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  1. Les Bird

    Oxford N7

    Problem solved or, at least, I hope so. I tried applying power directly to the motor and it ran reasonably well in one direction but not the other. The armature obviously gets moved a very small amount for and aft as it meshes with the gears. As it refused to run in one direction I began to suspect the rear armature bearing so I applied a small amount of oil to the bearing. With the wheels removed taking the load off the motor, it then ran in both directions. After allowing the motor to run for several minutes, I reassembled the locomotive (what a trial that was!). It now runs as it should.
  2. Les Bird

    Oxford N7

    I'll certainly check that out 31A, thanks for your advice
  3. Les Bird

    Oxford N7

    I'm hoping somebody on here might be able to help. I have the BR early crest example which has run faultlessly until yesterday when it refused to move. Occasionally the wheels would turn perhaps half a revolution and then nothing. I've checked all the obvious things like making sure the current collectors are clean and touching all the wheels. Examination of the underside revealed rather too much oil so I cleaned some of it off. Looking at the motor, there is nothing apparently wrong and the wheels are free to revolve. I contacted Oxford who told me that their technical expert is currently away and they suggested asking for help here so, over to you; any ideas?
  4. I use car wheel balance weights. They can be found on ebay (search wheel balance weights) and come in a pack of two different sizes. They are flat and have self adhesive backing so are easily applied either inside the wagon or underneath the floor if there is room
  5. Quite easy this one. Undo one screw at the front and two at the rear and the bus comes apart. One slight problem, if you decide to change the colour, you will need a steady hand to paint the bar across the driver's windscreen. Apart from that, it's very straightforward.
  6. These are looking good. I particularly like the running speed, so much better than many others I have seen.
  7. I've long since given up on this and opted for kit built examples
  8. I'm certainly tempted to do the same. At least there's a chance it might get recycled.
  9. These days when everyone is urged to avoid single use plastics and to recycle as much as possible, has anyone given any thought to plastic kits? I've just used two Wills Varigirder kits and the amount of waste sprue is similar to that of the kit parts. I've no idea if it can be recycled. I'm not singling out Wills, all plastic kits have the same issue. What do other RMWebbers think?
  10. These are excellent and I can thoroughly recommend them.
  11. I noted from earlier posts that there was no intention to make wheels for the class 20. I have just converted mine by pulling the Lima wheels off the driven axles and pushing on PS79 replacements. No more traction tyres and 8 wheel pick up as a bonus. The Lima chassis is already quite heavy so may not need extra weight. I'll find out when I use it to power a Silver Fox Baby Deltic.
  12. It's still here if you're interested
  13. Sorry to drag up an old topic but I have had a stove r since they were first introduced. I've carried out all the recommended modifications (and, incidentally corrected some very suspect back to backs) but it still refuses to negotiate even the gentlest of curves. I've now given up and consigned it to the bin.
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