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  1. I can't see it happening this year personally, Peco need to focus on getting back on top of their core range which has suffered during the pandemic. Paul A.
  2. HE287 of 1883 VIGILANT is the oldest preserved standard gauge Hunslet loco and a cylinder size larger than this model. There's a few detail differences too, not least the cab which afforded much less protection for crews. Both would be considered "contractors type" locos though due to their lightweight design. Paul A.
  3. Hi All, Not much news on the layout to report, I've been distracted with stock again... This time it's an ancient 19th century 9'' cylinder Hunslet contractors loco. Several small 4-coupled locos built by Hunslet were acquired in the early years of Ironstone extraction by the pioneering James Pain Ltd. A bit of a departure for me, this won't be a model of a specific loco - but it is intended to complete it with a prototypical standard early Hunslet livery. The etches were designed by Mike Edge who built one of these for a client as HE304 of 188
  4. The livery of No.1203 THE EARL is based on her livery worn prior to scrapping at Mountain Ash in the 1970's. It was almost certainly delivered in the standard leaf green livery. As an aside, No.1456 was named "Margôt" prior to leaving Atlas Works and the polished handrails are a work of fiction, these being cast iron on the real thing. I suspect this error has arisen as they were picked out in works grey in the official works photograph, as were the frames. Paul A.
  5. A lovely model, great weathering too. I've built three of these Agenoria Avonsides (nowadays available from CSP) and I would rate them as one of the most straightforward and "buildable" industrial loco kits out there... Paul A.
  6. Hi All, Just a quick update to this thread - work is now progressing on a further six coupled Avonside loco. The appropriately named Avonside "Pilton" No.1832 of 1919 worked alongside AE 1972 "Stamford" until closure in 1969. This loco was of similar outline but with some detail differences including conventional cab, dumb buffers, three-part tank wrapper, steel cab floor, different front hand rail arrangement, earlier-style sandboxes etc. Of particular note is the safety valve/cover arrangement, which was of the earlier type seen on the curved-tank B4 cl
  7. That'd be very good of you, thank you. It's just the rear of the cab I'm after - from memory I think there's some hooks for a shunter's pole and a few other bits. State of play of the model is below (4mm, CSP kit). I've almost reached the point where I can put the soldering iron away... Paul A.
  8. Hawthorn leslie 12'' cylinders, I believe. I'm sure someone with the relevant IRS book can advise of the works no. and build date. Paul A.
  9. A further Kingdom Kits Barclay here, though it's now been moved on to someone else who can enjoy it. As you can see... I attempted to disguise the dubious ride height with block buffers. Paul A.
  10. Hi All, Just a quick request, does anyone have a photograph showing the rear of the cab of Peckett 933 "Henry Cort" as preserved at Foxfield please? I'm trying to determine lamp iron placement and also any other fittings which may be present (in her rebuilt state). My kit build of this loco is almost there, but I want to make sure it's 100% before I start throwing paint around. Many thanks Paul A.
  11. This looks promising - I wonder though, are the buffers a tad too long? Paul A.
  12. A rtr model of "Ring Haw" which was sister loco to "Jacks Green" at Nassington appears to be an exclusive available from one retailer. I found out about it through word of mouth, not RMweb (which was odd?), so posting a link here: https://hardyshobbies.co.uk/shop/partners/rapido/rapido-trains-16-hunslet-ring-haw-hardys-hobbies-exclusive/ No affiliation, other than suggesting this model would be a good move a few pages ago... Paul A.
  13. Some good reference photos on pg1 of this thread here, though some works numbers inaccurate on the captions: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/127789-hunslet-50550-from-j94-buildbash/ I've seen one of these Mercian kits built with lifting eyes on the tank, which was curious. I've not come across these on the prototype before. Is this what you are referring to? Paul A.
  14. There was several of these at Barrington Cement works over the years, all of them were the later type with a raked front to the cab. This included the last pair of 165's built. They were fitted with sliding doors over their radiators, as opposed to protective mesh. Here's another example at Barrington. This loco doesn't appear to have been photographed as much as the other three and didn't last long - evidently ex-Yorkshire Water Authority. https://www.flickr.com/photos/12a_kingmoor_klickr/7251968054/in/album-72157629560956868/ One thing to note if
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