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  1. Now made the surrounds for the radiator grills on the side and glued the radiator fan grill onto the roof. There will be a surround for this as well.
  2. Last nights job was cutting the wire mesh to size for the radiator grills on the side. I cut out a cardboard template to begin with then cut though the mesh with a Stanley knife. The mesh was then glued in place. It may not look that tidy around the edges however there is a surround that is placed on top which I will make from styrene sheet this will cover a multitude of sins. Bellow is a photo of each side, and a photo of the real thing which shows the surround that goes over the top. I will then have to add the metal framing on to the mesh
  3. While I have been studying photos of the class 73/9 I have noticed some differences that anyone making a model will need to be aware of. When the locos were converted they retained the drophead buckeye coupling and rubbing plate, they were also fitted with a full width obstacle deflector (often incorrectly referred to as a snow plough.). To model the loco in this condition the existing rubbing plate can be retained, they are missing on my model so I have ordered some from replica railways who also make drophead buckeye couplings. The obstacle deflector on the other hand is very similar if not the same as the Hornby class 153 obstacle deflector which I have some spare. When the locos were modified and fitted with Delliner couplings the rubbing plate was removed and the obstacle deflector was either modified or replaced with a two piece obstacle deflector. The delliner couplings are available from precision labels as a 3D print and the obstacle deflector could be made from the class 153 obstacle deflector with the central part cut out. The photos below will show what I'm talking about. I have a spare lima chassis so I'm thinking of modelling both variants so the chassis can be swapped over depending on what period the loco is running in.
  4. The radiator fan on the roof is a challenge. Normally if you are detailing a loco you cut out a hole in the roof and you use an etched radiator fan, however since nobody makes etched detailing kits for these locos, and looking at other locomotive classes none of the radiator fans look similar. So the only option is to scratch build one. First stage is the easiest bit cut some plastic tube to size and stick it onto a plastic card base which is then superglued inside the locomotive. See first photo. This was then painted black. Second stage is the more difficult part. I cut each radiator fan blade from some plastic strip then glued each blade in place individually. I used superglue for this as it sets quicker and it will give a stronger bond. Fairly pleased with how this turned out.
  5. Had a brainwave earlier i was thinking about how to get mesh for the grills and I thought of a frying pan splatter cover. A raid of my local hardware store found one for £2.49 much cheaper than trying to buy mesh from model shops. Got it home and it looks like it will work. The mesh on the real locos are quite big holes. There will be plenty left over if I decide to make a second class 73/9 its cheap and easy to find. Also I don't get into trouble from she who must be obeyed for cutting up her kitchen utensils. What's not to like.
  6. Thanks Jim your model looks superb, hopefully I can do somethingclose to the standard you have set. Where did you get the mesh for the grills? I have some mesh here but its diamond shaped holes rather than the square holes that I need. There is not a lot of difference between the two types of 73 the main difference is the air con units above the cab doors.
  7. Not done much work over the last week as I was ill with covid. Much better now thankfully seemed to be a mild case. Anyway I have got to work today cutting holes out for the new grills. Still got one to cut out in the roof and still have to file them out and tidy them up.
  8. Sometimes I see people making things a different way to how I would have done it. But they end up with a good result so the next time I might try it their way to see if its better. Sometimes it is sonetimes it isn't. The good thing with this hobby is we are always learning new things
  9. Todays update the grills on the side are very different so I have filled and sanded the grills i don't need.
  10. Been meaning to start this project for a while, managed to make a start today. This won't be a quick project either. I have managed to get a number of lima class 73s and bodies from a well known online auction site. I chose lima over the better detailed Dapol model since most of the detail will be removed. OK so todays work was removing all the detail from the roof. There is nothing on the original locomotives that survived on the rebuilt locos. I then cut out slots above the cab door where the cab air conditioning units sit. I put styrene sheet underneath then used filler to fill the gaps.
  11. I'm planning on doing a class 73/9 i opted to buy cheap lima 73s from ebay. If I make a mess of it it won't have cost me much. The alternative would have been to buy the more expensive Dapol 73. One thing though is the lack of detailing kits these days. In the past you could get detailing kits from craftsman and A1 models containing etched grills bufferbeam detailing etc. That's an issue if you want to detail old lima models. I appreciate that modern locos come fully detailed and there isn't the demand for detailing kits that there used to be.
  12. Not an expert on these, although I have a couple. Have a look on ebay to see what prices they are going for. They don't seem to turn up that often
  13. I used a railmatch aerosol canister track dirt colour to paint the rails, remember to clean the rail head. However I hand painted the points. Last time I spray painted points it didn't go to well.
  14. Readly is excellent lots of railway and model railway magazines on there plus newspapers. You also have back issues. Its like having WH smiths in your pocket.
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