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  1. Try the Eckon/Berko website at onlinemodelsltd.co.uk
  2. The instructions for the 00 Acle footbridge would be greatly appreciated if they are available.
  3. I have (buried somewhere!) some photographs that I took in the yard behind the Chilwell garage. All sorts of gems were there to get a present day preservationist excited.
  4. The Trent bus stops that I recall (admittedly from the 1960's) had a red background with the words "TRENT BUS STOP" in raised white lettering, the whole sign being cast. The Trent name had the large T's with the "REN" underlined (slightly smaller) as on the EFE single decker. The words BUS and STOP (in capitals) were underneath with the word STOP underneath BUS. These two words were in larger letters than the Trent name. I can't be sure they were the same in earlier decades but it seems likely.
  5. Personally I would avoid the hassle and buy planked Plastikard from Slaters
  6. I too use a simple plug-in dimmer switch similar to the one illustrated above. I've never had any problems
  7. I think you'll struggle to find many British cars in 1/87. Eko of Spain used to make some and I have a Rover 3 litre, Mini, Anglia 105E, Mark 9 Jaguar, E Type Jaguar and an MGA. I doubt if they ever did an Oxford, Gaugemaster have a small range of 1/87 cars but few of them are British. Incidentally, there is a specific heading for road vehicles in the skills and knowledge section of the forum.
  8. I have a Stephen Poole kit of this locomotive. I used the Stephen Poole wheels and chassis kit too. When the body is placed on the chassis, the coupling rods hit the footplate. Not insurmountable but a fiddle to put right. This explains why the kit has never been finished even though I've had it for years. I have a scale drawing from the G.E.R. Society so I'll make a point of checking the dimensions.
  9. Thanks. My layout is based in GE territory (East Anglia rather than London area in the late fifties so I could probably get away with leaving it on.
  10. Can anyone tell me when the ladders were removed from the front ends of diesel shunter engine compartments? Doubtless this was prompted by the spread of overhead electrification.
  11. I have Electrofrog turnouts on my DC layout which have been in place for many years. I have never modified them and they have always been 100 percent reliable.
  12. The Hornby Jinty chassis has a coupled wheelbase of 8ft + 8ft compared with the N15's 8ft+7ft6 inches. It's a fairly small discrepancy and the coupled wheels are the correct diameter so it seems like a reasonable option.
  13. Can anyone suggest a supplier of miniature two pin plugs and sockets? I want to connect tender pickups to a number of locomotives without permanent connections.
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