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  1. Re glasses steaming up. I bought some anti fogging spray on amazon and it really does work. Another tip is to wash the glasses in soapy water let them dry naturally.
  2. What a brilliant yet simple idea the rule one gadget is. Why has nobody thought of this before? Anyway order placed.
  3. There is also Scotts models in st Margaret Street only sells military model kits, but handy for humbrol and reval paints glues and modeling tools. Friendly staff too.
  4. What about a cut and shut Bachmann class 150/2 I've seen spare bodyshells on sale before the cab is similar as are parts of the bodyside. Under frame could be modified. I've been considering a class 318 conversion from the 150. Good luck with the project
  5. Dear Hornby........... Let's keep our fingers crossed Hornby bring this livery out
  6. A 33/1 and a 4TC set went to Ayr in the 90s as part of the filming for mission impossible. Not sure what route they took
  7. A class 303 EMU unrefurbished and sat in the sear behind the cab
  8. When 303048 was repainted into caley blue, loads of people said it was the wrong shade. However a year later we found a door open button in caley blue that had been in the stores and had never seen daylight. It was a perfect match. The paint sample for 303048 had been taken from the builders model in the Glasgow museum of transport
  9. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/nhs-comp?utm_campaign=2653759_Hornby - NHS Livery - Week 4 2020%2F2021&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Hornby PLC&_%24ja=tsid%3A71284&dm_i=2DJZ,1KVNJ,2AOFEO,5CNEW,1 Hornby have launched a competition for you to design a NHS livery for their class 800 model see the link above for the full details
  10. Great idea thanks to all involved in organising it and those companies who donated prizes. I've bought my tickets
  11. Got the following reply from the curator at the museum, which confirms what has been said above. "I don’t have a lot of info to hand but that locomotive was used by RY Pickering. I guess they had a lot of need for shunters! It was built in 1961 and came to Summerlee from Allis Chambers GB works in Wishaw (I wonder if they took over all or part of Pickering’s works?"
  12. I have asked the curator at the museum for information. The museum is closed just now so dont know how long it will take to get an answer but I will let you know.
  13. Many in the hobby are in the older age group and have paid off their mortgage, kids have left home and they have more money to spend on the hobby. Sadly this age group fall into the at risk group. Some of them who knows how many, will not be around after this is all over. Those in the younger age groups will have seen a drop in wages due to not being able to work therefore they will have less money to spend on non essentials. So in general terms there will be less money being spent on the hobby. Model shops which are not able to open will be losing money but still having to pay rent and rates how long this is sustainable depends on how long this lasts for. Yes many do online sales but some do not, they will be less likely to survive. Model railway exhibitions will be cancelled for the rest of the year at least. It takes a lot of work to organise an exhibition even a small one. How can anyone plan a exhibition if they don't know how long this will last for. It will be impossible to hold meetings to plan shows. I know some of the larger shows take a year of planning. It may be possible to cram a years worth of planning into 8 months, but some of the large shows in the early part of next year may have to be either scaled back or cancelled. Many of this years shows will have lost money. They may have paid deposits for the venue or have committed to other expenditure that money will now be lost. For example this years York show no doubt would have already had tickets and programmes printed. We live in uncertain times and everything has changed. I'm sure the hobby will see some casualties whether it's the closure of some shops or the loss of a manufacturer. But the same could be said of other areas of life. Some football teams may not survive some shops and cafes may never reopen. Anything is possible and nothing can be ruled out.
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