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  1. I have not bought any model trains from Amazon but I do buy most of my model trains from two of the well known box shifters. Why do I not buy from my local model shop? Simply because I don't have a local model shop anymore. I live near Glasgow we used to be blessed with some great model shops, all now gone. Nearest shops if I were to travel to them are Edinburgh and Carlisle. These days you have to pre order models if you want to ensure you get them. This means online.
  2. MC metals had an ex army diesel shunter but it didn't have enough brake force so they ended up using 20189 instead. It had been bought for scrap, but was put back into working order. Its still going strong out on the mainline to this day.
  3. With large numbers of EMUs going for scrap many of these could have been converted to freight multiple units. These could be used for moving parcels and supermarket deliveries. On my local line there are 10 supermarkets next to the line. Plus a large DHL parcel depot. A lot of the lorries serving these could be replaced by freight multiple units. In addition in Greenock there is a large container terminal with large ships coming in every container goes in and out by road. Up until the 1980s there was a railway line going in there the trackbed is still there and has not been built o
  4. There is a great book the tram driver by David Tudor gives lots of technical information.
  5. Couple of VDA vans delivering spare parts. Internal user low mac with a diesel engine on it. Some TTA wagons delivering fuel for the fuel point. Breakdown crane plus coaches.
  6. I've not seen any dumb buffers when I detailed the Dapol kit I used plastic square rod and cut it to size
  7. My ETHEL has just arrived from Hattons. Lovely model. I've always wanted a model ETHEL as I used to see them go past my school. Yes there are brake pipes and screw couplings fitted at both ends which will need removing at some point. There is also a set of snowploughs in the box which are not needed for ETHELs but will come in useful on one of my other locos. Very happy with it though good job Heljan
  8. I don't understand the railway unions obsession with renationaliseing the railways. Railway staff have done well in terms of pay rises since privatisation, much better than they would have otherwise. As soon as the railway is renationalised that will be the end of any substantial pay rises.
  9. Just my tuppence worth. I model 00 gauge so won't be buying the model. However I used to model in N and would have bought all 3 class 314 models. Same if it was to be done in 00 gauge (hint hint)
  10. Pity the NRM / Shildon didn't build a working replica of locomotion for the anniversary. They could have run it up and down their track at Shildon. The museum in Darlington is very good and so is Shildon. My only complaint about Shildon was that the cafe only took cash not cards, and there was no cash machine so I had to go hungry.
  11. Can I recommend the recently published book about class 21s and class 29s. Very detailed and well illustrated. Got it for my Christmas and throughly enjoyed it.
  12. Model rail Scotland one month prior to lockdown. I remember joking with one of our other club members about the first few people who had been infected arriving into the country, they were taken from the airport to quarantine in 4 buses, the bus company Horsemen we were laughing at the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. I don't think at that stage anyone was really that worried. One month later we were all in lockdown, it seems so strange to think we were all in big crowds so soon before.
  13. Glad to see the scotrail class 153.
  14. I did wonder if Covid was a factor. Lidl customer services were of little help. And could not give an answer.
  15. I've been keeping an eye out for these display cases coming back into stock as they normally have them just before Xmas. But no sign of them yet.
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