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  1. I think this was discussed earlier in the thread. Ebay can be helpful. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255030413407?hash=item3b60ff485f:g:EhQAAOSwYwVg1yI7 Second off last image in the ribbon, viewed full page shows the louvres are there. Looks like a standard bonnet moulding with a couple of holes drilled in the accept spigots. No sign of blanked holes on the standard bonnet. Are you off to Badsworth tomorrow?
  2. Nice oxymoron. Keep it up Hornby.
  3. Whilst I appreciate Covkid was in the area and would have liked to have bought there and then, Eilleen's can manage to swap out wheel-sets for pre-packed Parkside kits. https://www.eileensemporium.com/index.php?option=com_hikashop&view=product&layout=show&product_id=22612
  4. Hmmmmmmm. Also available in OO. ½" tyre wear. Seems like a reasonable compromise to me. P
  5. and there was the, now preserved 16 tonner which was found when dredging the Boothstown Basin to turn it into the Bridgewater Marina. (Posted earlier but I like the occasional repeat). Anyhow Mr A Box should't thee be using your scanner rather than idly wearying your time away browsing through RMweb???
  6. Nor what shade of green they wore. >?) https://flic.kr/p/dmVTid
  7. S'pose it's Herses fer curses? (If it's mid Northumberland. Ermble way).
  8. Can't beat a decent bit of dry stone walling.
  9. Class 04 D2241 Cohens, Cransley circa 1974 by David Hills, on Flickr
  10. Too true. I've converted a good few to both P4 and EM. I found the trouble with Gibson Lowmac wheels was an inconsistent tyre width. It could vary between 2.25 & 2.45 mm width. I have to say though that all the Gibson wheels I tried were bought before Colin took over the business. I also found the width over the wheel recesses in the chassis casting to vary, averaging out at 26.6mm. The Gibsons would fit between the sideframe but it was tight and once the wheels had rubbed through the chassis paint shorts would occur. Bigger problems occurred due to lowmac wheels being a bigger diameter with the wheel flanges then rubbing through the paint to cause sparks. (I mod the un-driven axle to rock giving some compensation, so I need slightly more clearance). I don't think Pete55 had this problem using Kean Maygib lowmac wheels sourced from the EMGS stores. For one EM conversion I just thinned the standard Hornby wheels in a lathe also reducing the flange depth by filing. No chassis relief was needed here but you lost deep dish appearance of the the prototype. More here and over the following few pages.
  11. I'm struggling to remember my history but it think it's all to do with Chevalier de St. George ("Jimmy" to his "British" mates) and his young gun son Charlie, who was said to be a bit of a looker (dependant on taste) and liked to have the odd skirmish with a gadgie called George. Young pretender/old pretender, 1745 an all that. Myself, I prefer the Scott Dobson/Mike Neville/George House view of N.E. history.
  12. Mostly 13 ton steel opens but there is a shock open in there and a Bogie Bolster C further down the rake. Has me wondering if they were reversed into Pelaw goods yard for off loading as the CWS cabinet works is just off to the Locos RH side. Part of the works is visible in the photo.
  13. It's complicated. Especially the more south you go. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/36891-16t-minerals/&do=findComment&comment=3298866
  14. "British West Hartlepool" perleeeze.
  15. Aye, and it was Mr Axlebox's Grandfatha that was the ring leader. Perversely Mr Axlelbox has on occasion, driven a loco over Stainmore making it three (or is it four?) generations to have done so.
  16. The "coal" (are we allowed to say that word any more?) as provided by Oxford Rail is removable. Should provide a bit more space for those wishing to add weight. I might have a go at taking a mould from the original and making a white metal casting. Looks like Oxford rail PCB designers are still fitting a reset-able fuse into the track feed. On running on OO track the tender had a slight wobble. Checking underneath one of the wheels on the non pick-up axle was suffering with the worst case of buckling I've ever seen. Looks like the wheel-set must have been assembled on the day the factories wheel press threw a wobbler judging by the dent in the flange. Good job I'm well stocked up with Gibsons.
  17. I've just tried an M1.2 in mine. Perfect fit. I was expecting it to be M1.0
  18. Cos it's a little dinky thing but perfectly formed. I've never heard anybody boast about small knobs but I'm prepared to be educated. Would have been better if OR had fitted its twin down below on the valve access.
  19. Neither did the prototype... in a lot of cases. The Oxford Rail Smokebox door lacks relief for the later periods but has a good knob. Hallelujah for Mr Bradwell.
  20. Bu99er! That's lost me a bet. I said to a mate no one would notice my attempt at subterfuge. It's a from a Bachmann J39 which in turn is fitted with a dome from Bradders. Which reminds me, I need to order some more. I've had a list of required Bradwell components sitting around on mt desk for weeks now.
  21. Got mine home earlier this evening. OR must have tooled up for two chassis castings as the boiler bands line up. Wasn't expecting that but I would have liked the pick ups to align with the wheels along the same lines. I've since given it a good looking at.
  22. It's probably worthwhile ringing your local retailers as it I Imagine it will take them time to add new stock to their website. Priority may be to send out pre-orders. I had a phone call from my local retailer (Durham Trains) first thing Tuesday morning telling me his stock had arrived. With decent weather and a favourable wind, I'll collect one tomorrow.
  23. Countersunk then stoppered coach bolts me thinks. Barely visible on some new builds till moisture started to ingress and expand and lift the putty. While I'm here: will Rapido be offering the alternate wrap under side stanchions as in these Mr Bartlett photographs? https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/brgunpowder
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