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  1. That's a cracking shot as above Andy looks like a nice long train and weathering looks very effective on the Class 56
  2. Thanks Andy going to be end of Jan for moving to new home just hope a total lock down doesn’t stop the move altogether . That half yard of track would look good with a ‘Bubble’ Car on it
  3. Have you got enough track to run as far as Wales........Now that Obergruppenfurher Drakeford has put Transport for Wales under State ownership you could run trains to Stalag Luft Butlins near Pwllheli for self isolation
  4. I would agree with above comments as I have been pondering as to whether to purchase one of these locos ever since they were launched. The main thing stopping me is the tender pick up only ....and as WN183 says on a £600 Loco now there seems to be issues with bits coming adrift
  5. Be great if you could get some shots around the Shrewsbury area Jim
  6. One would ask the question which one works best 125 or 131 .........if one is bullhead and the other is flat bottom would it be the same code or different
  7. Love the Triumph Dolimite Sprint .....a very rapid car back in the day
  8. That won't be the last time the tool box does that to you Rod .......... you know I'm right
  9. The PoP's will be putting a complaint about the missing door going to be a draft around the frames over night
  10. Wow Andy your speed of creation is impressive even by your standards I like the new section so glad that you have not sold SMS. There must an interesting family tale to tell if Lazy Joe was in the cabin when it was moved, when he wakes up he’s going to wonder where the hell he is
  11. Agree with others comments excellent addition to the track work .......but ........you do know that the cat will notice the lack of fish plates on the none viewing side while wandering around the layout
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