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  1. Updated jokes....Lincolnshire style Old style Two lads chatting First lad: Mum found a contraceptive on the patio last night Second lad: What's a patio ? Updated First lad: A Police Officer arrested a prostitute last night Second lad: What's a Police Officer? Or I saw my Mate today and apparently he was with his new girlfriend last night and getting on well. He pushed his hand further up her leg but she cried out 'you can cut that out!' Then he put his hand in his pocket to pull something out and said 'Have you ever seen one of these ?'
  2. I would have liked to try procrastination But I never got around to it ....... Any remarks about a square tuit will be scorned
  3. In England's second largest county, the loss of 'only' 600 jobs is a nightmare ! Let's hope they remember to dig up the remains of Guy Gibson's dog before the houses are built ! His name was ****** but we can't say that now !!
  4. Morning to all ! Today's advice from the Twatter Processors is to 'check your property regularly for leaks in your internal plumbing'......?? No, I don't know either ! Sad to learn that my team's ultimate utility player has died of the age of 73. Paul Madeley could, and did, play in any outfield position for the lads from Elland Road. Rumours of the closure of RAF Scampton, home of the Red Arrows, and part of the Dambusters story make the local news. Warm, dry and sunny today...no change there then ! Edit: Just learned that we have a shortage of grass for silage apparently...perhaps once the roadside verges have reached 6 feet high, we might allow tractors in to cut them, then ?
  5. Morning all ! Early morning as SWMBO in pain all night - appointment still two weeks away. Other shocks this last week included Home Insurance Cover renewal with that 'Friendly Society' has increased by 57% and that rip-off water pipe cover by 50% Presumably Lincolnshire is now a dangerous and expensive place?? Moved the first one to a well-known motoring organisation and told the latter to s-d off. About 32 degs C by Wednesday, then ? Stay cool, please !
  6. A Local Action Fraud alert warns me today about Fake Argos credit card 'refund' texts. For some reason this reminded me of the perfectly legal scams such as those offered by my Electricity Company, Skittish Poor. They constantly ask me if I want to change tariff; strangely the new tariffs offered expire during 2019 whereas my existing contract is all the way to April 2020 !! So presumably by 2020, the cost of electricity will have increased considerably. Wonderful world isn't it ?
  7. Morning to all ! Another two very warm days in prospect. Mustn't grumble ! Darling Daughter requires taxiing to the hairdressers today so up and out very soon. Someone mentioned the Eric Clapton programme which I also recorded - along with many, many others - so after the footy, I might get around to watching it and that Rich Hall prog. Must also balance screen time with reading the paper - it eases the eyestrain or so they say Bye for now
  8. Yes, there have been many times when I have bemoaned the closure of railways in Lincolnshire, some 154 stations closed and the vast majority of track ripped up. This is not one of those times. I do however sympathise greatly with those whose only or necessary mode of transport it is. 'Shambles' hardly covers it.* (*with apologies to the residents of York)
  9. Belated greetings to all ! Have finished steam cleaning the kitchen floor - my task while SWMBO is having her hair done and then shopping at Asda. Passed my annual diabetes (Type 2) review with a lower weight than last year. Even had my height measured by the lovely Denise who is all of 5 foot tall! Since I am 6' 2" in old money, it's quite a stretch for her. Then she measured my 'actual' waistline and joked that she gets to cuddle the patient...... In a world full of political correctness, I can take that anytime. Back to Darling Daughter's place this afternoon to dispose of some of the old decking as the new decking/new shed keeps me occupied for some weeks to come. Best wishes to all, fit or ailing, young or old
  10. Today's new arrival was an American voice telling me that my 'inner-net' has been compromised. Truecall shall take care of future attempts. Email message from Lincolnshire Police Alert Messaging later in the day suggests that they are already aware of all this. Other news is that a road was closed for some hours in Bostonia last evening as a 20 year old was found with serious injuries. Bet his name will be difficult to spell.......miaow
  11. Good morning to all and love and best wishes to those whose life is not all it should be. Today I prepare myself for the annual Diabetes review tomorrow; take the necessary to the surgery and weigh my lithe slim form......hmm.. Next shall be a trip to Darling Daughter’s place to carry on removing old decking, cutting up and disposing of old shed and planning the new frame for the new shed ! Must be careful as SWMBO keeps mentioning the rotting garden table which I am renovating although eventually the new bits – actually decking upside down - will outnumber the original ! SWMBO is in considerable pain with tendinitis in both arms, but an appointment with the spinal injuries unit is expected very soon. Oh and I mustn’t forget to wash out the Magna unit in the airing cupboard; it keeps the heating pipes clear of gunge. Whenever did I get the time to go to work ? Happy days !
  12. Wife, Daughter and I had three splendid days last week in the beautiful city of Liverpool ! Wow, what a clean, vibrant and compact city it is ! The powers-that-be have obviously invested well since 2008, when it was the City of Culture. i last visited with my Parents about 60 or so years ago when they were still building the Anglican Cathedral..... Recommended are the British Music Experience in Cunard House, the Museum of Liverpool close by and, of course The Beatles Experience, the Cavern Club Experience and the real Cavern a couple of doors away. In the BME, I was able to play a Gibson guitar and chat at length with the musician in that section, me describing my Strat XII and he promising not to let his fingers get arthritis like I did ! No seriously, he offered tips on keeping my fingers supple with exercises on the keyboard so once my new finger joint is fully active - hopefully in September - I shall be entertaining the neighbours once again...... We stayed room-only about a mile from the Mersey waterfront, with free on-street parking covered 24/7 by CCTV. We travelled into the city each day by taxi, average one-way cost being £4.50 per trip ! Marvellous !
  13. I see from my paper that Tom Pearce has signed a new contract with Leeds. Actually his Uncle Tom had already told me......
  14. Morning all ! Today's bad news is that a 30 year old man was attacked by six youths early yesterday in Mablethorpe..... In Mablethorpe ? The last resort ? Today's good news is that SWMBO has two dates for the hospital; first for the electronic wizardry that is the 'Clinical Measurement Dept' and the second an MRI scan to see what is causing the tendinitis in arms and shoulders. Still eleven days to wait but something to look forward to ! Please do all you can to avoid getting old
  15. And Leeds United have sacked the Head Coach, Paul Heckingbottom, and most of the training staff... Sorry, it's not really news, is it ? Zidane would be nice, butt he needs to get his head in the right place....
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