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  1. In light of the positive noises Bachmann made to Osborns about the Farish range 3 months ago (copied below from the Summer Announcements thread) it's hardly unreasonable to express mild disappointment. Posted May 5 just had this from the horse's mouth and more encouraging for Farish hopes "I can also assure you that if you get asked and I am sure you will, Graham Farish has not been forgotten just wait until the Autumn launch, rest assured we have some very exciting models en route. I can't see a whole lot here that's very exciting, or even slightly exciting, for n gauge modellers in fairness. I guess they've maybe had some unexpected delays. Mark
  2. Mine arrived this morning and I'm very impressed. I've only skimmed through so far but, there's a good and varied selection of 'How to' articles along with some good layout and product features. I'll be particularly interested to read more on London Bridge - I'd been keenly following developments in the NGS Journal when Grahame was Editor and will be very happy to read more. I'd always been fairly ambivalent about the A4 v A5 debate, but this (A4) magazine is as persuasive an argument as I can imagine for the Society to upsize - visually it's a big improvement. It seems like it's selling very well so I hope there will be further issues in due course. If there is - Grahame, would you publish a track plan for London Bridge? Mark
  3. I feel your pain & frustration, Dorestmike. I model BR(S) mid-late 60s, South London and would be very happy to see any Southern 4-6-0 even if it is at the outer limits of my timeframe. I too feel the Southern is a little under-represented in N Gauge, although there have been a few more releases in recent years - C Class, N Class, V Class, Brighton Belle, Merchant Navy and Class 33 (the latter 2 obviously too late for your era) along with Bulleid, Maunsell and Birdcage coaches, so there has been some progress. I'm not sure how well the Merchant Navies sold - they seemed to hang around on the shelves for ages, although I note neither Rails nor TMC have any in stock now. Contrastingly, the N class must have sold well for Farish to invest relatively quickly in new liveries and a sound fitted model. Lovely selection of locos you have there - thanks for sharing. Mark
  4. Couldn't agree more with Paddy's comments. Good luck to KR Models - I've just expressed an interest and will certainly be in for 1 or 2. Production of a good quality n gauge Shark would, I'm sure, be an enormous boost to the King project. Mark
  5. I'm also amazed Farish haven't produced a 2-EPB. It does seem such a obvious choice. Would be very happy to see a rebuilt MN too. I don't suppose there'll be too much announced though - didn't they say a year or two ago that they would only anounce new items when they were less than 18 months away from delivery? Not much sign of last year's announcements hitting the shelves any time soon and there's still quite a backlog from previous years. Mark
  6. Crikey, Mr Jones, these are seriously good! All 4 have been happily trundling around my filthy corner of 1960s South London for a few days now and are putting most of my other stock to shame. Will obviously need to get them weathered, although they clearly warrant some kind of Mercig-esque expert attention rather than being subjected to my ham-fisted efforts. It looks like early sales are pretty brisk - Hattons appear to be sold out already (good effort) - really hope these continue to sell well and put you in a position to green light the next livery quickly, and the one after that etc. In light of Dapol 's regrettable withdrawal from n gauge, it is really heartening to see new entrants to the market (djm & revolution - and NGS, although I admit, in it's Golden Julbilee, the Society's not exactly new) sticking their necks out and producing interesting models of such outstanding quality. If you're wondering whether to pick up one or two or indeed several of these excellent wagons ... I'd jump in quickly before they go. You won't regret it. Thanks from one happy modeller, MW . Thanks
  7. Well spotted Crepello. Quite surprised that the Std 5s have been dropped - they're lovely models, ran everywhere and I would have thought they'd be in the catalogue for decades. The older 3MTs and 4MT 2-6-0s have both had re-runs with different numbers so they obviously sold well enough. If poor sales is the reason the 5MTs are missing from the catalogue I wonder why they didn't do better? The two I bought certainly flew off the shelves! And ... if the Std 5 didn't sell well, what hope is there for the less mainstream offerings such as the birdcage coaches, newly announced C class etc? Mark
  8. msw2009

    4 Ceps

    I'm amazed and despondent in relatively equal measure that Farish still haven't committed to producing a 2EPB. I was interested to see that Bachmann's commitment to 3rd rail continued with last week's announcement of a 4BEP, but whilst I appreciate the argument about it being a new model that would only require limited tooling, I'm totally with Grahame on the potentially limited appeal of an unrefurbished version. Having said that I'd buy one (or 2) at the drop of a hat. The C class and birdcage coaches are both a bit of a gamble - although I read in one of the threads a quote from Ben A who was at the Bachmann / Farish launch that Farish were looking to expand the pre-grouping market. Wish they were looking to expand the 3rd rail one as well. Mark
  9. Hi Graham, Thanks for replying - I always find your blog an interesting and highly informative resource. I'd be very grateful to know the repainting date if you can find it - although if it turns out not to be news that I don't want to hear (ie too long before the 60s) there'll just have to be a very minor enforcement of rule No 1. On the Set Nos - you're quite right, the details of all 4 individual coaches does indeed state 84 - the short text after the listings though states 80 - and I guess that number stuck being the last one that I read. Thanks again for the valuable info. Mark
  10. I was interested to read on the news section of Graham Muz's website that the 4 malachite Bulleid Coaches, although being sold separately, are numbered to make up set No 80 which ran on the SE section from 1949. The 2 semi open brake thirds will have 80 on the outer ends. https://grahammuz.com/2017/01/08/Bachmann-201718-range-announcements-includes-a-class-410-4bep-emu-in-00-and-ex-secr-c-class-in-n/ I haven't had a chance to do any digging yet, but does anyone know when that set might have been repainted into the darker shade of green? I'm sure I'll get them anyway, but it would be good to know if it stretched into the 1960s. Mark
  11. Happy that the C class is being shrunk down after the success of the larger version, but disappointed, although not particularly surprised, that none of their OO 3rd rail emus have made the cut again, especially with a newly announced 4BEP to go with last year’s 2HAP and a 2 or 4EPB seeming (to me at any rate) such an obvious choice. I’m sure the 8F will sell by the bucket-load, although it’s not for me. The slow progress of some previously announced models is notable as others have pointed out. It does suggest some ongoing challenges that haven’t been fully met, nonetheless, after a few relatively sparse years, it is good to see a number of new toolings and does demonstrate Bachmann’s / Farish’s commitment to the gauge. Mark
  12. Couldn't agree more. It seems such an obvious choice. The way things are going though, we'll probably get another 92. Mark
  13. Clearly both DJ Models and Revolution have invested a lot of time, money and effort on this prospective model and it’s not difficult to appreciate the deep frustration for all concerned. I must say I don’t really understand one or two of the more tribal and hysterical responses - I have a lot of time for both these new companies who, to me, have a great deal to offer our hobby (especially in n gauge). They’ve already inspired a fair amount of well-deserved excitement and anticipation about their about their current and (mostly) future products thanks in part to a refreshing engagement with contributors to this and other forums as well as a healthy visibility at many shows. I hope they can find some kind of mutually agreeable accord and that neither will be too much out of pocket so they can get on with the job of producing what promises to be a couple of outstanding ranges. Mark
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