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  1. Crikey! Once had a New Years Eve/Morn in there. Looked more like this then. Eeeeek! 033948:Blue Bell Jesmond Vale Unknown c.1965 by Newcastle Libraries, on Flickr Mr Axlebox almost organised a Model Railway exhibition in a boozah a couple of hundred yard to the North. Probably a good job it didn't come off.
  2. If it's the Blue Bell (next to what was Hardisty Cycles) you're meaning? Only in body, not in soul. Smashing booza in its day and one that had the convenience of a convenience right outside the front door (mind the steps). The Blue Bell Hotel, Shields Road, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne; 2/7/1972 by Geoff Allan, on Flickr Apart from the filming weekend back in the eighties; the Free Trade never went in for the fashionable bollox of pub renaming. Talking of Bollox Newcastle Brown Ale. Proudly brewed in... Tadcaster! The F
  3. And from the comms we received over the weekend a B16 and the greedy boards fitted Dogfish. (Wotz the plural for digfish?) Lets hope things sort themselves out enough so we can get it out in public for one last time. Modellers licence for that. Industrial's only ever passed through Stella yard. The Working Appendices makes interesting reading. Especially the telephone arrangement's for moving into & out of Pelton Fell Colly.
  4. The pubs are open. Many missed birthday parties to organise down the Ouseburn.
  5. I guess you wouldn't fill your notepad with much speed.
  6. Hello Jenny. On your video, the roof fan grill etch on D7661 doesn't appear to be fixed properly. The etched section appears to be separating from the main body moulding on the secondmans side. It looks particularity apparent between 7:35 & 7:40. Could you confirm if this was the case. I also find it unusual that on the latest Heljan model the roof fan surround is not as prominent (raised) as some of the removable roof panels when the reverse is true of the prototype. The photographs below should illustrate what I mean. 25 912 May 15th 1987 by Dan, on F
  7. Maybe if we keep Badgering Rapido we can Weasel a Hall class loco out of them (in the manner of a Harry Potter train set) They can call it Toad Hall. After all the GWR did run past the jail. Please don't get too Ratty with me for wish listing. The detail and livery of the toad in this film is interesting.
  8. I dunno Roy This was state play with one of my 37's back in 2018. 12 volt coreless motor for a couple of quid off ebay, About 15mA starting current and 3 mA run. I should finish it really, but I've come up with some different drive methods in the intervening years that I want to try out. P
  9. Would that be a painful but quite intelligent blue?
  10. Google is your friend. https://flic.kr/p/224RQfK https://flic.kr/p/29GuDS9 Not sure if these have been branded XP? https://www.agefotostock.com/age/en/details-photo/feb-02-1953-floods-in-the-sittingbourne-kent-area-herding-cattle-along-the-railway-track-keystone-photo-shows-cattle-being-herded-along-the-railway/ZUK-19530202-baf-k09-155
  11. Photographs I've had sight of had these 10' 0" wb vans ex works fitted with 20" Dowty Hydraulic buffers which seem to have been replaced by 20" Oleo pneumatic quite quickly. Mr Larkin has a pic of the B887135, first built of the 10 footers in BR Standard Freight Wagons (1975) still with 20" Dowtys. Non of the pics show XP markings but then there's B887140 photographed in August 1961. Clearly maked XP in the approved style. http://www.8dassociation.btck.co.uk/BirkenheadJointRailway/BirkenheadJointinpictures Then click on, "Birkenhead Joint in pictures". 2nd pic
  12. There's always one! https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/gwrgunpowdercxv/h133c35de#h133c35de After it went into preservation. Note Mr Johnster, no roof overhang. GWR Gunpowder Van 105777. by Peter Bayliss, on Flickr Hmmmm. Isn't Rapido doing 105780 in this livery? There is at least one more 9 footer with XP branding among Mr Bartlett GPV pics. The last 25 Diag. 261 GPV's built by BR had 10ft Wheelbase. Never seen a phot of one of those with XP branding (yet).
  13. Which one Johnster me owld mucker? The one shown in the phot I posted is Vac fitted (Retro?) with Morton brake. Same as W105777 as it appears on Mr. Bartletts website in 1980. Just stick some Morton gear on the Parkside kit and Bobs your uncle.
  14. Some GWR Gunpoodah Vans (Dig. Z4 "Cones?) were built without the roof overhang. These mostly were examples seen with the warning plate on the left had door.
  15. Only people and poles (Stainless not nationality) cluttering it up now. Aye but Kings Cross might just be the spot where Rapido announces their next secret train set project. Anyone for the Railway Children? Or could it be Bed knobs & Broom handles? (Maybe that should be Bedsteads & Mattresses!). Otto Pike.
  16. Yoikes! Is that a new collective noun that encompasses all such as groups, that include gripers, , grouchers, grumblers, grousers, groaners, and those with a grievance? (but not gricers). G. Rumpie
  17. More of Mr Lekies 1968 16 tonners on show. Also not too bad if you're into 08's and deft work with a shunting pole. Music is more suited to an Ibiza beach after midnight though. (Oh those were the days!)
  18. Ernie has just posted this rather attractive image with a few coalies in view. https://flic.kr/p/2kGV1Nv .
  19. I see Accurascale has announced a Conflat L, from Bachmann, the 6 wheel Insul-X-Fish and Rapido has bought the rights from Hornby to produce the Log tipper again. Oh what joy.
  20. Series of images on the coal yard on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sixtiesedinburgh/albums/72157629558860517
  21. Unless your modelling ex-works does the shade really matter. https://flic.kr/p/2iNJU5p This one is totally the wrong shade. 7547 by Dave Jolly, on Flickr
  22. ???????? you've lost me with that reference ???????
  23. Accurate description though. Used 2.3 times. There's accuracy for you.
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