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  1. Lidl well display cases in December, there is a thread on here about them. The good thing is they are only £60 but massive and solid.
  2. Got my copy a couple of days ago while I have not had time to sit and have a proper read of it, i am very impressed great quality photos looks very well written. Looking forward to getting time to have a good read of it.
  3. Just had mine arrive from Hattons. Lovely model looks great.
  4. Parcels units? A updated red star parcels. These days there is so many more parcels being sent around the country thanks to Amazon, eBay online shopping and hattons. while 142with their step would not be suitable a 143 or a 144 would. They could be coupled onto the front of rear of a passenger service and wouldn't take up any extra paths.
  5. £30 deposit for class 92
  6. I had a class 90 on preorder. Got an email a few hours ago to say the order has been processed.
  7. darrel

    DJM, the end.

    I placed an order for a class 92. I got an invoice which I paid. I never had any other communication fro DJ models not even a receipt. No updates zilch. Now either he didnt add me to a mailing list, he forgot to send anything out. On the other hand I have pre ordered the accruscale class 92 I got a receipt and had regular email updates. I find the way DJ models treated me odd to say the least.
  8. I've sent them a donation from myself and I have shared the link on the Helensburgh and District model railway clubs Facebook page. On behalf of our club we are all thinking of everyone affected by this crime. And we hope you can get as much as possible sorted out as quick as possible. We know that a lot of things are unrepairible and nothing can make up for the man hours spent building the models. We wish you all the best for the future.
  9. Here's hoping the police dogs bit them badly somewhere very painful. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this pointless vandalism
  10. I paid the deposit for the class 92, I got an acknowledgement email. Since then nothing at all no updates zilch. Communication does not seem to be his strong point.
  11. A video has now turned up of one of the idiots smashing the windows on the WSR he was using a wheel scotch. Which will therefore be covered in his fingerprints
  12. But if the police dont attend how do they know there was no one seen? They wont have asked for witnesses. And how do they know there are no forensics unless they turn up and look for fingerprints etc? I appreciate they are short staffed due to budget cuts but it seems ridiculous that they dont do the basics
  13. I was surprised by the comment that the police didnt attend the incident. Why didnt they?
  14. The guards office is between the buffet counter and the first class area
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