Hunterston Coal/Iron Ore terminal. May 1992. by Porcy Mane, on Flickr
  8. Once in amongst a spiders web of railway lines and a multitude of level crossings, a 2016 view of the water tank at what was once Durham Paper Mills, Burn Road, Stranton, British West Hartlepool. Now all demolished. Here's a Slaters 20 ton wooden hopper doing what it was designed for is sat on those very tracks in this Britain from Above image. https://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EAW052377 Durham Paper mills on old maps: https://www.old-maps.co.uk/#/Map/451221/531787/13/101329 P
  9. I don't think the Ness name became associated with the Caerphilly works until the the mid 1950's and possibly during the NCB reorganisation of the late 1960's. Ness made everything from roofing felts, damproof coarsings to water filters. Post 1938 would be a good start date for the tar works which became Ness tar works. http://www.steampumps.net/CaerphillyTar.html Caerphilly wasn't listed as a Tommy Ness site in 1959. https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/1959_Chemical_Manufacturers_Directory:_Chemical_Manufacturers
  10. But post nationalisation build.
  11. Should we start on the inside of frames & inside motion being painted red to assist crack detection next?
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